Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Dear Gaia, How are you doing?

 October 27, 2020

                                               Dear Gaia, How are you doing?

Dear Gaia,

We, the awakened humans that live on your planet, have gone far too long without asking you the simple question of "Dear Beloved Mother Gaia, how is your Planetary Self doing?" 

We, the humans, where meant to be your protector. In fact, for many eons we did protect you via our fifth dimensional Star Ships that constantly monitored the health and welfare of Gaia's planet Earth. However, our intentions were not as pure as they needed to be because as soon as our Star Ships started to land on your planet, we began to polarize into the two groups of "POWER OVER" and "POWER WITHIN! 

There was also the problem of the inner battle of holding our innate fifth dimensional galactic powers within the core of our Heart and Mind. Unfortunately, over what is now called "time," the Power Over groups  wanted to be the rulers of the Power Within Groups. 

When we, the Galactics, first landed our great Star Ships so that we could populate the beautiful and virgin planet that is now called Gaia, something when wrong! We had all lived within a society based on Unity and Power Within. Therefore, we never even thought that a planet would be based, not on Unity and Power within, but a planet based on the Third Dimensional reality of Power Over!

We had all come from Fifth Dimensional/power within planets. Therefore, when we first landed, we did not even know that there was a reality based on such a low frequency of resonance as we were still fifth dimensional beings. 

Because we were still Fifth Dimensional, we had NO idea that over time, the Syrian Beings would become the "third" dimensional humans," who were creating a third dimensional planet. Since, we still had our Multidimensional Powers we did not feel a need to change anything, except that we did assist Gaia to expand Her resonance into the fifth dimension. 

This was all fine until a group of Galactic Beings that called themselves "humans" who lived on many different planets for many different reasons, came to Gaia's Earth. This is when we learned of the great war in outer space between the "POWER OVER" groups and the "POWER WITHIN" groups. 

When these two groups began to visit Gaia, the Power Over groups came with the intention of taking over the planet and controlling all of Gia's rich and beautiful reality. On the other hand, the Power Within groups came to Gaia because of an inner and higher call to assist dear planet Earth.

Many of the first visitors to Earth were fifth dimensional Arcturians, Pleiadians, Antarians, and Venusians  and "the not so helpful, Syrians." At first, we were all still fifth dimensional and had not YET experienced the concept of competition, power over others, owning a possession, or even owning a person, which was quite common among the Sirians. 

The Sirians had landed on Gaia's planet before our Galactic Groups. Therefore they thought it was "their planet," and that we needed to abide by their ways of "power over others." 

                           And so, the battle between Power OVER and Power WITHIN began!

At first the POWER OVER ones, were winning because the POWER WITHIN Beings could not believe that their once beautiful, sacred, and beloved POWER WITHIN life could be so deeply endangered. Therefore, THE POWER WITHIN beings fought fairly and with dignity. However, the POWER WITHIN ones had to realize that the reality based on Love and Light that they had left to explore the Cosmos would never be the same. 

In fact, even that Solar System would never be the same. They, the people and the planet, had stepped into a new era of reality. No one knew where they would end up or how they would get to were they were going.  All they had was faith and trust in themselves. Much like it is within this NOW!