Monday, March 9, 2015

CODE BREAKER #3 Suzanne and the Arcturians,

Code Breakers #3


Suzanne Lie and The Arcturians

Greetings, we are the members of the Frequency Re-calibration Centers.  There are many, many Frequency Re-calibration Centers. In fact each of you has your own personal portal to our Frequency Re-calibration Center, so you don’t need to go anywhere. You just have to remember that you are there NOW.

We, the members of the Frequency Re-calibration Center, are always available for you, as we resonate beyond time.  Therefore, there is no time that you need to come, time that you need to leave and you don’t need to spend time with us.  All you need to do is just remember, “Oh, I haven’t been to my Frequency Calibration Center today and you are instantly there. It is that simple.

We are here and fully activated because it is our contribution to aid with the natural evolution of Ascension and remind our wonderful human friends on the body of Gaia when it is time for them to return to the Frequency Re-calibration Center.  In other words, we represent that little voice that tells you, “I think my frequency has fallen.  I feel nervous, oh yes I’m nervous.” Or  “I think I’m depressed. Oh yes I am all a flutter.  What am I doing? How have I forgotten who I am?”

Now we call you to our center with a tiny little tap that says, “Time for a re-calibration.”  You may choose not to hear us, and that is entirely your choice.  But if you do choose to hear it our invitation, it will help you greatly help you. You might think that everyone would rush to the Frequency Re-calibration Center.

You would think that everyone would realize that his or her frequency has dropped. In other words, you would think that more people would think, “My state of consciousness has lowered back down into the third-dimension and below and now I need to re-calibrate.” 

However, you would be surprised at all of the reasons and excuses we have heard.  We will gently tap someone on his or her consciousness and say, “Would you like to come to our Frequency Re-calibration Center? We think it will greatly help you.”  But no, we hear many excuses such as,  “No I can’t.  I’m in a hurry and have to go to work.  I have to pick the kids up from school.  I’m so busy.  I’m too tired.  I’m having so much fun.”  The list goes on and on.

Now, this list really surprises us because we wonder what could be more important than calibrating your frequency to the process of Planetary Ascension?  This is likely because we have not resonated to the third-dimension for quite a while.  You see, the Frequency Re-calibration Centers are located, which is a term you would say in three-dimensional terms, in the fifth-dimensional frequency in what you have lovingly called New Earth. 

Of course reality begins in the higher frequencies and lowers into the lower frequencies.  So you are not creating New Earth, as new fifth-dimensional Earth has always existed.  But Gaia, brave planet that she is, decided to move into the third, fourth-dimensional reality. Therefore all of the beings that take embodiment on Gaia’s planet resonate to that third or fourth dimension.

Now Gaia is very much happy to return to her fifth-dimensional resonance, as are many of her inhabitants. All of Gaia’s plants, all of Her animals, all of Her minerals all and elements are very happy to return back to her fifth-dimensional resonance. The problem is with humanity. So many humans have become lost in the illusions of that third-dimensional matrix. 

Now it is true that because Gaia chose to be a polarized reality that there is dark and there is Light. That dark is quite uncomfortable. We realize that, which is why we gently tap in your High Heart and ask that you please return to our Frequency Re-calibration Center.

We call you to join us because we can see that you could stand to re-calibrate your consciousness back into the fifth-dimension. When your consciousness is calibrated to the fifth-dimension, your thoughts are fifth-dimensional, your emotions are fifth-dimensional and therefore you combine your fifth-dimensional thoughts, your fifth-dimensional emotions into a beautiful fifth-dimensional thoughtform. 

Within that thoughtform you are in the process of creating and opening your Portal into the fifth-dimensional expression of Earth. This Portal has often been known as the Arcturian Corridor; therefore we will bring in our dear friends the Arcturians to assist you with this component of our message.

Arcturians: Beloved ones, we are the Arcturians and we want you to know that our corridor is always open.  It is always open from that fifth-dimension and beyond.  It is only closed to the perception of your third and fourth-dimensional self.

We are aware of the hustle and the bustle, the stress, the challenge and the fear and the darkness that does occur at your frequency of Gaia.  Therefore, we have come into your awareness.  We have decided that some of that darkness will need to be released from dear Gaia’s body for the game, the 3D game, and the video game, which appears to be a reality, which is actually a matrix for the third-dimension that is wrapped around the Planet.

You, from your higher dimensional selves have decided to join that game, just like you would chose to play a video game. When you joined that video game you created an Avatar Self, and your consciousness entered into that Avatar self so that you could play the game. 

Unfortunately you had no idea how addictive that third-dimensional game was. Therefore, you got lost. You became trapped on that wheel of life and death of that third and fourth-dimensional game. While in the “game,” you would be what you perceived yourself, a living person in the third-dimensional component of the 3D video game.

Then you would “die” to enter into the fourth-dimension of the video game. In reality, they were one video game. YOU, your true SELF, is beyond dying because you are a multidimensional being. However, the game was very addictive and there were many components that gave you great joy. 

Unfortunately, there are also many components of the “game” that frightened you greatly.  Believe it or no, the fear was much more addictive than the joy and the love.  That is why we have created these special Frequency Re-calibration Centers on fifth-dimensional Earth.

