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Opening the Portal Part 2--Countdown to The Arcturian Corridor

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Part 2


It was the NOW for our initiations to begin. Even though we had never had much interaction with the society of the Maya, it was the Land of our Mothers. Our Arcturian fathers had hinted about our "destiny," but would not answer any questions that we had asked them.

“You must find the answers within yourself,” they always said.

Our fathers came to us very often now and took us to Venus, Arcturus and/or the Mothership. They showed us how to bend time and space and to find Portals through which we could travel. We were no longer children on an adventure, but inter-dimensional pilots in training. Sometimes we made our journey in a vehicle and sometimes we made the journey in our minds. 

To make the journey in our minds was very difficult because we had to raise our vibratory rate to the seventh dimension in order to travel without a vehicle. Only Hopenakaniah and I could do it without our fathers' assistance. This was the first time that any of us were different from the others, and it worried us greatly.

“Do not fear,” spoke my Arcturian father, “There are sprinters who run very, very fast, but they cannot run for a very long time. Then there are others who cannot run as fast, but they have great endurance and can keep a steady pace for a long distance. Tutenakqua and Hopenakaniah are the sprinters. Hegsteomen and Leatunika are the long distance runners.  All is as it should be.  The four of you are a team, as always.”

My father's words comforted us, but our team of four gradually became two teams of two.  The sprinters and the runners had different lessons. And then there was sex. Even though sex had been explained to us as children, we didn’t really understand it. But now, it had become an urge, a hunger. Again it was the two teams of two, but there was no rivalry or jealousy. 

As usual, Sackatukeneon was the first to notice. All four of us were with him and, as usual, he spoke in riddles. 

“Some foods are to be taken every day in the most casual and necessary way. Other foods, however, are power tools and should only be taken in ritual.”

Although he was above the vibration of a sexual urge, he understood that our mothers were third dimensional and we would inherit their needs. He showed us how we could use our sexuality to raise our vibration and to travel above time and space together upon our mutual orgasms.

“This gift is not a toy!” he warned us. “There is great power in this type of sexual act, and it can lower your vibration as easily as it can raise it.”

Our sleeping room of four was changed to two rooms of two with two sleeping mats instead of four. The sisters drank a special drink every morning so that we would not create a child.

“You four will create something much more necessary than another Mayan baby to be killed by the invaders.”

Sackatukeneon’s words sobered us. We had always had special privileges because we had a special responsibility. We must not shirk it! As we became sexual, things began to change for us. Our teachers allowed us the freedom and pleasure of being sexual 'adults' for three cycles of the moon. Then we were summoned, all at once, to a special meeting with our three father Priests, our Arcturian fathers, Sackatukeneon and our two caretaker mothers.

“It is time now for your final initiation.” Sackatukeneon was speaking, much to our surprise. “I see that you are surprised that I speak for the group gathered before you,” continued Sackatukeneon. “It is I who speak because I know you the best and because it is I who initiated and engineered the entire process of your births.  I have presented myself to you as a servant because I am a servant to your needs and because “the first shall be the last.” 

The Dark Ones must not know who I am, and I have shown you that power is something to hold, not something to display. I have not kept a secret from you. If any of you had asked who I was, I would have told you. However, I was presented to you as a humble servant, and you never inquired why I could hold all the powers that I have displayed and taught you. 

“It has been my responsibility to teach you the most important lesson that you will need to successfully pass the initiation that lies before you. Power is safest in a simple form.  If you can hold your power deep within yourself without the need of recognition and adulation from others, your power shall remain incorruptible.

“You have seen how the Dark Ones will surrender being powerful in order to look powerful. This is because, rather than being ruled by themselves, they are ruled by others. Because they need others to recognize them, they must also gather their power from others.  They have distorted the lessons of our homeland, Arcturus. 

“These lost ones dropped their vibration to seek acclaim and were unable to raise it again. Once you need something outside of yourself, you lose the connection to your greatest powers that are inside of YOU. It is important that you learn this lesson now. For your initiation you will go out into the very community from which we have been protected for your entire life. We know that you are ready because you have all passed the challenge of sexuality.”

We all asked at one what he meant by that statement.

“When one becomes a sexual being, he/she ignites the creative force. This creative force can either rise up the spine to the higher chakras to be channeled into service of the Light, or it can remain in the animal self. Animals in the jungle use their sexuality in an instinctual manner and, thereby, obey the laws of creation. However, man, with his uncontrolled thoughts and emotions, can use sex as a tool of conquest over another person.  

