Saturday, March 21, 2015

Arcturian Corridor Opening Video and "The Road"



Hello wonder friends and followers, I wanted to share this YouTube with all of you about our wonderful Arcturians Corridor Opening. 

I hope you all enjoy it as much as we did

I don’t understand a lot,
but I know that
something is different.

Not something obvious,
oh no, its very subtle,

a small, still feeling deep within.

Perhaps, just perhaps, deep within
where there has always been 
pain and longing

something like satisfaction
is beginning to take root.

Something like satisfaction
only because I don’t really know
how satisfaction feels,

never having REALLY experienced it.

Always, I have needed more.

Nothing has ever been enough
because nothing has ever soothed
the constant longing
that has haunted my unconscious mind.

Now, I am beginning to realize
that I have been trying
to ease my pain from the outside

when it really exists on the inside
where nothing and no one external to me
can touch or heal the wound
that festers deep inside.

And so, I must heal myself
But, can I?

Can I actually find alone
what no one else has been able to find for me?

No one, that is, on the outside.

Inside there another world,
another reality.

Inside is where I have always lived
and always longed to return.

Often I have hated the outside world
because it seemed to keep me from my true Self.

And what was out there anyway?

which had only caused me problems

which seemed to mean only more money
to cause more problems

And Love?
Yes, the Love is why I have stayed

Without Love
I would have retreated deep inside
long ago.

Without the Love I would have
left the outside world,
left it and never turned around.

But, even though I didn't  always understand why,
and though it often hurt,
I stayed for the Love.

Maybe now the Love without
and the Love within could unite.
Imagine the glory of that.

Imagine a road of Love
leading back and forth
from the heart of my inner reality
to the heart of my outer world.

This road could connect the
two portions of me that have
always seemed to be at war.

If my inner and outer worlds
were truly united,

I could find Peace,
In fact, I could BE Peace.

And then,
yes then,
I could help.

(Dear Readers, This poem was written long ago when I actually felt this way. I include it now in hopes that you, too, can find YOUR road.)

If any of you would chose to tell a bit about how your found your "road," or even if your still feel lost, that would be wonderful.
Blessings to you all 

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  1. When I first read this, I thought for sure it was written for us, the ones going through this process. It makes me wonder how it is possible to feel so connected to spirit and so humanly alone. I know the reasons why, we had to clear out all the heavy, learn about real love, and use new operating systems. Beautiful, yet, the longing for TRUE outward and new inward connection, the 2 to meet, is a force I do not understand, its sooo strong. We are human too, we need deep connectivity and we are learning how to call it in I suppose, with the new. Its a road, but Im not going to say a long one. Im going to say, "lets do this! Teach ourselves true deep connections." Its all coming together. Danielle Thank You <3

  2. alex alfa ashton 1March 22, 2015 at 9:08 AM


  3. not long ago, in my dream. I'm online on my
    smartphone and see a rather lengthy article but
    before I read it, I was already awake. so, I only
    remember two sentences which I thought
    interesting, after I realized it was a message.
    "Alpha waves, brain waves of heaven" and
    "theta waves, traveling monk". reminds me of
    the portal and arturian corridor. Thank you ...