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Remembering Your Galactic Family Part 2


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Remembering Your Galactic Family

Part 2


It is the NOW for the humans of the United States, as well as ALL the humans who are all over Gaia's planet Earth, to remember your Galactic Family. "What, and who, is our "Galactic Family?"we hear you ask.  

Our answer to that inner question is that your Galactic Family is the higher fourth and fifth dimensional frequency of your innate Multidimensional SELF. To clarify what we are saying, we will remind that you that YOU are a  Multidimensional person who resonates from the frequency of the third dimension, which you often call "life on Earth," while you also resonate to the higher frequencies of reality.

The reason why most of you are not yet aware of your own Higher Dimensional frequencies of SELF is because most, if not all, of your attention is placed on your third dimensional, physical, human life on a reality which you have always known as third dimensional Earth. Of course, it is correct that you do resonate to the frequency of the third dimension, and you do have a human, third dimensional body. 

However, what many of you are not aware of is that when your third dimensional self is sleeping, or perhaps in deep meditation,  the frequency of your perceptual field expand beyond the third dimensional thoughts, duties, memories and decisions of "daily human life on Earth." 

The reason why you can have this change in awareness of WHO you are, WHAT you are doing, and HOW you are feeling  expands into the YOU that is able to calm down your day to day challenges, take some time to go to a special place in which you can relax enough to remember the "feeling" of a different reality in which you are AWAKE to THE YOU that you have been able to remember during a peak experience or a wonderful dream. 

Unfortunately, many of you who are now wearing your third dimensional Earth Vessel, have become  so embroiled in your third dimensional daily life, that you forgot the you are more than just a "third dimensional human."

Yes, there are many humans who have not YET awakened to their higher frequencies of self, but more and more humans are beginning to wonder what is happening. They may not understand what is occurring in their dreams, their imaginations, their thoughts and their conversations, but nonetheless, more and more humans are awakening to a "deep inner knowing."

At first, most of them decide that it was "just a dream." But when that which occurred in their "dream" begins to also occur in their daily life, many of the "Awakening Ones" are remembering that they have a family that resides in a frequency of reality that is unknown to their third dimensional, human self.

At first, most of these "awakening ones," which is what we, the Galactics call them, may push away their "weird experience" and make sure NOT to tell any one!! However, overtime many of these awakening one can no longer hide their amazing experiences for their friends and family.

Fortunately, there are more and more "sighting" (as the humans call their experience a fifth dimensional perception.  These fifth dimensional perceptions often begin to occur within their dreams, which they often awake saying, "Wow, what a weird dream." However, after they have had more and more similar "weird dreams," communications that come into their awareness from, seemingly, nowhere, and even actual sightings of what humans calls a "Starship." 

We, the members of you/our Galactic Family call weird dreams "messages from Home," and/or "conversations with the fifth dimensional being" who are more and more connecting with the third/fourth dimensional humans who are brave enough to allow their perceptual field to expand beyond the daily life.

Your "perceptual field" means the frequencies of reality that your consciousness is able to accept as "REAL." If one can only believe that the third dimension is the only "real perceptual field" they will not allow unique experiences to be stored within their daily consciousness. 

However, often these humans will eventually decide to allow this unique and "higher dimensional information" into their consciousness. This acceptance may begin with thoughts such as, "Wow what a dream that was!!" or "I did not know that I could make up these kind of weird thoughts and feelings."  

Fortunately, over time, they often want to more deeply experience those "weird dreams and imaginations." That is their perceptual field begins to expand enough to encompass their fourth dimension, as well as the third dimension, frequencies of reality. 

As their dreams, thoughts, and memories become more comfortable to the receiver, the receiver of this information begins to realize that there is something very special and new that is happening to them. When they are able to realize that what was once "weird" or frighting" has become "special and exciting!"




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