If you want to join one of these centers simply say, “It would be wonderful to be in a Frequency Re-calibration Center in this NOW.”  Make sure to match your thoughts with your emotions so that you can create a thoughtform. The secret part of the 3D Game is that when you go to the Frequency Re-calibration Center you are not bound by time. 

So all you need to do to enter the Frequency Re-calibration Center is to say,
“I need to re-calibrate to my fifth-dimensional self.”

Take a brief moment, or maybe one or two of your minutes, take a long, slow, deep, breath and breathe out with an exhale twice as long as the inhale.  This breath is important, as your breath is the core of your life.  It is with your breath that you begin the re-calibration. Therefore:

Breathe in Light, Love and Transmutation… 
Hold your in-breath. Then breathe out with the intention of going to the Frequency Re-calibration Center.

Remember that ALL higher frequencies are within you. These frequencies are within your Lightbody, which is within your spinal cord.  So you go within your own SELF to go to the higher frequencies of Earth, which you have labeled as “New Earth.”

The frequency of what you have called “New Earth,” is actually Old Earth, as reality begins in the higher frequencies and lowers down into the lower frequencies. The Earth you know as 3D Earth is the “Time Earth,” in which the video game is played within the 3D Matrix.

What you have mistakenly called, “New Earth,” is actually “Now Earth” in which you are within the Nowness of your true fifth-dimensional expression and beyond. Within our Arcturian Corridor, which you can go inside of your self in order to enter the awareness that you are already within it, instantly transmutes your “imagination” to Now Earth.

This occurs because while in the Corridor you can remember who you are within the NOW.  The challenge is to take that experience of NOW and remember it.  As you go outside of your inner self and into the outer world that is around you, you are actually in the 3D video game of Earth.

NOW, we will take you on a brief meditation:

Allow yourself to take those long slow deep breaths to re-calibrate your self. 

As you do so, you recalibrate yourself go into the Core of yourself.

Go into your own High Heart to go into the core of your own spinal cord,
Into the core of your Kundalini force which is within your spinal cord
And into the Nowness of being aware that you are on New Earth.

Welcome, welcome to New Earth, which is what we call Now Earth. Within this Nowness, we say, “Welcome to Now Earth. Please join us as we guide you to one of your myriad Recalibration Frequency Centers. 

How you recalibrate your frequency is that you,
Allow yourself to feel your feet firmly grounded within this 5D frequency. 
Look down to see that you have grounded your feet within NOW Earth!
See, perceive, feel, and hear how your feet have become Lightbody feet that have grounded onto Gaia’s Lightbody planet. 

As you feel the joy of your Lightbody feet, the light begins to resonate up your legs.

Now you can perceive your Lightbody legs, as the light moves up your torso.
FEEL your Lightbody torso.

As the Light moves into your High Heart it bursts forth into your brilliant, Lightbody SELF.

As the Light moves up to your shoulders, up your arms and into your hands, you observe as you hands burst into Lightbody Hands.

You touch your face with your hands and feel that your face is a Lightbody face.

NOW you are Lightbody.

As you look around with your Lightbody perception, you can see that everyone is in different stages of their transmutation into Lightbody. Because you have completed your transmutation into your fifth-dimensional Lightbody, you instinctively go towards each transmuting person to quietly stand beside him or her. 

While you stand beside them in unconditionally loving acceptance of their process, you watch how they burst into their Lightbody SELF. Oh the power of Unconditional Love. 

Do you think that perhaps you could do this when you return back to your third-dimensional Earth? 

Do you think that you could become a living, human Frequency Calibration Center?


  1. Right in time, Sue! Recently, I was getting the feeling that maybe emotion is a frequency. My fear is always there, and all I need to do is NOT tuning to it. Not an easy task to do, indeed. I wonder what kind of beings are in the Frequency Calibration Center. They must have mastered their own emotions before they assist others. Their job is not easy... Thank you, Sue!

    1. We are in the Frequency Calibration Center, but the problem is we don't know it and the 3D keeps making us forget that. Thanks for your comment.

    2. Thank you for reminding us of our multidimensional knowledge! You're right, lots of time we get the hunch to do something, and yet we don't know what it is. At least we surrender to it, although our hunch is not always right. With each knowledge revealed, perhaps it's time for us to remember that certain piece of it :)

  2. Oh yes. I definately feel it. I am in the process of pulling myself out of the last dregs of this 3rd dimensional matrix. I have always known, suspected that there was something else right in front of our eyes but that the veil was too thick. Just mow I am facing a big life changing event. Not less than a month or even a week ago this would have sent me into a fear spiral. Now I am calm and confidant. The violet flame helps. Shifting, shifting, shifting!

    1. congratulations. That fear spiral is well known to us all. Thank "heaven" for the Violet flame,

  3. I'm feeling constantly resonating 5D now and I thank Galactics and you, Sue, to be a wonderful guidance for all humanity!

    1. Yes, the Galactics are very close to us all NOW

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  5. YES THANKS we are one
    ital.transl. and assistance -europe team cooperation

  6. Thank you for this, Sue! The Arcturians remind me a lot to "Ask to be brought into resonance with the (fifth dimensional) Earth." This is a great meditation for doing so. Your posts are fabulous and very helpful. I'm deeply grateful for your amazing contributions. _/\_
    . . . I am a Frequency Calibration Center!