Saturday, November 7, 2020


November 7, 2002 

                                     NOW IT IS THE TIME



Now it is the time for us to realize that there are many things that are occurring in our reality that we may or may not be aware of. In fact, the concept of awareness is different depending on the state of our consciousness. 

If our consciousness is trapped in having to do something that you do NOT want to do, then your state of consciousness could be low. On the other hand, if you are doing something that you really enjoy, then your state of consciousness could be quite high. 

However, the main component of whether or not  your are enjoying what you are doing could have mostly to do if you could choose what you are doing, or if you "have to do" something that you do not enjoy.  

Sometimes you may not enjoy what you would normally enjoy because you do not feel as through you are able to make your own choices without having to follow what others tell you, as opposed to doing what you know inside your self you would like to do.

Then there is also the important component of whether or not you are able to choose what you are doing as opposed to feeling like someone, or something else, is pushing to do something, or even "be someone" that you do NOT want to do or be.

In this case, the issue may be whether you are choosing what you want, or are you feeling like someone or something is forcing you to do something that you do not want to do. If you do not know what you want to do, you may feel confused or frustrated. However, if you do not feel like you have the ability to do what YOU choose to do, you may likely feel out of control of your own life.

Feeling out of control of your on like could make your feel angry because someone or something thing seems to be stopping you from what you want. On the other hand, you many not be able to realize what you really want to do. In this case you may become angry at your self.

However, if you can take a moment to remind yourself that YOU are the creator of your own reality, you may well feel more in control of your life. Feeling in control of your life is very comforting as long as you do not fall into the ditch of "being a victim."

If you are a victim, then "it is NOT your fault." This could "get you off the hook for it being "your fault," but then you do not have much control over your life if you are a victim, which does not feel very empowering.

So, how do you know if you are in control of your life or if you are a victim. For starters, if you "feel like you are a victim," then it will "not be your fault." However, if it is not your fault then you are not in control of your own life.

Therefore, you may need to take a moment, or even a day, or a week, or longer to decide whether or not it is the NOW to make your decision. Also, its may be the NOW to determine if you are being the "boss of your life," or if you are finding excuses and reasons why you cannot be "the boss of your life." 

 It doesn't always matter too much whether or not you do "it," as much as it matters whether or not you are making these choices for your self or if you are allowing others to be the "boss of your life."

The difficult part of being your own boss, is that you cannot make it someone else's fault that something did not go the way you wanted it to. On the other hand, if you are  NOT the boss of your life, then it can be someone else's fault and you are "off the hook," at least for a while. 

Yes, most of the above situations make you thank about, "Do I want to take responsibility for my life or would I rather find a way to blame it on someone else." Blaming someone else for the troubles that you find in your life will NOT make you feel like a strong person, but it might allow the escape of "blaming someone or something else for the problems in your life."

We in The USA are looking at a similar situation of whether or not a leader takes full responsibility for their choice of being a leader in a higher position, like our newest leader is doing. On the other hand, one could be like our former leader who blamed others rather than taking responsibility for what they have done, or not done.

It takes a strong leader to admit when they have made a mistake or needs assistance. In fact, a leader who is able to admit that being a good leader does not mean that they are always right, but it does mean that they will be strong enough to ask for assistance when they know that a situation must be addressed by many other people as well.

For a strong leader it is more important that he or she thinks about "what we can all do together" then it is whether or not they can be the "main boss that others have to follow, even if they are a boss that is not really leading.   

Now it is the TIME to have a leader that does not think about them self  first,  but instead first thinks about HOW CAN WE FIND THE WAY THAT WE CAN ALL BE leaders together!

                                       PERHAPS WE HAVE FOUND THAT LEADER!


  1. Thank you Sue!! I always remember Confucius words telling that only when somebody governs its own life can, then, governs a nation. For the future leaders!!!!!!! Something is changening!!!!!!!!! Yesssss!!!!! And I hope this tendency will expand globally!!!!!!