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Part 4
The Realization

With that realization that this darkness could attack me only through my own inner darkness, the battle waned for a moment, just long enough for me to gather myself about me. Yes, ME.  There was more to me than this darkness. There was Love and Wisdom and Power. Slowly, my mind began to recall all the beautiful memories of my life and my heart loved them from my very core. 

With that love I found the power and wisdom to also love the darkness. It too was just a part of me. Yet, it was a part from which I had always been shielded, as well as and a part that had to be explored for me to be a complete being.

 With my heart open, I began to send love to all the angry and terrifying entities that sought to do battle with me. Some of them turned from the light and sulked away like a wild beast that had lost its kill. Others embraced the light and rose to higher dimensions. As they rose, so did I. 

At last I was in the Higher Astral Plane. All the fairies, gnomes and little people welcomed me and congratulated me on my victory. They led me through the beautiful green fields of the Upper Astral Plane. Everywhere there were beings of beauty that wore auras of spring. I recognized some of them and found some that I had not met.

I continued into the Mental Plane. I was careful to guard my every thought and feeling, knowing that they would instantly manifest before me. Finally, I found myself at the Portal to the Causal Plane. All my lives on the planet Earth rushed to meet me to remind me that energy out was energy back.

I then journeyed into the Spiritual Plane and saw the moment of my individuation from Creation. I embraced my monad, the portion of myself that is eternally a speck of Creation.  Then I moved into the Great Void. All was totally black. I sought the Corridor to the fifth dimension, and at last found it. 

As I entered the Corridor, I felt it swirling about me. I saw the face of the Guardian of the Fifth Threshold, and lay down on the tall, green grass. I found that I had to rest there within the "no-time" and "no-space" to gather myself together for the rest of my journey.  Why was I tired? Was it because I was making this journey alone for the first time? Was that why I felt so overwhelmingly lonely?

The Guardian smiled at my questioning and led me to a small group of beings that were making the same journey as myself. I could see that some were in their night bodies, some were meditating, like me, and some were in-between lives and in the process of discovering their greater selves. Yet, even in the company of this lovely group, my loneliness did not fade. 

I excused myself from the group and began to wander around. Wandering in the higher planes is quite different than on the physical plane because reality constantly shifts according to your thoughts and feelings. I “felt” a call for someone feminine, and then a lovely woman came to me. She brought me to a beautiful pond with a waterfall at the opposite end.  Even then, my loneliness did not dim. In fact, it became more intense. 

My guide smiled and beckoned me in a wordless motion to look into the pond. As I did so, I saw something, or was it someone, flicker just beyond my vision. I had to follow it.  Without another thought, I dove into the pond and swam in search of it. The waterfall called me, and I followed the call.

The pool was not deep, and there were layers of rock upon which the waterfall landed. I discovered that I could stand on these rocks and walk straight into the waterfall. As the water cleansed my face, my vision cleared, and I saw, standing before me, my Twin Fame, my Divine Complement. All my loneliness vanished as we embraced each other and merged into one.

“How could I have forgotten you?” I cried. 

“I have not forgotten you,” she replied, from deep within our heart. 

I was no longer alone.  I was complete.  Now I was ready to find the Vortex to Arcturus. I attuned my consciousness to the Network of Light, which I had been shown long ago by my father. I felt the field of Light reverberating all around and within me. 

When I focused my attention on my Third Eye, I saw the two vertical and two horizontal lines of Light intersect, forming a small square. In response to an inner instruction, I stared deeply into the space in-between. Slowly, I saw the Vortex off in the far distance. As it approached me and I approached it, the spin of the Vortex became stronger, and I found myself being pulled into it. 

The Vortex swirled around me, over me, under me, and through me. I was within the vortex and it was within me. Then, off in the distance of no-space, I saw the face of my father. I was instantly filled with the euphoria of reunion. We embraced forever within the no-time of the Vortex. 

“My son, I am very proud of you. You have come to me on your own. You have become a complete person. I bow to your accomplishment,” he said as he actually bowed to me.
I was filled with humility and honor, as my father was not one to easily give compliments.  I wanted to ask him about my brother and sisters, but he waved his hand and said,

“First come with me to Arcturus. I think that all your questions will be answered there.  Remember now, my son, to ignite your Merkaba. I see that you do remember the two superimposed tetrahedrons which form a multidimensional six-pointed star.”

