Friday, February 28, 2014

Transmuting Gaia’s Core

Dear Arcturians:

I have many questions, but I know the answers are inside and I got lost in the third dimension again.  I had this meeting that I was looking forward to and I got busy.  I got busy again and I missed out, and I wonder how many things I miss out on because I’m so busy - so busy in the 3D world doing this right thing, this good thing, this important thing. 

My focus is on outside – on the outside world that I’m trying to see beyond.  I ask you now to speak through me and I will take a moment of the time that I have wasted on busyness and dedicate it to going inside to find myself and you dear Arcturians - the higher component of the me the is wearing this Earth vessel and having a hard time not getting lost inside of the Earth vessel.


Our beloved Suzelle we speak to you within your very same voice, therefore you know that we are within you and that we are speaking through you - for we are using that body in which you have often become lost.  We are using that mind, that brain, those vocal cords, those lungs, that heart.  Do you see how we are one?

Do you see how when you allow us to come into you – us being the higher expressions of you – for you and us are third-dimensional terms?  For in the fifth-dimension and beyond there is we.  We are One.  We are all One.  So, your friend with whom you wished to meet to share this meditation is there too.  Do you see her?  Yes, there she is right there and look she is having a hard time seeing you just as you are having a hard time remembering us – the we of your/our Arcturian expressions.

There she is she sees us now.  Now we are we again.  We are one again.  Yes, is it not actually superior to meet in this fashion?  Of course you would even if you were on separate channels of Skype but, now that crutch is gone isn’t it -- that third dimensional crutch in which you move your energy through a mechanical device in order to commune with one in a distant place far away on Earth. 

But you do not need these mechanical devices.  And, our, us, we primarily meet within the core of beloved Gaia where there is no distance at all.  There is only here, there is only now.  Within the core of Gaia just as within the our of you, there is no time.  There is no space.  For it is your quantum Core.  It is the you that you have always been and it is the you that is now wearing your Earth vessel.

Feel that you nestled inside your Earth vessel.  Feel that you that is surrounded by an illusion – surrounded by the illusion of separation.  For while wearing your Earth vessel you are within the third-dimensional hologram of Earth and the matrix of that third dimensional hologram states that you are separate, that there is time and there is space and it takes time to go across the space to get to that separate being. 

Of course you can use a mechanical device in which that time and space is instantly erased.  So do you see what an illusion it is?  Time and space is not real.  It is an illusion.  There is only Now.  There is only Here. 

Feel yourself now, here, within the Core of Gaia.  And within that Core of Gaia do you see us?  We are not wearing a form.  We are a floating energy field.  We have taken on that floating energy field so that you can perceive us while in your meditative state of only your fourth-dimensional perceptions.

Can you believe that you actually see us?  Can you believe that you are actually inside of the core?  Or will you become lost again in the vessel that you are wearing that is sitting in a chair leaning on a desk and talking into a mechanical device?  Can you believe that the body sitting in the chair is an illusion – that the chair is an illusion, that the desk is an illusion, that the mechanical device is an illusion?  Can you believe that you are here “now” and that we are “one”?

Feel the energy field of being Here – Now within this One, within this Core of your being, within the Core of your spine and your brain, within the Core of your kundalini and your multi-dimensional mind, within the Core of the Planet, within the Core of her Core Crystal.  Feel how you are inside the Core Crystal of Gaia’s Core.  Feel around you the immense multi-dimensional energy field that is your planetary self.

For, you became a member of Gaia’s planetary self when you stepped out of our energy field into your Earth vessel.  Now you have moved beyond the illusion of your Earth vessel, beyond the illusion of Gaia’s physical third-dimensional self and into the truth of your central core, of Gaia’s central core blending into oneness together. 

Feel the community, feel the energy field as it begins to expand and it grows faster, faster, faster – so fast that your body cannot begin to contain it so you must release it.  You must choose.  Are you choosing the limitations of your third dimensional life or are you choosing to let go and feel the energy field that is embracing you, combining you with Gaia?