“People can use sex in a disrespectful or even cruel manner. They may also lust after the partner of another simply because they desire what they do not possess. You, my children, have not fallen into that darkness. You have shared your sexual nature either to raise your consciousness or to play and enjoy each other's essence. Never once did any of you lust after anyone other than your mate. We are very proud of you for that and commend you for your mastery.”

Then all of our mentors came to each one us and gave us a small gift for our journey into the third dimensional world. They each gave us a special message and warm embrace.  We all were crying from joy. It was a beautiful moment, which will always live in our Souls.

It is time to go now,” spoke Sackatukeneon.

“But why must we journey out into that land?” we asked at once.

“Part of your initiation is to answer that question for yourselves,” was his only answer.


We left our temple sanctuary as naive as children. We told were told to keep our identity secret at all cost. Then, we were taken blindfolded, as if we couldn't see with our inner vision, into the jungle surrounding the city of the third dimensionals. 

“Stay in the jungle first,” they warned. “You will find it much easier to cope with than the city.”

Before we could say a word, they stole away from us like ghosts. The four of us stayed huddled together in the jungle the entire night and well into the next day. The sounds and sights were terrifying. We had journeyed to distant worlds and planets but were frightened by the jungle, even though it had surrounded us our entire lives.

Finally our stomachs forced us to venture into the jungle in search of food. We found that we could kill no living beings, but the jungle was rich with fruit and roots. We quickly learned to use our highly developed instincts to determine what food was edible and what food was poisonous.

We ate sparingly of each food until we were sure that our instincts were correct. We decided that we would spend six moon cycles in the jungle together and then we would venture into the city separately for the final six moons of our initiation. 

We had been instructed that, in order to fulfill our destiny, we would have to experience life on the third dimension, and now, we were doing so. The time in the jungle was beautiful. We four worked as one. We built a shelter in a densely forested area and used our skills to camouflage our home and meditated at night to raise the vibration of our area in order to create safety and invisibility from the creatures of the darkness. 

We were able to quickly establish contact with the fairies, gnomes, elves and other small people of our area. They were our friends and taught us how to survive in the jungle. In this way we lived the life we were accustomed to with our vibration embracing mostly in the fourth dimension, but also the third. Every day we practiced moving our vibration solely into the third dimension to prepare ourselves for our time in the city.

To our fear and regret, the day came in which we had to venture alone into the city, facing the vibrations of many, many people as well as the effluvial of their myriad thoughts and feelings. The preparation had not been enough for me. I was not in the city for more than a few days when I became violently ill from the dissonant thoughts and feelings of those around me. 

I knew no one, had no food or shelter, and was experiencing illness for the first time in my life. I desperately wanted to put out a telepathic call to my brother and sisters, but we had agreed that we would experience this last portion of our initiation alone. Finally, on the third day of my illness, when I had only eaten and drunk what I could steal, an old woman found me huddled in a small alcove at the end of an alleyway. She seemed to recognize me and led me to her nearby home. 

I do not remember what happened in the ensuing days. I think that I was delirious. The old woman cared for me and kept me in her home. She told her neighbors that I was a distant cousin from another town who had shown up at her doorway unexpectedly, and that I had suddenly become ill. We were left alone.

I don't know what I said to her while I was ill, but I could see in her eyes when I finally recovered that she knew more about me than I could remember telling her. She never questioned me or limited me in any way. One day she told me that she had been waiting for me for many years. She would explain no more. This home served as my base for the rest of my time in the city, and this lovely old woman served as a mother to me. 

When I was finally well, my first task was to learn to protect myself from the emanations of others. I had spent my entire life learning to be open and empathic. My life was completely sheltered, and I had been exposed to only those who had mastered their thoughts and feelings.

Now I was in a sea of psychic turbulence, and I had to learn to protect myself if I were to survive. Gradually, I exposed myself to more and more of the city around me until, at last, I could protect myself enough to find a job. My new-found mother had told me that people had to do work here to get food. This was one of the many times that I felt she knew about me. But we had an unspoken agreement to not discuss her private life or my own. 

