Monday, March 31, 2014

Faerie Night You Tube and Poem
Faerie Night
In Faerie night the land is far.
The home of all is on a star.

The moon is bright, but gives no light
because it hides the Ones from sight.

To look upon a fairy’s play
will mean you see not one more day.

Their secret is now kept within
a veil of darkness, oh so thin.

And, if you wish to pierce this veil,
on a moonbeam ever shall you sail.

The fairies guard this secret life
that can’t withstand a world of strife.

But, in that realm my light does hide.
I keep it there deep down inside.

Dare I risk that others know
this light within, and let it show?

Show the fairies, show their play,
release my fear, and pave the way.

The way to know and see around
another world that does abound.

From the corner of a young child’s eye,
It’s always there ~ it’s not a lie.

Could it be safe to say its real
and, if  I do, will I break a seal?

A seal between the life that hides
and the life outside that rants and cries.

I can’t hold back, not one more day,
for of this place I now must say,

“I release all secrets and hold them bright
and show the world my Faerie Light.”


  1. What a lovely poem/song. Thank you for sharing it with us Suzanne. :-)

  2. so lovely and delightful. thank you Sue

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