Monday, December 27, 2010

My Birthday Question

Today, on my birthday, I awoke with the message:
“Release the third dimensional…”

It wasn’t release the third dimension, which left me with the question of:
“Release the third dimensional WHAT?”

I have thought of the Third Dimensional Operating System.
I am ready to release that!

There is also the third dimensional polarity of separation and limitation.
I am ready to release that!

Then again, there is third dimensional emotions of fear, anger and sorrow.
I am ready to release that!

However, with releasing the third dimensional “whatever” it leads me to the question of, “What about the third dimension do I want to keep?”

Interestingly enough, that question is more difficult to answer than the question about what I am ready to release. What to keep, what to keep?

I would like keep human love, but the negative polarity of being hurt can definitely be released.

Third dimensional mothering is wonderful, so I would like to keep that, but that has it downsides too.

In other words, I think I would like to keep the third dimensional highs and release the third dimensional lows.

It has been said that if we didn’t have the lows then we could not recognize the highs. That could be true in a third dimensional reality, but isn’t the highs with out the lows what the third dimension is about?

Steve Rother in his message from The Group said, “Dear ones, this is the greatest cosmic reality show throughout the universe. Human beings are evolving to the next level without leaving their bodies and physical structure. This has never happened before. It would be easy to see how you had planned this, for planet Earth was supposed to end between the years 2000 and 2012. It would have taken you roughly 12 years to finish this game and to close the door, and hopefully the last person out would remember to turn out the lights. That process was well underway.

“This would have created the energy that you were looking in a totally different manner. What would have happened is that mankind, as you know it would have ceased on planet Earth and your spirits would have formed a new game. That is what you have done over and over before, as it is what typically happens in games throughout the universe. But you have chosen to stay here in the physical body while you shine the light. This is underway now."

In other words, we humans have broken, or re-written, the rules of the 3D Game. We don’t want to die to the third dimension. We only want to release the lows and take the highs with us into our fifth dimensional Earth. The awakened ones can remember the experience of dying over myriad lifetimes, and we don’t need to repeat it. On the other hand, some Souls do want to die, so that they can go first into the fifth dimension and prepare a space for others.

They have likely made that choice because they have had enough of the third dimensional challenges. They may be that they no longer have the physical, emotional and/or mental strength to go through what the Planetary Ascension Team will need to DO and BE. It may also their Birth Contract to cross over at this time. When we all see them in the fifth dimension, we will know that there is no such thing as death.

We will bring Gaia with us when we meet them in the fifth dimension. OR, maybe Gaia will bring us. Of course, there will be no difference then, as we will exist in the total unity of the fifth dimension. Those of us who are staying to work with Gaia want the experience of the transmutation from a third dimensional body into a fifth dimensional body.

I guess another third dimensional thing we will need to release is our attachment to our physical form. In fact, maybe the answer to my initial question of “third dimensional what?” is that it is time to release ALL our third dimensional attachments.

Maybe once we release our attachments to the third dimension, and focus on the fifth dimension, the third dimensional highs will naturally fall into line. Therefore, when we release our attachments to our third dimensional body, all the many addictions we have gathered because our third dimensional emotions were too painful to confront, will simply “slip silently into the night.”

Then we can focus on all the wonderful parts of having a third dimensional body, such as: creative expression, making love, having a baby, finding our purpose, being deeply in love, good food, laughing with friends etc. etc. etc. We will place these experiences into our High Heart and take them with us into our fifth dimensional reality.

We can take (actually re-create) our beloved home, our profession, and our friendly neighborhood. Of course, we won’t forget the wonderful nature experiences we have had with Gaia. ALL of the above, and much, much more, we will pack in our Hearts and SAVE them with our unconditional love.

How will we do this Planetary Ascension thing that according to the Group has never been done before? The answer is,
“We don’t know, but if we want to find out,
we will have to talk to each other—a LOT!”

We will need to talk to our mates, our children, our friends, the people at work, our pets, our yard, the trees, the birds, the whales. They are all creating this adventure with us!

We will need to talk on the Internet to everyone to everyone we know, Facebook, Twitter, emails, newsletters, and/or youtube. Talk in song, pictures, dances, activities, words, but no matter how we do it, we will DO IT!

Right NOW, we are in the process of Planetary Ascension! Because of this, we need to “come out” to our TRUE SELF and share our experiences of awakening, our symptoms of transformation, and our dreams with anyone who is willing to listen.

One Being cannot ascend a planet.
Therefore, we need to ascend the planet united as


  1. With Gratitude, Thank you Sue! Happy Day of Birth Celebration. May More Peace, Light, Joy, Color, Music, Harmony, Connection, Creation, Abundance & Love Be Gifts You Continue to unwrap each and every day. Namaste my sister,


  2. Happy Birthday! This was very interesting to read....kinda got lost once in a while :). But otherwise this was pretty deep. Oh yeah, your a capricorn, that makes sense.

  3. Dear Sue,

    Happy Birthday! I think what you've written is really correct and it coincides with many of the messages that I've been reading lately. Apparently with the new transforming energies that are pouring into the planet right now, we can actually choose which Timeline we wish to live in. We can take the qualities we like from the 3rd dimension and visualize incorporating them into a higher 5D Timeline of peace and harmony etc. As I've been experiencing these higher frequencies, I've discovered that where before in the 3rd dimension there might have been a struggle, now things flow much more easily. It seems to be about dropping into my heart and getting out of my mind... then life becomes very sweet and effortless.

    Please have a really special day!


  4. Thank you for the birthday greetings and your wise comments,

  5. Happy Birthday, Sue! Thank you for sharing your experiences with us all through the year. I wish you an amazing and wonderful 2011.


  6. Dear Sue - Happy Re-birthday Week to you!

    Thank you very much for all the beauty, simplicity and gentleness that you put into your creations to share. I love the new work with the Third Eye and will show the video on Sat aft to start our NYDay chanting circle.
    Peace, Ana

  7. A belated happy birthday Sue....Mark

  8. Happy Birthday dear Sue!

    You are so inspiring!! I love your messages and meditations, I feel the love coming from them!
    It is so incredible!

  9. If we're supposed to talk to everyone, why have I been separated from the people I've talked to about it until last year? I want to start something new but I can't stop thinking about them, I'm so sad, I don't understand why I have to be condemned to this loneliness?

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