The first day on my job as a peddler in the marketplace, I saw a murder. I had never experienced even the concept of murder. Therefore, when I saw a man kill another over some small possession, I was shocked. I saw the dead man's life force hovering over the spot of his body's death for many days. 

Others walked right through that essence and didn't even know that it was there. I was determined not to communicate with it, as my new-found skill of psychic protection was not perfected, and I dared not release my psychic shield. Also, the ghost was very angry and vengeful. I could not risk my mission over one angry discarnate.

The six moons dragged on for what felt like a lifetime.  I found myself having thoughts and feelings that I had never known existed. Fear, anger, sadness, loneliness, negativity and confusion crowded my heart and mind. It became increasingly difficult to determine if these experiences were mine or someone else's. 

My psychic shield grew thinner and thinner until it seemed to not exist at all. I gained weight because eating became a way to distract myself from what was happening around and within me. My body had other changes as well. It seemed denser and slower. I no longer had the mastery over it that I had had in the sheltered home of my childhood. Worst of all, I began to forget who I was.

Every morning I would awaken more and more disassociated from my true self and more embedded in the small person who toiled all day in the marketplace. I saw a growing concern on my new mother's face. She talked often of how she met me, as if to keep my memory alive. One morning, when she was trying to remind me of who I had been, I threw a cup across our small living quarters, barely missing the dear woman.

“I don't know what you need me to be!” I screamed in rage and confusion. 

She calmly picked up the cup, refilled it and placed it in front of me again. “My dear boy, I only wish you to remember who you are.”
Her words stunned me like a slap across my face. Remember who I am? Remember who I am? Yes, there was a reason for my being here. But what was it? I could hardly think back more than a few days, and even they were as foggy as if I were drugged. You would think that I would thank this kind woman, wouldn't you? But I merely rose and stomped from our home like an angry child. 

All day at my work I could hardly concentrate. Visions of temples, caverns and three children's faces swirled in my head. Yes, I had to remember. But I could not. The images I saw in my mind had no connection to the person that I had become. 

I passed the day in the deepest turmoil. Finally, it was time to close my stand when a beautiful young woman came to buy some fruit from me.
“I am closed.” I yelled at her as if she were a beggar.

What do you remember as an important initiation?
What is your "mission/work"?
Have you ever forgotten your Mission?
How did you remember it?

It would great if you wish to answer in the comments, as we are NOT alone. For every one of us who finds the courage to share their process, there are several, or more, who are inspired to share there experience, as well.

Thanks to you all!
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  1. Thank you so much Sue! I get some of my initiations through your messages. It began when I experienced my own ship in a sacred journey. I then flew to my birth place in Morocco and was told to look out of the small airplane and saw a small ship, took pictures and when I landed, was catapulted into finer energies. Long story, but when I returned, a fellow journeyer recognized that ship and commenced to give me my galactic lineage. He told me I was in essence all three and more .. Orion, Plieadian, and Arcturian. This led me on an undeniable quest. Yours was the works I was guided to first. I felt myself in your stories, tears flowed from me and recognition of the energies emitting from the content, said and not said into my field. I was then guided to ISIS, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Ashtar, Eliora Ahruu (my higher dimensional self), The Arcturians, and more with Isis, Sacred geometry, Astrology, Numerology, and more. I'm being downloaded every day and every day my body in all it's local states, is getting lighter, brighter, more loving, knowing and wise. I've received a vision of my sacred twin melding into my field, though haven't felt him much lately. I have been on a mission for 13 years, full on for 4 years as I released all but what fits in the back of my minivan and trust my guidance and Creation to assure that I thrive as I move through this. I am reading my whole environment now as the reflected Creation that I AM. I know the days ahead are taking us much deeper into the resonance of the 5th and higher dimensions and while I know little from this spot, I feel it like it IS me. I'm magnetically drawn to it in such a way that expands my love for this earth, other beings and myself and I know the minute I'm completely in love with my creation, I'll see so much beauty, I will fall on my knees.