I found my internal Merkaba, and as I stepped into it with my consciousness, it surrounded my entire form. In a flash we were on Arcturus.

My brother and sisters were there to greet me. We held each other so closely that we became one being. Finally, my father called for us to follow him into the Temple of Initiation. Travel on Arcturus is a multidimensional experience. One must focus all thoughts and feelings into a unified purpose. 

Always before, my father would surround us with his energy to keep us on track. But now that we had reached our maturity, he left each of us to find our own way. I was curious to hear my brother and sisters' experiences, but I needed to concentrate on my first solo journey on Arcturus. The Temple of Initiation slowly rose before us. It was beautiful beyond all earthly words. 

We had never been taken there before and were all awe-struck by its magnificence. Huge golden doors opened to welcome us, and a glittering pathway of an unknown substance showed us the way. The Arcturian fathers of my brother and sisters were waiting just inside the doorway.  They waved us on without them. 

“This is for your honor,” they stated together. 

The four of us followed the glimmering pathway to the Alter of the ONE. A huge being of light sat on a throne and called us forward. As we knelt before him/her, it placed a Mantle of Light on each of our heads. Instantly our vibrations accelerated, the room dimmed, and we were gone. 

Where we went and what we learned there is not to be spoken of, only experienced. But when we returned, we were ready to go back to the Earth to complete our mission.  We had learned from our journey that we were to open a Portal of Ascendance for the Mayans who had completed their service and were ready to return to their various Homeworlds. 

The time of Mayan power was coming to a close. It had seemed a lifetime ago since I had seen the invaders in my dreams. The invaders were coming and all would be lost, except for what was hidden or stored in code.  It was time for us to return.  Many preparations had to be made on Earth.

Return to Temple Life
When we returned to our temple life, everything was different. We had faced all our inner darkness and expanded our consciousness beyond the reach of any of the Dark Ones. We held no negativity toward them, as all has a purpose. Each cycle on the third dimension must come to a close, and so it was with the Maya.

We neither ignored nor confronted the Dark Ones because to confront the darkness merely causes an alignment that can pull one into it. If anyone dared to intercede in our endeavors, we simply raised our vibration beyond what they could perceive with their third dimensional perception. 

At last we were ready, and the time was nigh. With our distant vision, we could see the conquerors sailing toward our Mayan home. I thought of Lenexa and my adopted mother and wondered if they would hear the silent call to return Home to their higher selves.

Hopenakaniah and I were to open the Portal, and Leatunika and Hegsteomen were to hold the Portal open and be the last to travel through it. It was their job to close the passage, just as it was our job to open it. 

None of us had spoken of our time in the city with the third dimensionals. It was the only secret that we had ever kept. I never discovered how they had traveled to Arcturus or even if they had had such a difficult and wonderful time in the city as I had. I think that Hopenakaniah had also found love, as there was something in her that struck that familiar chord of lost love. 

Finally, the day arrived for our ceremony. We had practiced it over and over and felt confident in our roles. We had sent out the silent call for seven days and seven nights. It was the highest of ceremonial days, so the Dark Ones were not suspicious of our intentions.  We donned our ceremonial costumes and the four of us ascended the thirteen stairs to the highest apex of our most sacred pyramid. 

Hopenakaniah and I were in front and Leatunika and Hegsteomen followed us. With every stair that we ascended our vibration rose higher and higher so that when we reached the Altar, we could barely stay anchored in our third dimensional forms. We felt the confusion of many of the Dark Ones as we disappeared from their vision. However, their pride did not allow them to admit that they could no longer see us.

Hopenakaniah and I had made love many times, but this was to be different. This was not for our selves, but for the awakened ones of Maya. We began our ritual while the Priests around us chanted the Sacred name of our Sun—KEIN.  The chanting grew louder and louder as our spiritual/sexual energies rose up our spines merging our male and female energies into ONE. 

At the exact moment that the first rays of the rising Sun struck our Altar, we pulled all theses energies into our ONE Heart and surrendered it to KEIN. Instantly the Portal into the fifth dimension opened. Again, the four became two teams of two, as Hopenakaniah opened the Portal. We assisted the many who passed through the Portal while our brother and sister held it open.

