Saturday, March 8, 2014

Back On The Block--Beam Me Up


Doing the Work Part 2

Beam Me Up

Because of the meeting with the Arcturian and our "dream" interpretations of that message, Jason and I began the process of changing our lives. First, instead of worrying about the “important work meetings” we missed, we took it as a divine message to remain in our simple lives. In fact, we began to cultivate the sunny area behind our small cabin, which had always been filled with weeds, and created a garden to grow our own produce.

We kept our self-employed jobs, which gave us time and energy to begin to hold small meetings in our cabin on once a month on Sunday afternoons. We started with a few friends, but soon our group grew so large that we had to rent a space at our local library.  Since, we loved doing the meetings in our home, we decided to more our meetings back to our house and keep them small.

Meanwhile, our garden was so successful that we starting selling some of our produce at the local Farmer's Market. Also, we started selling some of the myriad blankets, scarfs and small purses that I had crocheted, as well as some of the carvings that Jason had been making over many years.

Soon we were surviving just fine because more and more of the members of our small mountain community began to barter. We decided to charge a small amount, or barter, for the meetings that we held every week.  People paid us in money or something they had made or grown.

Our life had completely changed in just a few months. Just when we thought things could not be better we, Jason, I, and some of the members of our groups, began to have "sightings" of galactic scout ships.

The ships did not land, but flew so low in our atmosphere that they were obviously NOT clouds. We spoke about these sightings in our meetings. In fact, we began and ended every meeting with an invitation for the galactics to join us in one of our meetings. That is when ‘it’ happened.

Jason and I were relaxing in our living room. It was late at night, but we decided to go outside to see if there were any scout ships in the sky. It was brisk outside, so we grabbed our jackets and stepped out into the clearing of our garden to get a better view.  
It was an exceptionally clear night with a full Moon, and it looked like we could reach up and touch the stars.

Just as we joined our hands in meditation and asked to be visited, a strange light filled that area of our yard. Then suddenly one of the “stars” started to move towards us. The “star” got bigger and bigger until we could clearly see that it was a scout ship.  We stood totally still clutching each other’s hand so whatever would happen we would face it together.

We had no fear, but we did have the normal apprehension that one has when faced with a novel experience. We had had many “dream experiences,” but this time we were totally awake in our 3D bodies, which were freezing with apprehension even though we had on jackets. Suddenly, almost as if the galactics realized our discomfort, our environment felt warm. That was when the ship stopped directly over our heads.

Jason and I stood like stone statues not wanting to do anything to jinx this long-awaited moment. Were we about to consciously, and in our earth vessels, visit a starship. Of course, this was actually a scout ship, which was similar to a taxicab on Earth. As we stood very still awaiting another great adventure, a huge golden light began to slowly beam out from the bottom of the ship.

We were aware that the Pleiadians, as we could feel their presence, were putting this experience into slow motion to allow us the illusion of time to adapt to our first experience of being beamed into a starship. Jason and I looked at each other as if to say, “let’s do it,” and the beam of light instantly encircled us.

As the beam of light encompassed us we felt a very strange sensation of being lifted up without any movement. We learned later that it was our frequency that was lifted up, as our earth vessels were simultaneously reduced to a cellular level. In other words, our consciousness was lifted out of our earth vessels so that our bodies could be stored as third-dimensional codes on Gaia’s 3D matrix.

We later learned that we were being trained to maintain a presence on Gaia’s holographic expression while our 4D astral body simultaneously visited the Ship. We were to discover that most of the inhabitants of the galactic ships resonated to the fifth dimension and beyond, as did the ships. They were able to lower their frequency to be more perceivable to human vision, but they did not enjoy remaining at the frequency.

Most of the ships we had seen had been scout ships.  These ships could more comfortably take on a lower frequency as their smaller size could more easily adapt to the density of the third/fourth dimension. Still, they preferred to only blink into the lower frequency, as that density felt to them much as it feels to earthlings to go to the bottom of the ocean.

When the ships are “hiding in clouds” they can resonate to a higher fourth dimension and still be seen by some. Better yet, at night they can return to their fifth dimensional resonance and appear as a sparkling star. Jason and I had seen both “cloud ships,” ships hidden in clouds and “star ships,” ships looking like stars. But we did not understand the difference in their frequencies until we were within the light beam.

