Monday, October 5, 2020

Remembering your Galactic Family

Oct. 5, 2020 

Remembering Your Galactic Family


We the members of your Galactic Family wish to introduce our selves to you. For some of you it may be the first time that you have even heard of having a "Galactic Family," and for others, you may have known of our essence for as long as you can remember. 

We say "know our essence," because, at first, you likely did not know what it was that you were feeling, hearing, dreaming about, and/or even remembering. However, there was a frequency of Love that felt like it was "unconditional" and always "forgiving." 

Very often, there were certain experiences, dreams and/or events that awakened you to remember that this "something" was of a higher frequency of reality that, somehow, you were able to remember. We say the word "remember" as you ALL came from higher frequencies of reality in order to assist with the Planetary Ascension of Gaia's Earth.

Some of you knew within your first incarnation on Gaia that you were different from the other third dimensional "humans." It was not that you were especially better, or worse, or even different from many others. No, what you were experiencing was that within this lifetime that you were ready to choose the experience of having a personal and loving dedication to the planet Earth. 

In fact, many of you chose to call Earth by Her fifth dimensional name of Gaia. It was the remembering and realizing that  you had chosen to enter into the experience of Gaia's expanding Her frequency beyond the third dimension, and into the fourth, and eventually, the fifth dimension. 

Many of you were members of the many Starships that have been circling Gaia in order to better communicate with the Beings on Gaia's planet. Some of these beings were ready to expand their consciousness into the fourth dimension of creativity and love for all.

There were also those who had chosen to walk the difficult path into the fifth dimensional ability to interact with their Galactic Family. This Galactic Family has been  circling Earth for eons in order to assist Gaia to expand her planetary consciousness into the higher fourth and fifth dimensions of reality.To make our message clear, we will tell you how the different dimensions on Gaia's planet are unique. 

For example, the "Third Dimension" of Gaia's Earth resonates to the frequency of "Expansion." 

By expansion, we mean that, that which was limited to the third dimension of focusing primarily on one's own self and on "getting" what that wanted. Of course, there were lower and higher "sub-frequencies" of the third dimension, in that some third dimensional beings thought of others in their tribe, clan, heard, area. 

This third dimensional caring for other humans was the beginning of "unity consciousness" with their loved ones, friends, jobs and living spaces. However, at this level of consciousness, many humans were unable to think of beings others who were not humans.

For example, wildlife, nature, animals, and even the planet Earth on which they walked, and the sky that  they allowed to become tainted. At the third dimensional frequency of consciousness, humans were thinking more of themselves and other humans. 

Unfortunately, not as many humans were able to think of Nature, and all of the beings of Nature, as an important component of Gaia's Earth life.

Then, as some humans began to evolve their consciousness into the fourth dimension of reality, they became more aware that non-human creatures also needed to be taken care of, honored and protected. It was at this frequency of consciousness that humans began to honor the planet on which they lived.

It was quite interesting that it was the more "primitive" humans who thought of Gaia as an alive being who needed to be treated with love and respect. In fact, as humanity became more and more "evolved" meant that humanity could, and did, conquer other humans, and harm Gaia's beautiful planetary body with their bombs, wars and "homes."

Meanwhile, the "animals" all created "homes" which did NOT harm the planet in any way. Even as the "primitive humans" honored the land, water, sky, and used fire not to harm, but to cook their food. Then the "humans came who did NOT honor the EARTH, the AIR, the WATER. Even the FIRE, which that had once been used only to cook their food, was used to "burn down their enemies homes" and steal their lands.

What happened to the early "Galactic Family" that honored the Earth, used the Fire to cook their food, but NOT to harm others, kept the WATERS clear, and prayed into the SKY for assistance from their Higher SELF.

WHY did the "modern humans" become more and more destructive to the Earth when they were supposedly evolving? 

WHY did the humans destroy that which the "primitives" honored?  

WHY  why are the humans still harming and destroying parts of the planet that they were privileged to call their HOME?

It is the NOW for humanity to remember their OWN

Fifth Dimensional Galactic SELF 

Yes, many, many humans are awakening to the truth that they were allowed to incarnate on the beautiful orb of Gaia in order to protect EARTH, as well as  allow ALL of GAIA'S in habitants to evolve into higher and higher frequencies of reality.

What will it take for the humans to remember that they are meant to be 

The Keepers of Gaia?

How could the humans forget the promise they made before they took this human incarnation?

How can the humans remember the promise that they made before they took this human form?

We, the members of your Galactic Family suggest that 

You allow yourselves to remember your SELF!

It will be then, that you can BE the YOU who remembers that 

YOU are one of the many KEEPERS OF GAIA



  1. Thank you!!!! Beautiful!!!!
    Blessings to All for staying with us to help remembering!!!

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