Monday, October 5, 2020

The Golden Circle Through Suzanne Lie


    October 5th, 2020                        



Suzanne Lie

The changes that beings have waited for so, so, long, and have predicted, but the time passed, and what else that has been predicted, and the time passed again, and has been predicted and once again, and that time passed. Now that reality, of course, passed because we were are third dimensional time, and no one can perceive an inter-dimensional experience while they are locked in their third dimensional consciousness.

What we would like to say to you today is that you did remember those experiences. However, you forgot many of the details, which is OK. However, you forgot the person that you were when you had those experiences.

That person that you were IS the person that you are right now. And, exactly who is that person? That person is the “you” who is connected to your Multidimensional SELF.

That person is the “you” that calls to us, listens to us, and does whatever you believe you received from us. We want you to know that if you believe that you receive something from us, you are correct.

Please remember that “belief” is recognition. And, when you recognize that you have received a communication from us, then that message came through your Multidimensional Mind, and into your physical brain. We would like you to take a moment of this NOW and feel how your Multidimensional Mind seems to float over your head.

Actually, your Personal Light Receptor is floating over, and just above, your pineal gland. In this manner, the energy fields of light that enters your Personal Light Receptor enters your brain via your Pineal Gland, which is the portal into your Crown Chakra.

A “Personal Light Receptor” is something that every single human has—even the Illuminati. Everyone has it. However, like all receptors, it needs to be plugged in and turned on, and this is what many people do not do. However, when you plug in your Personal Light Receptor into your Pineal Gland, what you are actually doing is saying, “I am ready for active duty.” You are saying that, “I am ready to receive my orders, and to fulfill those orders to the greatest of my ability within this NOW.”

We would like to thank you for the many lifetimes of receiving our Inter-dimensional Orders. On the other hand, for many, many years, you were unable to document those receptions because you wondered, “How could these messages be important?” you asked. Our answer is that these messages were just for you, and you may not YET have believed that YOU were important enough to receive an "Inter-dimensional communication" from the Higher Frequencies of Reality. 

You could not yet believe that you were important enough, and though, Who cares what I thought I experienced?" You may have believed that you weren’t important enough, so who cared?

But then, finally, when, you were taking a class and you had to write a journal of your family life you realized that when you write something down, it was greatly clarified. Then you could more easily and thoroughly understand the meaning, or meanings, of the message. Then, you could, also, understand more about your self.

When you more deeply understood your own self, you become ready to meet a higher frequency version of your SELF. Then you could see that YOU are your own  higher frequency of SELF. This is when we, your Higher SELF, began to speak with you more and more often. And then, you began to honor what you heard from us, and finally, you wrote it down.

It wasn’t just that you wrote down what you were thinking, you wrote down what you finally believed you were receiving from the fifth dimension and beyond.

When you documented what you believed you were receiving via your computer or via paper and pen, it grounded your interdimensional message into the body of Earth. Also, when you took the “time” to “write it down,” you volunteered to accept that information as REAL.

Then, when you volunteered to accept that information as real, your entire self-esteem began to change. Whereas when you were young and you had your many experiences of communicating with many beings, you didn’t really think it was real.

“After all,” you thought, “how could I be important enough to speak to higher beings?” You could speak to your cats and your dogs, or to unseen beings, but you couldn’t really talk to someone who was really important because you were not important.

Now, do you see how it is very important that you see your SELF as important? In order to fully and completely accept information that resonates to a frequency far beyond that of third dimensional Earth, you need to understand that this information often starts by a sense of desperation.When you are in a difficult time, and you really need help, your mind can expand to the extent that you can no longer accept the lies and illusions that you had believed for much.

Some of you discovered that not many of the people that you knew, were able to stay with you, while you behaved in such a “weird way.” Thus, many of you felt alone, as you could not tell anyone what was happening with you. But, it is often lonely when you are a leader, and that is what you are.

That is what you have been from that first day that you began to document your experiences. When you document your experiences you are saying, “What I am receiving is important enough that, just in case I ever want to share it with someone, I will document it."

And, yes indeed you have shared your messages with those who were ready to receive it, and also, with those who had the intention to become awake and aware within their consciousness. Therefore, you are now able to accept what we will tell you about the Golden Circle.

The Golden Circle is actually a circle of “Golden Beings.” These beings are in somewhat of a humanoid form, but you’re not sure because you only see them from about the middle of their backs up to their heads, and you don’t see their faces at all. These beings them to be composed of liquid, golden light, which is exactly what they are. Therefore, their form is not static, but shifts and wavers.

As these Golden Beings’ forms shift and waver, you can hear them communicating with each other. What they are communicating to each other is how they have realized that they are “The Keepers of the Threshold” into the fifth dimension and beyond" Therefore, these beings can assist humans to shift into their own fifth dimension expression of SELF.

