Wednesday, November 18, 2020

A Message From your Galactic Family

 November 18, 2020

                                          A Message from your Galactic Family


Dear Friends who are wearing a human Earth Body, we, the members of your Galactic Family wish to remind you that YOU are NOT alone. In fact, all of you who are currently wearing your third dimensional earth body, are actually able to contact all of your Galactic Family if you wish. 

The first part of this process is to allow yourself to KNOW that  you can communicate with beings of a higher frequency of resonance, and therefore, are not visible to your third dimensional perspective. 

However, if you can allow your self to remember your own Higher SELF, you can begin to remember that there is more to reality than that which resonates to the frequency of the Third Dimensional reality.

In fact, there are other frequencies of reality that are usually invisible via your third dimensional perspective. For example, there are more Starships in your sky than you would think because you cannot see them. The reason why you do not see the Starships is because they are cloaked. 

The Galactics are aware that too many third dimensional humans would become frightened if they saw a Starship. Therefore, in order to not frighten anyone, they cloak their Starships in a manner that the third dimensional humans cannot perceive.

On the other had, the Galactics are also aware of humans who are ready to know that there are other beings in Outer Space that can, and often do, communicate with the member of Gaia's Earth. 

However, many of these inter-dimension meetings occur  when the human is asleep or in deep meditation. When humans are asleep or in deep meditation, the frequency of their "perceptual field" is greatly enhanced.

"What is a perceptual field?" we hear you ask? The answer for this specific question is that your perceptual field is that which you are willing to perceive while in  your perceptual field, and that which you are not ready to perceive, you unconsciously block out from your daily "normal" life.

We say "daily normal life" because most humans are not yet ready to know that they are part of their own "Higher Dimensional SELF." Therefore, they "unconsciously" forget these Higher Dimensional Experiences because they worry that they will not be able to fit in to a normal life if they have those types of memories.

Your Higher Dimensional SELF usually comes "on line" in your consciousness when you are having a deep meditation, a higher dimensional dream, a peak experience, or a memory that seems to suddenly come into your awareness. It is then that your experience and/or remembrance of  a dream, meditation, or even a higher reality in which you are aware of the higher frequencies of the fourth and fifth dimensions.

However, when these higher messages come into your awareness, if you do NOT document them in some manner, you will likely forget them. On the other hand, when you write down, discuss with others, or ponder your higher dimensional experiences, your consciousness greatly expands enough so that you can remember more and more about why you chose to take an earth vessel within this now.

As you remember more about your Multidimensional SELF, you will feel more and more confident with  the higher dimensional thoughts, actions and experiences that seem to come more and more into your life. It is much easier to remember something that makes you feel good, happy, and aware, if you write down these positive experiences and/or share these experiences with others.

Also, when you share these experiences with others, it is easier for  you to ground this expanded version of your self into your daily life. Then, you will likely meet other people who are allowing themselves to expand their consciousness as well.  

Then, as a group, or even several people, allow themselves to share their higher dimensional experiences, thoughts, dreams or events, your heart and mind will more  easily accept higher dimensional experiences into your daily meditations and/or third dimensional reality.

Also, if you share your experiences with others, you will likely find that there is something very special that you have to write down, and or share with others. Furthermore when you share with others, you will find that you are not alone within this new version of reality that expands your consciousness to incompass the higher dimensions of your personal and planetary reality.

In other words, as you think of your self as a "member of Earth," you greatly expand your consciousness and personal creativity. Also when you allow your creativity to come into your daily life, you will be more able to expand you perceptions of your own self, as well as your perceptions of the world around you!

Open up your Heart and Mind, dear grounded ones, so that you can better remember who you are, not only in your 3D daily life, but also within you fourth dimensional creative self and your fifth dimensional Galactic SELF.

We send you blessing from your Galactic Family. We also ask remind you, our brave heroes who chose to take a grounded, third dimensional body for this incarnation, that you are all awakening to your higher fourth dimensional creative self and your fifth dimensional Galactic SELF.

Remember to remember that YOU are a Galactic Being who has chosen to wear a third/fourth dimensional physical form so that you can more easily assist the awakening ones to remember their TRUE Galactic SELF.

We, the members of your Galactic Family are proud that you have chosen to take a third/fourth dimensional form so that you can assist Gaia and all Her beings with their ascension into the fifth dimension and beyond.

                         Blessings from us, the members of your Galactic Family!          

                                                           We are with you

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