Yes, the kundalini speaks now.  It has awakened by your release and you feel it now as it moves up and down your spine and you feel how that kundalini moving up and down your spine while you are inside of the central Core of Gaia.  Oh yes, hold on – for now you feel the kundalini of Gaia’s Central Core as it moves up and down throughout her Central Crystal.

It is very difficult to contain this so therefore you must shoot this energy field out to the North -- the North Cornerstone - out into the North that represents the spirit, the higher frequencies of the portals to the multi-dimensional expressions of Gaia and her beloved New Earth that stands at the entrance of those portals to greet you with Unconditional Love.

Now, you pull New Gaia’s Unconditional Love that you have met through the North back in to the Central Core and – oh yes, you can feel how the energy has greatly amplified.  Now you turn around and you send that energy field out into the South.  And in the South you feel how Gaia has been an alive being through millions and billions of years. 

Allow her beingness of all that she has been, of all the forms of herself as an idea.  Feel how that idea of the One was filled with the Unconditional Love which created the beginning of a form.  And the form transmuted and shifted and changed through many ages, through many disasters, through many reconstructions, through many eras and then she had the greatest disaster – the Fall of Atlantis in which she fell deeply into time, deeply into the third- dimension, deeply into illusion - illusions of time, illusions of separation which created polarities and the good and the bad began to battle.  And the right and the wrong began to fight and the love and fear were lost in the battles lost in the fights.

And yes, those who incarnated through that long time within that third-dimensional realm did learn very quickly to master their energy fields, or they were lost and had to return again, and again, and again until at last and finally they learned to master their energy fields so that they did not attend to the polarities.  They found that place in between.  Within the Core, they saw the good was just one of the polarities that was also called bad.  But good and bad were only the outsides, the slowest component of that energy field.  Within the core, within the center of the energy field there is only Unconditional Love.  There is only infinite wisdom.  There is only power within.

And with that unconditional love you have the infinite power of your infinite wisdom to speak within that power, within that love, within that wisdom – to look out into the matrix to whatever illusion of fear, of separation, of becoming lost.  And as you look out into that matrix you say:  I Love You Unconditionally.  I use my great multi-dimensional wisdom to accept you unconditionally.  And with a great power within that I AM, I forgive every person, place, situation and thing that I ever created so that I could learn about polarities.  And then I blamed that which I created and so that person, place, situation or thing that I have blamed – I Forgive You Unconditionally.

And now you pull that energy from Gaia’s great history back into the central core.  And now you go out into the West where the Sun is setting.  The Sun is setting on the reality that was bound by time, by separation, by illusion.  And you move into that setting sun and you pull into you every lesson you have ever learned – every memory you have stored in your wonderful multi-dimensional mind, every situation that you have transmuted and every being, humanoid, cetacean, animal, fish, insect, human and pull them all into your heart.  And say:  I want to take you with us.  Us being all of us.  We all want to move into the new cycle now together. 

So now you pull all that was into the now of the One of the Central Core.  And to the East you see the rising Sun of New Earth.  And, as that Sun rises higher and higher it ignites that eastern core with violet light of transmutation.  That transmutation follows the path from that cornerstone into the Core Central Crystal.  Now, you live in the Now.  Within the Now you do not wait - for waiting is a third-dimensional concept. 

Within the Now you listen.  You listen to yourself that is beyond the illusions of your third-dimensional expression.  You listen to all the myriad and marvelous expressions of yourself and you pull them into your Core that is within the core of Gaia.  And, you take these beautiful messages from the real world of the multi-dimensional New Earth and you share them in the manner in which you have chosen before you entered this mission.

Blessings be our away team.  We will meet here again for further transmissions.


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  3. dear Arcturians-higherselves-Source thank you for this help which we wish to share widely with all Life.It is for us a honour to co-operate with you all more consciously and intensely ,we had already received directly thrù our heartminds this message and it is blissful to find it on line upon Gaia's 2014 timespaceline ,
    infiniteblessings om

  4. Translation in Italian:
    Love to you all