We are here within your now to remind you that we, the Golden Ones of the Golden Circle, are here  to hear more of what you have been hearing from the Higher Dimensions. We will also assist you to share with others, the "Golden Messages" that have been shared with you.

Now, we would like you to allow yourself to walk up towards that Golden Circle that is just before you!  "Walking is just a word, for it is more that you are floating towards this Golden Circle. As you continue to float towards this Circle, you begin to perceive yourself in Higher Dimensional Form. 

Then, as you float closer and closer to the Golden Circle, you begin to see that your humanoid form is turning into a golden form, which is much like the forms of the Beings in the Circle.

By the time you find yourself on the edge of this circle, you are just as golden as the being before you are. Then they turn to you and say, 

“Welcome. Welcome to our Golden Circle.”

All of the beings in the Golden Circle speak telepathically, and all of them speak simultaneously in perfect harmony with each other. You know that all of them are speaking because it is much like a spoken choir where each voice represents a slightly different octave. All these octaves merge and blend into a lovely chorus.

As you observe, each of the Golden Ones change the octave in which they are speaking. One might be speaking at the lowest octave. Then, after speaking for a while, they shift and move up an octave. Then, the ones in the other octaves move up another octave as well.

Then, the next Golden One also shifts until, eventually, they have spoken via the higher frequencies. At this point they each go back down to the lower octave, to repeat their journey back up to the highest octave. This occurs because they are practicing moving up within into highest sub-octaves of the fifth dimension.

They, the Golden Ones, make these changes because they want to go down to the threshold of human thinking, human experience, human perception and human sense of self, to better understand how they can assist the human, ascending ones.

The Golden Ones want to help the humans, but their evolution is so far beyond that of humanity that it is difficult for a human to perceive them. Thus, the Golden Ones are ready and prepared to speak to a representative wearing an Earth vessel.

However, the Golden Ones have to wait until that Earth representatives are able to calibrate their consciousness to a frequency in which they can perceive the Golden Ones. Do you remember when you very first started to communicate with higher beings?

When you met the very first being with whom you communicated, you had to go through a recalibration process. You had to create your “tunnel of light” through the lower astral plane. In creating your tunnel of light, you forged your own “safe crossing” into the higher dimensions.

Now, when you perceive these Golden Ones, you can hear them speaking about the tunnels of light that they are happy the humans are remembering to create with their unconditional love and multidimensional consciousness.

When the forces that were so cruelly indoctrinated into the Illuminati, as you have called them, think of the tunnel of light, it is quite terrifying to them because they have been programmed to believe that that golden light would END their reality. Then, when you look at the Golden Ones, you can see the many, many souls that are surrounding the Golden Circle.

As you expand your vision out to the furthest edges of this circle, you see those who have been indoctrinated into the darkness. You then hear the Golden Ones asking you, “Will you please, walk these edges and send Unconditional Love and Violet Fire to the ones who were indoctrinated into darkness?” 

                                                  Then you hear the Golden Ones say:

‘Beloved Ones,

“We the representatives of the Golden Ones, who are the “Guardians of the Threshold” into the fifth dimension, wish to tell you that you are unconditionally forgiven, you are unconditionally accepted, and you are unconditionally loved. There is no one that is too dark to NOT be Unconditionally Forgiven, Unconditionally Loved, and Unconditionally Accepted.

Whether you know it or not, by going deep into your darkness and transmuting that deep darkness into the LIGHT of being a Golden One who is a Guardian of the Threshold, you have created a very grand service of transmutation of darkness into LIGHT. 

“Your service has been that you have dipped down into the depths of third dimensional despair. Then, as you find your way Home to your true Multidimensional SELF, you can more greatly assist the Guardians of the Threshold, who are also the Golden Ones.

“Therefore, dear lost ones, we the Golden Ones say to you, “Thank you for your service. Thank you for allowing your energy field to transmute the darkness into LIGHT! 

“We, the Golden Ones, want you to know that you needn’t remain on the vast lowest frequencies for we, the Golden Ones, as well as all of awakened humanity, are sending Unconditional Love, and Violet Fire to ALL the beings on dear Gaia's Planetary Body.

“As we send this Violet Light, we say, “We do not judge the "once lost ones", for many have had lives in which they were lost so that they could better remember that THEY ARE ACTUALLY BEINGS OF LIGHT WHO HAVE COME TO FREE ALL THOSE WHO HAVE BECOME LOST IN THE DARKNESS!! 

                                                                    Blessings to you ALL



  1. Thank you very, very much to All of you!!
    My Love and Blessings !!!!!

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