I saw many familiar faces from the temple and from my life in the city. And yes, there was Lenexa, pregnant with my child, and her family, which now included my adopted mother.  As they passed through the Portal, they each shed their three dimensional forms and expanded into their true bodies of light. 

The child of Lenexa and I became a small being of light who was held closely by his mother. I smiled and realized that, indeed, Lenexa had been the reincarnation of our dear, lost sister. At last, all that could answer the silent CALL had passed through the Portal. My brother and sister entered the Vortex and closed it behind them. We had completed our mission!

I give you this message NOW in the hopes that it will stimulate your remembering, for the mission that we have completed, is just beginning for YOU!

Dear Readers, I received this story many years ago, but it never felt right to share it. Fortunately, it is the time to share it NOW.

What have you known for many years, but could not share till now? Please share…
And thank you for your wonderful sharing so far,



  1. Sorry for the all caps, but I cannot get it to change. I will try again after a while.

  2. Im in awe with this story. I always knew i had a divine male complement. That a partner should be much more then we were told. I always felt i came here many times before to ground and seed higher energies. And that my role here is to ground 5h diimensional uncondtional love. I wish i could explain myself better with words...
    This story feels like its almost my story. Like i have done something similar.the more you share yours themore i seem to remember mine. Looking forward for more. And thank you my dear for sharing :)

  3. This story feels so good. Growing up I always remembered my dreams. I always loved them because they seldom repeated themselves and I was onto another adventure. This morning I woke up from a "dream". There was not so much special about the dream other than it felt so different from my day to day life. I was in that reality and I need to come back to this reality. It is hard to explain, but it was like coming back to the same plain Jane reality. The other reality was similar, but it was different. Just like I do not like to eat the same food each day, this reality is the same vibration about it every day. It is not as if this vibration is unpleasant, it is the variety of vibrations that I miss. For several hours after I awakened I really felt a very strong longing to return to that variety of vibrations.

  4. Wow! I see so many similarities with my/our mission at this particular time as it touches a deep chord.....The difference among others would be the scale as NOW it pertains to the whole beloved Gaia (even solar system, Milky Way etc..) and everything on it ascending..... Another would be the that this 'time' we are also taking our beautiful physical bodies with us as they are in the process of transmutation instead of shedding it off which was common for personal ascensions....... I am DEEPLY honored to be a part of this unique JOURNEY that we are taking together, which will provide a blueprint, a manual for other planets and civilizations who at some point would want to do the same...... BLESSINGS

  5. Thank you again Sue...

  6. A renewal is what I've felt for many years, a time of leaving the old behind and entering the new. A time of remembering the mission and following my heart regardless of where it took me and how many others thought I was losing it, and a time to come in the Now that would release Gaia's struggle for the good of All That Is. Thank you, Sue, for your wonderful story. As it progresses, I remember more.

  7. Wow. Thank you for this.

    This story is very familiar to me. The practices and beliefs of the "trainees" are very similar to many of my own: the themes of alienation and alone-ness, the purpose and experience of sex beyond procreation, the dread of mingling with the lower energy people, the need for a stable suit of armour to stave off the funk, the need for holding personal power at the core. It is such a relief, so encouraging, to read in print things that I thought only existed in my mind. Things that no one taught me, just things that I already knew/imagined/figured out.

    When our narrator explained that he and his partner would open the portal but his other brother and sister would remain until all had passed through and then close the portal, the recognition, the memory of this purpose was so powerful that tears came fast and furiously out of my eyes. In the blink of an eye I was weeping tears of...relief is the most fitting word for the emotion I felt. I was amazed at the force of my reaction. My response was immediate and visceral.

    For how many years did I understand that part of my purpose included holding the gateway open to ensure as many as possible could pass through it. I never fully understood exactly what that meant (perhaps I yet do not fully understand) but after reading this account about someone fulfilling that task a chord was struck inside me.

    Sue, like others have described, when I read your stories (the Mytrea story, too, but especially this one) I feel a resonance. I feel like the hero/heroin of the story could be one of my parallel lives. I am deeply grateful that you are here doing this work.

    Thank you.

    1. Oh thank you for you comment. I mentioned on a comment above how i could not really find words to describe how Suzanne's words touch me, but yours did quite well. :)