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Inter-dimensional Communications Through Suzanne Lie

                                     INTERDIMENSIONAL- COMMUNICATIONS

As our consciousness expands more and more, we will all experience more and more 

Inter-dimensional Communications.


There are as many types of Inter dimensional Communication as there are with different people. 

There is not right or wrong way to experience this communication, but there is YOUR way.


Defining personal and group experiences of Inter-dimensional Communication 

Define and write down what Interdimensional Communications means to YOU!

Please remember that there are NO right or wrong answers, as there are many different ways to perceive and experience Inter-dimensional Communications.

Share by writing and/or sending to others  how YOU have, or have not, experienced Inter-dimensional Communications with higher Beings, or with your own Higher SELF.




Channeling is Interdimensional Communication

More and more people are having Higher dimensional communications with beings such as:

Ascended Masters, Galactic Beings and friends or family on "the other side" who may visit you,

Angels may come to you in your dreams or meditations, and you can also connect with Galactics

Elohim, who are Higher Dimensional beings, often offer support and/or guidance to humans on Gaia.

Meditation, dreams or distant memories may also assist you to meet with your Personal Higher SELF on the Ships that are now protecting planet Earth.

Your personal 3D SELF can often interface with your own Inner/higher Fourth and/or fifth dimensional  SELF in order to assist you to accept any interactions that you experience with the Galactics, or others.

You can establish relationships with awakened beings that resonate to the fourth through fifth dimensional versions of their Multidimensional SELF. In this case you may be communicating with your own Higher SELF. You can also communicate with the third, fourth and fifth dimensions of Gaia.

If you can believe in your Higher SELF, you can ask your inter-dimensional friends, family, and leaders questions and receive answers. Be sure to document this communications as the 3D brain cannot hold onto higher dimensional information for too long. 

Once you ask a question, be sure to write down your answers and/or experiences as soon as you awaken or end your meditation. 

Share your experiences with others who are ready to allow themselves to remember that they have the ability to communicate with Higher Dimensional Beings.

Learn/remember how YOU receive your inter-dimensional communications and answers to your questions.

                              BE SURE TO WRITE OR RECORD YOUR EXPERIENCES.


MAKE sure that you follow up on any agreements that you have made WITH YOUR HIGHER SELF AND/OR GALACTIC Being. It is difficult for a third dimensional brain to retain higher dimensional information and/or experiences. Therefore, document your experiences.

There are NO right or wrong questions  for you to ask, but remember that you are communicating with higher dimensional beings. Therefore, you will need to remain calm and centered in your higher states of consciousness in order for you to remain calm, grounded and ONLY ask unselfish, questions as well as questions as  to how you can assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension. Do not ask any selfish questions.

Your human brain will not be able to remember all of the higher dimensional experiences, so be sure to document your experience.  Make sure that your questions are VERY respectful and NOT selfish. 


What is your Higher SELF and/or Inner Guide?

How do you experience your Higher SELF?

How do you experience your Inner Guide?

Is there a difference between “Higher SELF” and “Inner Guide?”

There are NO right or wrong answers to the above,

But people often experience the same thing in a different way

Talk to your Higher Self so that you can more clearly experience your physical world.—depending on:

State of consciousness

Document or not document

4D Self Talk—emotional and/or creative – 3D to 4D

Talking with our creative and awake 4D Self

Document what you receive from 

your higher Frequency/dimension of consciousness 

Which is a higher communication

It is often difficult for your 3D brain to remember higher dimensional communications!

Why your 3D brain has difficulty with 

Higher dimensional communications

However, the more you receive, acknowledge, and document higher dimensional information, the more easily your 3D self will NOT forget it. 

Therefore, document these communications and share them with others!

          5D Talk with higher dimensional beings and/or with Higher Dimensional Expressions of your Multidimensional SELF  may occur more and more often.

Therefore, put aside a certain time and space to create an "Inter-dimensional energy field."

ALWAYS document these communications if at all possible


The different types of communications depend on your State of consciousness. 

One's state of consciousness changes many times a day, so put aside certain times and days in which you can focus on your ability to perceive your inner needs, and higher inter-dimensional duties.

