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Where We Left Off - Class Four Invite and Summary of Class 3

Book 2, Class 2, of the Pleiadian Perspectives on Ascension
Life on the Mothership
(fourth class of this series)
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Excerpts from Class I of Book 2 of the Pleiadian Perspectives on Ascension
Life on the Mothership

I’d like to take a few minutes to talk about the Ascension symptoms that we are having now, which are pretty immense. For me, the escalation of this energy, started for me about a month ago, and it is really strong now.  What is happening is that the higher Light is entering our body through Pineal gland and moving throughout our beingness.  That which we have hidden from ourselves is coming to the forefront of our consciousness. 

What we are realizing is that we are the pioneers. We are much like the first pioneers of North America who started off going across America thinking that it was just across that mountain range the Appalachian Mountains.  That is about all we knew back then. We packed with all our stuff in our small wooden wagons and joined a “Wagon Train” for protection.

What happened is that these early pioneers found that they had to go across rivers, around lakes, through deserts and over mountains. They started throwing much of their “stuff” away.  There was a lot of “stuff” that they thought was so important, but in order for them to continue their journey, they had to let go of that “stuff.” That is what is really happening to us all now. 

In the same manner, today we are going off into the wilderness of the unchartered land of our Multidimensional SELF with all our 3D stuff neatly packed in our physical earth vessels.

This is our psychic stuff, our wounding’s, our dark memories, our feelings of inadequacy, our frenetic energies, as well as many of the different parts of ourselves that have served us when we were in that third-dimension.  When we were in our wagon trains/earth vessels, we were taking our homes with us. 

But in order to get to their new home, we have to let go of our third-dimensional stuff.  As we move into our new home in the higher frequencies of Gaia, there are many components of our persona that we have to release because they are not able to adapt to higher of a frequencies of reality.

Mytria Speaks

Greetings our wonderful ones, 
I am Mytria. I welcome all of you to remember at least one of your myriad galactic expressions of self. I, Mytria, am one of Suzille’s galactic expressions of self. I am here now to help you remember about your nightly visits to our Starship. It is not that all of you have nightly visits every night, and definitely not all of you remember them. Whether or not you visit us every night and whether or not you remember them, has no importance whatsoever.

For each of you are living within your own Divine Plan that you wrote for yourself before you took on this embodiment. One of the things that all of you at this meeting likely wrote into your Divine Plan that you would ground your SELF in your physical body, as well as the body of Gaia.

This grounding is important so that your physical body could withstand the increase of higher frequencies of light entering your earth vessel. Then, once sufficiently grounded you could facilitate the remembrance of who you are within some of your higher expressions of SELF. As you awaken to more and more aspects of your Multidimensional SELF, you will increasingly remember more of your multi-dimensional lives.

Part of the reason why we take people in their night bodies is because most of you, our “Portal Openers” have very busy daily lives.  You are still living in your third-dimensional world and still have jobs and responsibilities. In order to take care of these responsibilities you need to sleep at night.  But, when you sleep you move into your Astral Body, which is your fourth-dimension form in which you can attend our meetings. In this earthly meeting, we will guide you on a meditation to assist you in remembering your nightly visits.

We will begin by asking you to experience yourself in your bed. You have just completed whatever routines you complete so that you can feel relaxed and calm enough to go into a deep sleep.  Take some long slow deep breaths as you imagine that you are snuggled in your bed. You are warm and cozy. You feel so safe and deeply relaxed that you drift off into sleep.

Usually, whatever occurs with your night body may or may not be remembered the next morning.  But in this case, you are going to remember what happens to your Light Body right Now in our moment of the Now.  So you begin by feeling how you are your fifth-dimensional Lightbody.  As you look at your Lightbody, you see your fourth-dimensional Astral Body inside of it. Inside of your Astral Body is your physical body. 

The higher frequencies of your Lightbody are the fifth and sixth dimensional. As you move into the higher dimensions, you have different areas of form you will wear until you get to the eighth through tenth dimensions, in which form is something you would wear only as a service to others. Otherwise, a form is something that is no longer necessary for you.