    I've had the most beautiful initiations with Isis, a few times..and with the Arcturians a few times as well, fully embodied in unconditional love within me as ONE. The Arturians sent me out on a task to relieve a man who was about to take his own life. It had actually happened a mile from where I sat, 20 years earlier. That man was my father. The Arcturians melded with me as I stared at their red sparkling star. They gifted me with a magnificent golden light who's center was silver white. I brought it into my field and sat within as ONE for a time. Then the message came to go to the spot (etherically). I was there immediately kneeling beside this broken, shame ridden, self loathing little boy who wore a man's body. I held him in the love of the field I was. I told him how Divinely perfect he actually is. How there is nothing that he has done, could ever do, ever!!! that could change his perfect BEingness and that this life, his choices and his joys and his pain, all experience. It is not the end all or be all.. I showed him the brilliance of the love of his true self. I felt him embrace his truth and release. I experienced him letting go and saw his light rise up. So much more to this story as it went on all night as I took that gold flame to others and myself as well.

    I love living my life knowing everything is meaningful and my own focused projection is playing out in front of me. More and more I the deep dark crevices are giving up their secrets.. Pandora's box is opened and all that lived as shame, guilt, self loathing is merging into the Golden Light through the Divine Heart of the Goddess Arisen.

  2. --What do you remember as an important initiation?
    Not sure I understand this question, especially the "as an important initiation" part.
    Does it mean "what's the most important lesson I learned from an initiation" ?

    --What is your "mission/work"?
    To bring back those brothers/sisters.

    --Have you ever forgotten your Mission?
    Yes. When I just woke up, I was driven by this strong urge to "join the GFL one day and defeat all dark forces in the universe." It is not until very later on did I realize I was never planning to wipe them out so there is no more room for darkness, but to bring them back. Apparently not a very welcome thought, this whole idea of assisting people who play the dark roles, and I dared not to share these thoughts in the first place. It's not that I don't understand people are suffering from their acts. I know, and I certainly can understand it takes a VERY long time before people decide to forgive them unconditionally. All I'm saying is that when these power-over-others beings finally have the consciousness to realize how much agony they've put on the people, they will receive assistance to help balance the pains they've caused to others. The trauma on people is self-evident, the violence needs to be stopped, and the trauma certainly has to be balanced first.

    How did you remember it?
    -- Something I found interesting on the Internet, but did not quite get it at that time. After attending a conference, I later found out the articles I read before turn out to be written by the conference host. It soon gets my interest. Afterwards, I find out more articles, including here, that state the importance of integrating light and dark. It is at that moment I begin learning to surrender to my hunch.

  3. Thank you for sharing your message.
    EVERY ONE of us is VITAL for ascension

  4. The most important thing for me is how I have remembered my mission and it is throught my heartfelt resonance with my true family... as Richard Bach said once : the member of a same family are not often born under the same roof.

    It is through the sharing of people like Sue and many other that I have come to realize what Unity Consciousness feels like and that for me is the fondational energetic platform from wich I can welcome and discover the multi dimensional Life.

    Sharing is everything !

    With Love

  5. Gosh, I don't want to sound negative here, but I don't remember my mission. I know I really don't fit in here & don't feel from here. I am very drawn to this information and have done a lot of self exploration over the last few years, but am feeling very frustrated with myself as I haven't been able to 'remember' yet. I have signed up for the Arcturian Corridor launch party - thinking this may be helpful - thankyou xxCharane

    1. I understand how frustrating it is to not being able to remember. Usually, if we hope to do/be something more, chances are that it may be our mission/galactic heritage. For example, if we find ourselves resonated more to the story of Sanat Kumara and the 144,000 beings, chances are that we might be one of them. The guidance usually manifests simply as a hunch; however, since it is a hunch, it may NOT be always right. If that hunch is sifted by our logical thinking, we then increase the chances of decoding the guidance sent to us. We might not get it right all the time, but we can get most of it. That's why we should always use our own discernment (logical thinking) besides following our hunch.

    2. Responding to each other

  6. What do you remember as an important initiation?
    Early in my twenties one day I was given the holy scripture of the Bhagavadgita and I still remember sitting in my single office, the windows wide open to face the huge blossoming chestnut trees outside. I was not able to stop reading. When my colleagues took me for lunch I felt like a zombie and I quickly left them with an excuse to get back to my book to continue reading. My consciousness returned only when I had finished the chapters. It was late and I was the last one to leave the building. Every sentence was like a revelation: "I know it. It is true. This is what I knew from childhood and couldn't explain to anyone." From that day on my life completely changed and I went on a long, long quest or journey…

    What is your "mission/work"?
    Actually I followed many impasses which I thought to be my mission (- some for example highly idealistic like installing a big Yoga Academy or working in the field of foreign affairs in a traumatized country like Afghanistan), but which never flourished because for some reason or the other the energy needed was dissolving.
    Now that I am 'retiring' and my outward claims are becoming lesser, I all of a sudden realized, that my mission was 'within', and there it was all the time propelling my endless efforts. For me it was as simple as 'knowing who I am' and acting accordingly - perhaps or perhaps not giving a standard of self-determination to those around me.

