Wednesday, November 4, 2020


 November 4th, 2020




Now is the time to go deep inside our own inner SELF to find the "me" that we chose to be during this incarnation on planet Earth. Yes, there is so much going on now that we may, or may not, want to know about. In fact, in this NOW we all have to make our own the choices about how we move through this very unsettling world.

So what is it that is so "unsettling" for us, the members of humanity? Is this the NOW in which many old energy fields that have been floating just above our awareness, or are hidden deep within our unconscious, are floating past our denial and confusion? 

What exactly is "denial and confusion" one may ask? The answer is likely to be different for every person. Therefore, it is important to deeply ponder the thoughts and feelings that we wish to hold within our heart and mind and what thoughts and feeling do we wish to choose to push away, forget and/or release?

Can we really have that much power within our selves to be the BOSS of what we think and what we choose to attend to? Hopefully, the answer is YES because loosing our inner power is what we do NOT want to have occur. 

Therefore, how do we keep our Inner SELF free from the many negative, and even frightening, events in our daily life? Of course, each person will have their own answers to these questions. 

However, if we talk with others about what we are feeling and share our different ways in which we can find peace in the midst of the great confusion, we can learn a great deal about our selves and about the people that we are walking with through this challenging time.

In fact, we can also communicate with the higher dimensional Galactic Beings, who are often components of our own Higher Dimensional SELF. Yes, we all have a Higher Dimensional SELF, or perhaps even multiple Higher Dimensional components of our third dimensional SELF.

However, if we are not aware of our own higher dimensional components of SELF, then we will not be able to call on them in this time of great confusion and even fear. On the other hand,  if we do call upon our own Higher Dimensional SELF, even if we are not sure that we have a "Higher Dimensional SELF," we will find that hope and honor and courage is an important core of and connection with our true Higher SELF.

Yes, everyone has a Higher SELF, but NOT everyone is aware of their Higher Self. Then, since there is not awareness of their own Higher Dimensional SELF, they will Not call on it to assist them within the many challenges of this period of "time."

However, we do have some control over our "time," because Gaia is a "Free Will Planet." Therefore, the members of Gaia's planet have the ability to call on their own Higher Dimensional SELF for assistance, but first we must believe that we HAVE a Higher Dimensional SELF.

What we, you Galactic Family wish to remind you of is that you ALL have Higher Dimensional Expression of your SELF, who is the YOU that you have called your "human self." What we, the members of your Galactic Family, wish to remind you is that every human on Gaia's Earth has a third dimensional "daily life self," a fourth dimensional creative self and a fifth dimensional GALACTIC SELF.

"What is a Galactic Self?" We hear you ask. Your Galactic SELF is your fourth dimensional creative Self, and your fifth dimensional ascending SELF! 

To assist Gaia and her many humans during this NOW of great transmutation many brave ones who once wore a fourth and/or fifth dimensional form have chosen to take a third dimensional human form to best share with all humanity that it is the NOW to AWAKEN!!

Therefore, many brave fifth dimensional Galactics volunteered to  take a third dimensional frequency of SELF in order to more directly and intimately assist the many third dimensional humans to remember that they were once Galactics, but came to Earth to be members of the Great Inter-dimensional return to SELF!  

This Inter-dimensional merging of the Third Dimensional humans, who are often unaware of the expanding energy fields within their own earth vessels, with the Fourth Dimensional awakened or awakening humans, who eventually will awaken to their own fifth dimensional Galactic beings.

These Fifth Dimensional Galactic Humans are the Galactics who have stayed in their Starships or in the higher frequencies of reality in order to assist the third dimensional humans who forgot their own Higher Dimensional SELF! 

Most Third Dimensional humans are unaware that there is  Part TW0 of "REMEMBERING THEIR TRUE GALACTIC SELF!" 

This "part two" begins when one begins to question why they seem to remember a version of themselves that was NOT just human. Of course, since few humans are able to remember their higher dimensional SELF, they often feel that they must keep the memories of this higher reality to themselves.

However, more and more of the members of Gaia's planet Earth, are beginning to remember another reality in which they live in peace and harmony with other members of Gaia's planet Earth. In fact, some "humans" are beginning to remember to look up and see/feel the energy of a higher frequency of reality.

Just as there are different levels of Gaia's Earth, Air, Water and even Light, there are different lessons, memories, and even realities that excise within these different levels of light. Just as there are different fish that live in different areas/frequencies of water, there are different frequencies of the light the fills the air. 

There are also different areas of Earth that resonate to different frequencies, and therefore have different beings that live within the different frequencies of Earth, Air, Water, and Fire/Light. 

Dear Awakening Ones, please remember that your third dimensional version of self may not be aware of what is occurring within your third, fourth, and fifth dimensional SELF. Therefore, remain patient and KNOW that the MOST important that that you can do within this now is to  Remember your Innate fifth dimensional SELF who is ALWAYS  with you for the fifth dimensional SELF is YOU!!

In closing, please remember to document your higher dimensional experiences as your third dimensional self will likely forget. Therefore, remember to remember that within this now you are and have always been... 

                                               A MULTIDIMENSIONAL BEING!


  1. Thank you very much Dears!!!
    Blessings !!!

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