Now feeling your Astral Body of Light around you, experience yourself lifting off. You see that denser component of yourself, fast asleep, tucked in to your bed, and you can feel the connection that you have with that component of yourself.  That component of yourself may or may not remember where you have been. However for this trip you all get a recording.  So, if you forget, you can all listen to the recording again.

As you rise up you feel yourself moving toward the ceiling. Suddenly the ceiling comes closer and closer and it’s almost as if your nose is touching the ceiling and then --- Zap – something happens and you are on the other side… 

You are not just on the other side of your ceiling, but on the other side of you and into your fourth-dimension self. Initially, you may feel much like you are in a foggy dream world. However different components of your Multidimensional SELF will experience this journey in different ways. 

All of you are much more complex then you may imagine. All of you have parallel selves, alternate selves, and you have what you have known as past lives, future lives. All of these are myriad components of your SELF.  Sometimes when we pull our grounded ones towards our Ship they run into other components of themselves. 

If you happen to do so, whether this meeting is on the Ship or in route to the Ship, give yourself a big hug.  You may decide to remain within the illusion that you are separate from that SELF or you may decide to be in oneness with all components of your SELF that you may meet on this journey. 

Now, focus on the beautiful beam of light. As the beautiful beam of Light comes and meets you, you are suddenly in the Ship.  You have been bi-located, because your physical body is still sleeping in your bed, right into this fourth-dimensional area of our Ship. 

This fourth-dimensional area is also like a foggy day in that you are seeing components of beings that you are not accustomed to seeing.  Therefore your consciousness is “foggy.”  As you look around, you will see other cloudy bodies. You might see a dense core within the cloudy body, but as you accustom to your higher dimensional perceptions, you see their lovely Astral body. 

As you take a moment to acclimate to your higher frequencies of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience, you feel and see and hear the other members of this meeting. You may find them walking around, sitting in a large circle, or you may find yourselves in a classroom situation.  You may likely discover that many beings that are not humanoid in nature.  For, it is not just Earthlings that make these visits.

You can take a moment to say hello to friends that you have made and welcome, embrace and talk to each.  And then my beloved Mytre comes in and invites you all to take a seat. You have a very special honor this evening in that the Arcturian is coming in to this fourth dimensional area of the ship to talk to you about Ascension. 

Allow yourselves to take a few long, slow deep breaths to calibrate your frequency as high as you can.  As you take these breaths you can feel that some of the fog of the room is beginning to lift, and you can perceive yourselves more in a fifth-dimensional reality where the bodies of Light are not as surrounded by that which appears to be fog. This fog is actually the density of time. Therefore, once you are calibrated to the fifth-dimension there is not fog as there is no time or density.

The Arcturian

Greetings our beloved ones, we are the Arcturians. We are here to speak with you about the process of our Arcturian ascension. We will begin by going back, back, back into when we first decided that it might be interesting to take on the experience of holding form on a planet. 

We had been beings of energy fields for infinity, as there was no time at our frequency of resonance. In our eighth through tenth, eleventh dimensions of reality we have immense creative abilities.  Hence, we decided that we would create a planet. We would inhabit that planet, and we would be the guardians of that planet.

First, some of us volunteered to be the holders of form, and we would create a form for our planet.  Now this planet was not physical as you know it for the galaxy was very different within that era, but it was as close to physical as we had ever experienced. Thus, those of us that volunteered to BE the planet and said,  “I think it would be a wonderful experience to be a planet. 

Now we want you all to know that this is exactly what happened with Gaia.  Gaia is a magnificent being of Light far beyond the frequency that any of you could imagine. We would like to guide each of you to look within your heart and look within the core of your heart.  And, as you look within the core of the heart - of your heart you can look within the core of Gaia’s heart. 

We wish to remind you, in case you have forgotten, all of you have volunteered to assist Gaia. Use your wonderful fifth-dimensional imagination to see Gaia’s amazingly beautiful being of Light?  As you see all these components of her, you see that some of Gaia’s great being decided to be Earth, some decided to be Air, some decided to be Water, some decided to be Fire. These components all decided to combine into a planetary being.

YOU are a member of this great, Planetary Being. Both YOU and GAIA are ascending NOW!

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Life on the Mothership
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