Friday, March 20, 2015

Living in the NOW, Dr. Sue Lie and Lauren Galey -- How was the Equinox/Eclipse-etc.etc.

Living in the Now

A 5-Part Series in 2015:
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In my morning meditation I experienced the Arcturians in the most intense way ever. The power of the waves of unconditional love were so intense that I cried for--who know how long. After all, I was
"out of Time."

I then had a wonderful meeting with amazing people from ALL over the world. Gaia, has so much support from so many wonderful people.  We must remember always how very important we are.
Blessings on your/our journey,

These are wondrous energies -- last night I woke up in the middle of the night and it was an entirely different feeling. It wasn't the usual frustration of waking up when you want to sleep, it was like someone or they were working on me....I kept going from my head down to my heart and I could feel the warmth, the vortex there, the light that was beaming and growing brighter, but the feeling of self-love! 

Each time my thoughts would take my energy back to my head, I instantly drifted downwards into my heart space again.  And then it became amplified and the feeling was such love. This is the love we must learn to feed to ourselves. This is a simple as it gets, and it holds the key to miracles, allowing Mother/Father God to express through us in every moment.   

I was shown this last night in my Equinox experience and this morning I could feel the simplicity of this task and I AM committed to bringing it forth. 

Have a great day and we'll see you online tomorrow sweet Lemurian sister!



  1. I write you from Italy, Bologna and I wish to express my gratitude tu Sue, first, and the Arturians for this event I had the gift to take part. Since a long time I am always felt alone and I only have one french sister whith whom I could luckily share what I was experiencing and this was a very great support for each other. But, descending to the crystal heart of Gaia and finding all this big communion of beings gathering there from all over the world in sincronicity, I felt my heart expanding with joy and support as never felt before! I could feel the energy field of the group going higher and higher as we opened the portal to the arturian corridor and I sensed the pineal gland literaly jumping in a straight position. The most important thing I received from this event is a much more stronger confidence in the capacity of manifesting in the NOW what I AM here for. And this because I could find you who show me that it is possible and that IS POSSIBLE NOW! THANK YOU ALL. I send waves of Love to all the Community. Giuliana

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