Saturday, October 31, 2020

Sheltering in Place

 Oct. 31, 2020

Sheltering in Place

We, the members of your Galactic Family, 

wish to speak with you about Sheltering in Place

The term: "Sheltering in Place!" is one that you may have never thought would be the reality in your not so far distant future. But what does "Sheltering in Place" really mean for your daily lives within this NOW. 

For one thing, if one is "sheltered in a place and all alone," it is completely different from one who is "sheltered" in place with a loved one, which may be quite different from those who are "sheltered in place" with a large family.

If one is sheltered in a very small place it is quite different from being sheltered in place in a large home with large windows that shows the outside world around them. 

Also, if one has a large yard with trees to walk by and lean against, as apposed to a small apartment with only a view of a busy street in front of them, that is a very different reality from looking out your window to see a lovely houses and beautiful nature. 

Also, if one is "sheltered place"with loved ones and/or is able to easily communicate with their friends and family, it is easier to move through this great challenge of "sheltering in place" then if one is not able to easily connect with their friends and family.

On the other hand, "Sheltering in place," can be an opportunity to focus on your creativity, and/or to find creative ways to interact with co-workers or friends and family. However, the challenge of this "new" and "not too happy" way of life is something that is new and NOT very pleasant!

There are many disadvantages to "sheltering in place," but it is something that is important within this NOW. Therefore, it is helpful if one can "try to make the most" of this very challenging situation.

Hence, one who is "sheltered in place" can take the opportunity to "read those books that have been siting on the shelf," or "pull out that project that you started a while ago but you were too busy to finish.  Now you have the time to finish that project, and even to find, and complete, other new projects.

You can also share these creative experiences with those who live with you, or you can do them on your own. NOW you have time to phone those friends and family member that you have not talked with for a while. NOW is a time that you can pull out your old Art Supplies and express your feelings via pictures, or you can write out letters, or even creative thoughts and put them into action.

Of course, the above may seem quite simple, but it is NOT because you are all facing an "unknown" that has greatly changed your life, and you have no idea how long that will last. However, if you can remember to keep connected with others and with your own creativity, you will actually be training your brain to expand in areas that you "never had time for" in the past.

Of course, there are other possible realities that may or may not occur. Just as your personal reality is changing every day, the greater world around you is also changing. Unfortunately, some of these "possible changes" will need to be kept within your awareness so that you can keep in touch with the quickly changing reality around you. For example:

How will you be different when this "sheltering in place" is over?

What do you wish to learn within this NOW of Great Challenge? 

What can you learn more about in your personal, creative and familial life? 

What have you always wanted to do, but you did not have the "time" to do it?

What can you change and/or expand in your consciousness and in your life?

The Darkest Night is just before Dawn, and we have no idea when the Dawn will come. 

Therefore, we are faced with the UNKNOWN and we must all find a way to move through this challenge with: 

Faith in our  Human SELF, 

Faith in our own  Higher Dimensional SELF, 

Faith in our  own Spiritual SELF, 

and Faith in all the other components of our SELF 

    that we never knew we had because 

        we were too busy to have the time 

                to examine, change, expand, and evolve into the: 



                                                  TO WELCOME THE NEW DAWN