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Tending Our Garden Of Life and Invitation to "The Brilliance Within" Radio Show


Tending our Garden of Life

For most of our earthly incarnations we were not aware of our powers of creation. However, now that the higher light is deeply embedding in our consciousness, we are becoming aware that WE are the creators of our reality.

As we ponder creating our own reality, we must look at situations in which we believe that we have no control and even feel victimized. Did we create these situations? Did karma create them or was our Multidimensional SELF the creator?

The answer is yes to all three questions. We create our reality via our own unconscious, conscious or superconscious self. In order to be conscious creators, we must be willing to own that we are the creators of every situation, even if we find it challenging.

While we are involved in a situation over which we feel we have no choice or control it is difficult to believe that we are the creators of our reality. Therefore, it is helpful to examine the three levels of our “creator self,” which are our unconscious self, our conscious self and our superconscious self. (Definitions at: )

Unconscious Self
We will begin with our unconscious self, as that is usually the part of us that becomes involved in an unwanted situation. Our unconscious is inclined to create realities in which old, unfinished business comes forward to be healed. These experiences are often from our past, parallel and/or alternate lives. These situations are often labeled as “karma” because they are patterns that we have lived and re-lived over myriad incarnations.

These old patterns are NOW being brought into our conscious mind via an “unwanted situation” because the higher light is entering our cellular structure of old, psychic wounds. As these wounds come to the surface of our consciousness, we play them out in a situation that appears to be beyond our control. Thus, we have the opportunity to heal past, alternate and parallel lives that we may not have felt strong enough to address until now.

This process is much like starting a new garden in an area of our yard/consciousness which been has ignored. As will till the “new soil” we must release the rocks that will interfere with the tender roots of our new “plants.” Also, we must pull the “weeds” so that they do not over take the young flowers. If we do not pull the weeds up from their roots, they will only return again.

When an unwanted circumstance appears in our life, we want to say that it is not our fault. However, this is our life/garden and it is our responsibility to pull up the weeds and examine the roots. Before we decided to plant a new garden in that area of our life, the weeds were ignored. However, once we decide that we want to be the creators of our garden we must gently pull the weeds out so that no roots remain embedded in the soil.

We could just poison the weeds, but then we would also poison the soil in which the weeds grow. That soil represents our earth body, which is preparing for transmutation into light. Therefore, we must unconditionally love the soil and anything that we have allowed to grow in it.

Conscious Self
As we become more conscious of our innate powers of creation, we feel ready to take responsibility for what we have allowed to grow in our garden/earth vessel. As we observe the garden of our creation, we can see where weeds, which are actually plants that are indigenous to that area, continue to grow.

These weeds represent habit and behaviors that have become indigenous to our yard/life.
These weeds have been in our yard for much of our life and have set down deep roots. Once we realize that these habits and behaviors disrupt the garden of our life, we can begin to release them by deeply examining our relationships with our self and others. This self-examination is usually not comfortable, but we do feel more in control of our own life.

Superconscious Self
The higher light from the Galactic Center is entering our garden now, which is allowing new plants to grow in abundance. These plants are filled with the galactic light of change, as well as the violet light of transmutation. If we allow, and even encourage, this galactic light to enter our garden, a garden that we have only perceived in our dreams and meditations will come into our awareness.

Our challenge is to integrate these new plants into our garden while we still nurture that which still remains of the old. As we allow the integration of the new light into our life, we will regain our memory of our power of transmutation. Some plants in our garden will eagerly accept our transmutation. But some plants will not be able to tolerate the higher light and may need to be loved free and released.

Creating Planetary Ascension
Our superconscious self reminds us that we have chosen to wear an earth vessel to assist Gaia with her ascension. With the awareness of the importance of our incarnation we begin to cultivate the our “path of ascension.” The beloved plants filled with galactic light will surround this path, as love and light will guide our journey.

As we walk this path it transmutes into a portal of light that returns us to our multidimensional SELF. This “return portal” resonates to the signature frequency of the unconditional love that guided us to first create our entrance to Gaia’s planet Earth. Many of us came to assist Gaia at the fall of Atlantis and promised to return to Her body again and again until the flashpoint of planetary ascension.

Many of us have taken a form again to assist Gaia across the “finish line.” Walking our path has merged our superconscious self with our multidimensional self who remembers many of our incarnations on Gaia’s Earth. Some lives were filled with love, some were fearful, some were successful and some were filled with failure. However, all of them gave us an opportunity to learn about being unconscious, conscious and superconscious creators of our life.

Gaia also has a signature frequency that represents Her planetary return portal. As we follow the light and love of our return portal, we activate our crystal core. With the activation of our crystal core our portal returns to the center of Inner Earth to be aligned with Gaia’s crystal core. In that manner, the many personal portals become the ONE planetary portal. This planetary portal of multidimensional light and unconditional love returns people and planet Home to the higher expressions of our multidimensional SELF.

Becoming a Master
Everything that our subconscious, conscious and superconscious creates begins as a thought, which merges with an emotion to become a “thought form.” When we place our attention on that thought form, we gestate it into a reality, situation or event. In order to create ascension we must become the master of our thoughts and emotions.

This mastery begins by acknowledging that WE are the creators of our life. Hence, even if we feel that we are a “victim,” there is an important lesson to be learned which will further the journey along our path. When we accept the truth that WE are the creators of our life, the illusions of the third dimension begin to fade, and we can clearly focus on co-creating planetary ascension.

Our Multidimensional SELF reminds us that we have chosen to take an earth vessel during the ascension process. This earth vessel serves as an anchor so that our multidimensional energies can merge into Gaia’s planetary body. With this realization our personal consciousness expands into our planetary consciousness and our unconscious, conscious and superconscious self integrates into our Multidimensional SELF.

Our Multidimensional SELF is aware that the signature frequency of our return portal is not a place, but a state of consciousness. This “state of consciousness” is our inter-dimensional return portal HOME to the fifth dimension and beyond. As we merge our central crystal with Gaia’s central crystal we leave the illusion of third-dimensional time to re-align with the NOW of the ONE to create that ascension is HERE NOW.

Note from Sue,
I have written and re-written this article more times than I can count. In tending my garden I discovered that some of the new flowers of light were shinning onto the old flowers of illusion.

The download of the higher light brought up “unfinished business” that I have been avoiding because we did not want to confront it. This confrontation did not go well, which brought up habits and behaviors that needed, and still need, to be transmuted.

The path of ascension is not for the weak of heart, as we must look into our self again and again. Many things have, and will continue, to occur which could victimize us. Therefore, we need to remember to love our self unconditionally as the higher light clears illusion to reveal that which we have hidden from our conscious self.


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  1. We are very grateful for this wonderful healing garden-post, full of eternal spring, unconditional love and multidimensional light ...and ..there also a magic synchrony with what i am living now,a great bright inner expansion and activity inside me and heavy problems in the dense 3D.. we send you every blessing that can be sent now here..

  2. Wow, I just got the "message" last night, that now our higher self could easily change or croject new images - as our lives.. can't wait till i see the new morning.

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