    Have you ever forgotten your Mission?
    Yes, surely I have. Job careers, two marriages/divorces and the residual lateral harms, financial issues - life's bewitching play grounds are innumerable.

    How did you remember it?
    There was this ever gnawing unrest and feeling that "there is more". And then when I was sincerely and deeply working on the topic of "self-love" the portal for unconditional love opened and things fell into place.

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  8. My initiation happened 12/12/12. I was in ceremony with the Star Knowledge family in Carefree, AZ at sunrise. The words " Open your heart to what you chose, open your mind to what you know" came through and I knew this was important. After ceremony Iwent into the hotel lobby to write down these words. A wise woman asked me about it and I said the words to her. She said, "no, read these words through your heart". As I did a well of tears was released. Many things happened this weekend yet it feels like it was all leading up to 12/21/15. I was sungazing and the Sun expanded and has looked different ever since, not to mention I asked a cloud to move and it did. It took about 18 months for me to figure out it was the light of the Central Sun coming through. My mission? I know it has to do with anchoring light here and especially for Gaia Sophia. I have not forgot this mission since I awoke on 12/12/12 and 12/21/12 however I was 53 years on the planet at that time. It is quite easy - and I like simple and easy - to remember my mission as the does rise every morning. I sungaze each morning with prayers and poems in my heart. Thank you so much for assisting in my remembering who I am - In Love and Gratitude!

  9. Opps - Initial Central Sun connection 12/21/12 not 2015.

  10. What do you remember as an important initiation?

    My most powerful Initiation is on the bottom of the deepest level born out of the deepest pain of separation from my source. In this darkest hour my guides spoke to me and let me know that it is over. “The huntsman which was sent to kill the divine child inside of me had have a heart and let me live. And now I am here alive, reborn and ready to live...”
    It is important to remember this ini from time to time and so it spins into a more and more deeper level.

    What is your "mission/work"?

    I don't know yet. Unless it is just to live a life with the warm sunny smile of love on my face in love with Lady Gaia. :-)

    Have you ever forgotten your Mission?

    Yes I did. And I am thankful from the bottom of my heart for the guidance of my Arcturian SisterBrothers and you dear Sue and especially your tales from M & M which reminded me on a so deep level that I am a to the earth bi-located aspect of a multidimensional being.

    How did you remember it?

    I trust the process in this NOW...

    See you all at the Party, Merlinson

  11. Wonderful Readers,
    I wish I had "the illusion of" time to respond more to your comments, but i thank you all
    Let make Ascension Normal

  12. What do you remember as an important initiation?

    My search for more escalated when having children, another wake up call was when going "back" in time realizing that I had been there at the exact right time to save my children from drowning (jumped in the water after my boy and rushed to my daughters rescue when she gut stuck underneath the water) I also alarmed my mom who came in to me when I was a teen with my baby sister all blue in the face. She is a nurse but froze - I yelled at her - "do something" so she did and my baby sister smiled when the ambulance came. My other sister slipped on a aluminum pool floor when we where abroad.. I played tossing ball with another guy and turned around seeing here staring under the water.. I was just about to grab her when a man did it .. the odds for all this to just be fluke does simply not compute! ;)

    What is your "mission/work"?

    This I got not so long ago via a Wisdom Keeper that gave me a Neal Donald Walsch moment. He is now gone as he said he would be. I'm helping the ones thinking they have a clue he said and I'm also here to BE and DO.. and to share love and compassion in order to help GAIA and others..

    Have you ever forgotten your Mission?
    Yes... until recently.. but I still worked on my mission but unconsciously.

    How did you remember it?
    By conversations with others that reminded me of the essence to expand my awareness constantly by questioning things. I also realize that most if not all people are spiritual and are giving messages even though unconsciously..;)

    I'm not thinking so much in terms of ascension but rather inscension or even evolution. My intuition has grown by large the last resent two years.. !!

    Everybody is here to play an individual role thus still connected to each other together with GAIA..

    We are the ones we've been waiting for