Thursday, May 17, 2018

Through Matrix True Love Never Dies--Chapter 16-Through Sue Lie


True Love Never Dies

What I have learned since John died to his physical form, is that true love never dies. But, it can be transformed. The many years of living together and sharing my life with John changed me to the core. But when he died before me, I was in such deep sorrow that I almost died myself. 

It was then that I remembered what my dear teacher, Shalone, had told me before, or was it after, she died. Shalone told me that she was going “Home,” and that I should be happy for her. 

In fact, I think she even said, “Are you crying for me or for yourself?  You must be strong. Then you will be more able to listen to. and understand, what I have to tell you.” That statement got my attention, and I knew that I would need be strong. 

I also realized that, just as Shalone had guided my physical life for many years after her crossing, John would guide my physical life until it was my time to join him in the “Home” that Shalone had spoken of.  

I also remembered that Shalone had said, “You must be strong. Then you will be more able to listen to and understand what I have to tell you.” Yes, of course John would have something to tell me, as well. 

This message came to me in the form of a very vivid dream in which John told me about the “higher dimensional world” that Shalone, and now John, had moved on to. I was alighted to be able to “have a dream” about John after died. However, I was also furious, and my anger made it impossible for me to connect with the version of him that would never die. 

It took another solo journey into the woods for me to realize this. I was quite old by that time, as John and I had experienced a long, loving marriage. However, without him in my bed, I could not sleep at night. Therefore, I took to wandering the woods until I became so tired that I could finally go home and sleep in my emptybed. 

In fact, if the weather allowed, I often took a thick blanket and slept outside where I was close to Mother Earth below me, and could feel my beloved John in the higher dimensions above me. When I slept outside on the earth, I often had dreams from John in the higher dimensions.

Of course, I had never heard of the term “dimensions,” but was delighted when John told me that he was in a “higher dimension of reality.” I had no idea what a “dimension” was, but I was happy to hear that he was in a higher place. 

Finally, one night I asked John to tell me what a “dimension” was, but I was so tired from a busy day that I fell asleep. However, this sleep, which was NOT actually sleep, led me to a dream, that was NOT a dream, about another dimension of reality. 

I will now tell the story as it occurred within that NOW. As I have said, John had passed years before, but I could not count them because I began to let go of the concept of time. I stayed in my home and saw anyone who wished to be healed, either by words or by an energy field that slowing began to run through my hands.

The energy field began as what I called a “tickle.” Then, one day I discovered that when I rubbed my hands together I felt a tickle, which soon became a heat. However, the heat was not hot or uncomfortable. In fact, the “heat” felt like comfort, love, compassion and patience. 

I know you are wondering how a heat can feel like “comfort, love, compassion or patience,” but those were the words that others told me when I touched them. Therefore, I eventually accepted their explanation and allowed myself to experience the heat in that manner as well.

In fact, sometimes I would feel those sensations in my hands when I was alone. Then, I would go out into the Village, which I seldom did, in search of whoever needed my touch. Sometimes it was a human, sometimes it was an animal, and sometimes it was a tree, a brook, or even the sky.

Since I only left my house and yard when the ticklecame into my hands, people began to follow me as I walked around looking for the person, place or situation that needed the higher energy field that was flowing through my hands.

No one ever got in my way or bothered me. Instead, they followed me to add their love and support to whoever or whatever was calling me to be healed. Sometimes our “healing group,” as I called them, just went a short distance. 

On the other hand, sometimes we had to go deep into the woods to answer the call for healing. Each member of “The Group,” as we called ourselves, learned their own form of healing. Some of them experienced the call in their hands, but others suddenly began to make a “healing soup” which was usually finished when someone knocked on their door for a healing. 

Our small village gradually became a healing place, and some people traveled great distances to come to our town. Then, I served not as much as healer, but as one who taught others how to “find their own manner of healing.”

As I was becoming more and more in demand, I was also becoming older and older. Therefore, I started teaching people how to find their personal healing gift. As I assisted each person, I focused on their own “specific means of healing.” This experience was very enlightening for everyone, as we discovered that there were many ways to “heal another” and and/or to “heal one’s self.”

All along, I could feel my beloved John assisting and guiding me from the “higher dimensions,” as he called it. Finally, I was alone with him one late evening, that is alone with what he called “his essence,” and he explained “higher dimensions” to me. 

In fact, he told me that he was on a “fifth dimensional reality.” He then told me, to my great joy, that I would soon join him in the “fifth dimensional reality.” When I asked him to explain exactly what the fifth dimension was, he only said, “You will find our soon.” 

After hearing the term “soon” for almost a year, I called to John and said, “When is my soonover. I am ready to join you in the fifth dimension.”

“Beloved One, are you aware that by joining me in the fifth dimension that you will need to leave your current earth vessel?”

“Oh yes, yes.” I answered. “I feel that I have done all that I can within this version of reality. I am ready to join you in the higher worlds.”

“Wonderful,” John said. “I will come tonight in my Starship to pick you up at 2 AM. I have chosen that time as the villagers will be asleep. Just go out into our backyard that connects to the woods and look up. When you will see the bright light, allow that light to engulf you. Do not be afraid, I will meet you in the Light.”

“Tonight John will meet me in the light! John will meet me in the light!” I chanted as I gathered the two warmest blankets I could find and took them out to the back yard. 

I was NOT going to miss my meeting with John. So, if I was to fall asleep, it would be in the backyard where I was to meet him. I was ready for a new life and VERY ready to see my dear John again.


  1. This is beautiful. The other night I had a dream .. I remember this very blue face talking to me instructions that I don´t remember now .. but suddenly there was a line of blue beings in front of me but in the distance .. and I asked where are my parents? and a women turned her head around to give me a loving smile and the voice said ..your mom! is this possible Suzanne?

  2. Oh!!! Absolutely wonderful message!!!!! Thank you !!!!!!