Write down and/or document in some way these meetings to remind yourself that these inner messages are important and that YOU are important enough to receive these messages, as well as share these messages with others.

Find ways to share you inner messages with others

Check the person’s aura to see if they are interested

Talk slowly and patiently if this person is new to this process.      


Keep your State of consciousness high enough to be aware 

of when you receive a higher message.

Always remember that these higher messages come 

Through YOU not just to YOU!

Accept your own  importance, as well as the important of other persons.

 Go inside to better understand your self and to understand others.

Look into their aura and/or trust your intuition as to what and when 

Others can receive your message.

Acknowledge your growing relationship with you Higher SELF so that 

you will be more able to share that information with others.


Recognize how this communications affects you, 

so you can better understand what others need to be able to embrace this information

 Meditate frequently so that you keep you "state of consciousness peaceful and centered on the Light. 


Your 3D octave of daily life on 3D Earth

Your 4D  octave of dreams, meditation,

Your  5D octave of consciousness is the

 HERE and NOW of happiness and creativity

Your higher fourth and fifth dimensional communications are: 

Dreams and/or higher states of consciousness and communications with the beyond 

in which you often feel calm meditations that ofter you informative dreams”


These communications come THROUGH you to share with others

and TO you to assist you to remain calm and centered. In this state of conscious you can better

Connect with your Higher Guides or Higher SELF who are sending you messages Via your 3D dreams/meditations/ Inner Communications/Inter-dimensional experiences  and memories

Meditations open you to guided images that can assist you as you 

Journey through the 3D/4D realities and into the fifth dimensional reality of HERE  and  NOW 

in which we are ALL HERE in the ONE


The "ONE" represents the fifth dimensional portal from the physical 3D/plane of time and space

Through the fourth dimensional portal of creativity and collective consciousness 

and into the fifth dimensional portal of the  Operating System of the HERE  and the  NOW



HOW can I release my addiction to the third dimensional TIME/SPACE Reality in order to better align with and resonance to the Fifth dimensional HERE and the NOW?


HOW can I align with and resonate to the HERE  of the NOW?


WHEN will I say, “I can remember” my Multidimensional SELF?


HOW do I remember my Inter-dimensional and Multidimensional SELF?

We say remember rather than learn because learning is something that takes time and space.

On the fifth dimension everyone resonates to the same NOW of the ONE

What does NOW mean in this context?

It means that what you have decided to do has already been done in a higher dimensional expression of your Multidimensional SELF

To merge with your MULTIDIMENSIONAL SELF you expand your awareness from your 

3D daily self 

        to your 4D creative self

            to your 5D Awakening SELF

These expressions of your Multidimensional SELF reside within your physical form which serves as an anchor to keep your earth vessel in the third dimensional Matrix of your current reality.


Why is your 3D Matrix needed by Gaia? The answer is because YOU, the members of humanity, are on Gaia to assist with the process of PLANETARY ASCENSION

The fifth dimensional humans (many of whom are fifth dimensional Galactic beings)will be among the first humans to meet with the fifth dimensional, and beyond, Galactics, who will orchestrate the  Landing of the Galactics and Preparing for meeting of the Galactics and the Earthlings

HOW  will you prepare for these landings?

Have you even seen a Galactic Ship?

It is the NOW to activate your inter-dimensional  relationship by:

Daily meditation to expand your consciousness and to incorporate YOUR 3D self with your 4D self and your Fifth Dimensional SELF

HOW does you third dimensional  self expand into your fourth dimensional consciousness 

and your fourth dimensional self expand into your Fifth dimensional SELF?

How does your third dimensional consciousness assist you to experience your consciousness into the

fourth dimensional consciousness, and your fourth dimensional consciousness expand into you fifth dimensional consciousness?

Then, how does your fifth dimensional consciousness expand into your  Multidimensional SELF Explain into your FIFTH DIMENSIONAL SELF? TO ANSWER THAT QUESTION HUMANITY WILL NEED TO:

MEDITATE TO  Remembering your Multidimensional SELF!

THEN, HOW  will you share with others what you learned/remembered?

HOW will you expand your consciousness more and more?

HOW will you share what you have learned/remembered with others?

HOW will you remember to KEEP ON SHARING what you have learned/remembered with others?


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