Thursday, October 15, 2020


 Oct. 15, 2020                       


We are the members of your Fifth Dimensional Galactic Family who have chosen to take human earth vessels during this NOW of great transmutation. We are eager to communicate with any humans who wish to communicate with us. Yes, we understand that many of the humans within your current timeline are not yet aware that there are higher fourth and fifth dimensional beings wearing human forms. 

These higher dimensional beings are often the "Higher SELF" of their Human Self. Unfortunately, many of these humans are not yet aware that their own Higher SELF is a member of their Galactic Family that resonates to the fifth dimensions of reality. 

Fortunately, more and more of the humans on Gaia within this NOW are slowly, or quickly, awakening to their own Higher SELF.  When we speak of these third dimensional humans that are wearing a Fifth Dimensional form, we are NOT saying that all of these Humans are aware that they also have a Fifth Dimensional form. 

We use the word "wearing" for those who are not yet fully awake, and are currently within the process of awakening to their own higher dimensional memories, talents, duties and realities. We use the word "realities" because there are many realities that are totally unknown to those whose consciousness primarily resonates to "Third Dimensional, everyday human life on planet Earth!"

The first shift that awakening humans experience is an ability to remember their "dream life." We say, dream-life rather than dreams because "dream life" is the first phase of remembering their own Higher  Dimensional SELF. 

When one is able to have vivid dreams about their own higher dimensional experiences, they have the choice to push that dream away because they are not yet ready to be so "different" from the other third dimensional beings. On the other hand, some humans feel the love and protections that these "different/higher" experiences give them.

In fact, many of these "awakening ones"(as we call them from our Star Ship) write down these dreams and even share these dreams with other because there is something about these "dreams" that feels very important and therefore these "dreams" are written down, shared with others, and brought into their daily life. 

In the other hand those who are asleep to their higher dimensional life seldom remember any dreams or mediations in which they are experiencing a reality that is very different, yet much the same, as their daily third dimensional life. Therefore, some of these people will push away the curiosity that arrises within their inner life, as they are not yet ready to experience their own higher dimensional abilities that have been latent within them, often for many incarnations.

However, once these "higher communications" enters ones daily life, an inner communications between the person they are in their daily life and the person they are in their dreams and/or imaginations. Eventually, these people will reach a crossroads in their life in which they can no longer ignore the newly growing expression of "what?"

Then comes the challenge! Do they allow themselves to just say, "Oh stop those thoughts!" they say to the ones whom they are not yet ready to believe are real. And they, instead of remembering that which their Higher SELF is sending them, they begin to forget. They forget their dreams, they forget their imagination, and they forget to listen to their own inner (higher) thoughts. 

They have chosen to remain as "just a normal physical being!" Some of those who chose to "just be normal" will likely have a normal life. That choice is not good or bad, but it is a major decision that they have made--at lease that have made it for that now.

On the other hand, they are those who crave the new, the exciting, the unknown, and the discovery. These are the humans who often choose to learn to meditate, who wish to go deep inside themselves to find the questions that have annoyed them, so that, once and for all, they can look at themselves, as well as their life through  Higher and Higher frequencies of reality.

It is through finding and knowing their own desires, needs, choices they go a deeper and deeper awareness of themselves, as well as the world around them. This "Path of Knowing" is filled with a need to remember that which they know they forgot before they entered their third dimensional life.

Therefore, they knew that since they forgot something about their daily life, they usually wanted to find that which they remembered about their dreams, imaginations, memories, other lifetimes, and the one they were before they took their third dimensional, human self.

Some even wondered if they were "just humans," or if some of the thoughts and dreams, and imaginations that they had, were actually real events that occurred in a "higher frequency of reality." It was within that thought of a "higher frequency of reality" that they began to remember the life they had before they were born into their current self and their current reality!

Now the PAST was not filled with forgotten moments, but became a Treasure Chest of adventures and memories that they could remember and use to better understand WHO they were, WHAT did they do in those past lifetimes, WHERE they in their past lifetimes, WHEN was there best life times and what did they learn, and finally WHY did they chose to take an incarnation within the NOW of the life they were living.

In fact, that life that they were/are living in this NOW is not the only life form the past or from the future. And, the being that they are in this life can be filled with memories of past lives that can reveal themselves they that information is needed to be "remembered."

The Path of Knowing was now much larger, longer, and in fact, infinite as the endings would return to become another beginning! But, did this "Path of Knowing" something that they could remember once it was recoiled, or what they forget again and again, so that learning form the past was NOT within their Path. 

The Path of Knowing can easily be forgotten as one journeys through life after life. 

Can one remember their past lives? And, would they want to remember them?

Would YOU? 

And can YOU?



  1. Yes!!!!! Yes!!!!!
    Thank you Sue!!! Blessings!!!


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