Friday, November 6, 2020

Bending with the Wind

 Nov. 6, 2020

                                     Bending with the Wind 


There are times in our reality in which we must choose to either "bend with the wind," or try to change the course of the wind. However, this "bending with the wind" is more of a metaphor than a reality. Of course, we, the humans, cannot control the wind, but we can decide to face the wind, put our heads down and then "step bravely into the "wind."

Of course the "wind" within this story is a metaphor for something that we cannot control, no matter how hard we try.  We can close all the window and "stay inside" but we cannot always control the way the wind blows. If we go out into the wind then we can "feel" how this "wind" affects our thoughts and emotions. 

Or we can decide to stay inside and just hope that the wind does not get so strong that it begins to harm the environment in which the wind is blowing. When we stay inside, the wind does not affect our physical self, but the wand man blow down our favorite tree or, if the wind is strong enough, the wind can even harm some of our possessions that have been important in our life.

These possessions are not just "things," but are also thoughts, memories and the ability to look into our inner self to see if we can find a way to feel more in control of our environment, which sometimes we cannot do. Yes, sometimes we cannot control our environment, and sometimes we cannot control how other persons, places or things can react to the environment that may also appear to others.

Being out of control of many important parts of our lives is NOT pleasant. Humans like to feel that they are in control of what is occurring in their life, their home, and their country.  However, sometimes, we have to find a way to in full control of our own inner SELF, for if we can control our own inner self we can find a place deep inside ourselves in which we can "wait out the outer storm" and find the peace within ourselves.

However, how can we "find our inner peace" when we have no control of what is occurring outside of us? The answer to that question is, of course, a quest that each person must take for themselves. If they get what they want, can they be happy, or, to put it back to our own selves, can WE be happy even if the storm is strong and we will need to wait until it is over. 

But what do we do while we wait? Do we worry, become angry, feel like a victim, and make it difficult for others to be around us? Or do we take some, in fact many. long, slow, deep, breaths and call UP into our own Higher Dimensional SELF.

Yes, we all has a Higher Dimensional SELF, but some people are unaware of that fact, or have had such a hard life that they cannot remember the times in which they felt that they could withstand the storm, no matter how strong it was, or how long it lasted. 

In fact, even for those who can "withstand the storm," will likely have good days, bad days, and hopefully calm and happy days. What we might forget is that we cannot control what happens outside of our self, but we can control our SELF.

In fact, we ALL have a "Higher SELF," which is a component of our "Galactic Self." Our Galactic Self is hidden deep within and higher above our daily, third dimensional expressions of SELF. Our Higher SELF resonates to a higher frequency of consciousness than our "human self" who has to face and live within the many challenges of a third dimensional reality,

However, we CAN connect with our Higher SELF by believing that we can remember a version of our self that resonates to the higher frequencies of reality. Our third dimensional self resonates to the third dimensional challenges of daily live on planet Earth.

On the other hand, our fourth dimensional expressions of SELF resonates to our most creative, awakened and aware version of our "human expression of self." Therefore, our fourth dimensional SELF is likely to awake to dreams about or memories of a reality in which we are able to love ourselves enough to know that we have come into this incarnation during this difficult time for many in order remember that WE are not just human.

However, it often is only when we remember our reality in the fifth dimension that we allow ourselves to KNOW that we came to Gaia's Earth within this NOW to assist Her doing this NOW of great planetary change. Then, as we begin to remember that there was/is/and will ALWAYS BE a Higher Dimensional Expression of our third dimensional self.

Once we know that truth, we will begin to REMEMBER!




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