Without the encumbrance of our dense earth vessel we found that we could somehow “read” and understand the innate messages within the light beam. Furthermore, we experienced the sensation of being released from time. Thus, beaming up to the ship felt “instant” while we also gained more knowledge than we had in our entire lives.

We did not learn or hear this knowledge. It was as if certain latent codes in our consciousness were turned ON, and we suddenly realized what we had always known. Since we had already been guided to meld our multidimensional mind with our third dimensional brain, the information that we received could enter through our multidimensional mind and link to our physical brain.

Instantly, and simultaneously a lifetime later, we were aboard the scout ship. To us the scout ship seemed huge, but we had learned/remembered while in the light beam that star ships are bigger than most cities and Motherships are as big as many planets. I was just wondering if I would have a body on the scout ship when a form looking just like my human self manifested about my consciousness.

I was quite surprised to realize that I could hear the thoughts of everyone in the room and knew somehow that Jason was having the same experience. “That is the norm for most galactic societies,” we heard as Mytre came to greet us with a big smile.

“Mytre,” Jason and I said at once. “You have taken us onto your ship,” Jason added.

“Yes, we knew that you were ready.”

“Ready for what?” Jason and I both thought, forgetting that everyone in the ship heard our thoughts. We then heard all the members of the ship respond with their own answers that somehow blended in a manner that was perfectly understandable.

“When we are in such a small ship, we all commune as one being,” Mytre answered our unasked question. “You see this ship is not calibrated to time, so thoughts are not laid out in a line and separated into words, sentences and concepts. Free of time, all thoughts can flow into unity. Just as birds flying as a huge flock can understand the cry of every other bird, our thoughts are received and understood by all.

“WOW,” was my intelligent response, which was followed by what I would have to call a “group smile.” There was no condescension to this response. In fact, Jason and I felt totally accepted and supported. We even felt comfortable, even familiar, as if we knew all these people.

“You do know them all,” said Mytria as she came into our view. “You know them all through our consciousness. Since your consciousness is joined with ours, you know everyone we know, and we know everyone you know. Yes, your friends do know us, but most of them do not remember, yet, that they know us.” Mytria answered our thoughts.

Before either Jason or I could ask any more questions, Mytria and Mytre simultaneously said, “Come, let us take on a tour of our Scout Ship.”

Dear Blog Friends,
As you may or may not know, I have been in involved in the huge process of transferring over twenty years of information over to my new site. Please check it out if you have not seen it. There is still a lot of fine-tuning and postings of the many new things we will be offering, but the major transition/transmutation is complete.

As you can imagine, going over 20 years of my life and seeing what I wanted to keep, what was no longer needed and what new things I wanted to create brought on a major initiation. I know that many of you are also reviewing your lives in some fashion. These “life-reviews” are brought on by the higher light that is now entering our multidimensional mind and transmuting our third-dimensional thinking.

This higher light is entering not just our thinking, but also our physical bodies. We are changing what we eat, what we do, how we do it and, most important, why we do it. As our consciousness is expanding and the higher light is revealing ancient wound that call to be healed, we are on a roller coaster ride of up into our higher SELF and down into our subconscious.

There are, in fact, two paths to ascension. One path is the expansion of our consciousness that allows us to perceive the higher expressions of reality. Then, once we can perceive these higher frequencies of reality, we can choose to live them. The other path of ascension is through the quantum portals of our cellular body that hold our ancient memories. These two paths are simultaneously occurring, as we ride the roller coaster of ascension we become aware of components of our self that we need to release.

It is this awareness that brings on our initiation into our higher frequencies of SELF. As I look up the term “initiation” in the dictionary, it says, “1. action that makes something start  2. ceremony  3. introduction to something new” If we honor the something new with a ceremony of reverence towards our process, we can better understand that the Humpty Dumpty’s 3D egg has cracked. No, we still can’t put it back together again, but we can—and are—hatching into our true, Multidimensional SELF.

Thank you for your support during my few and far between postings. I am “back on the block” and ready to beam up to my SELF. Also, thank you so much for assisting me when I thought/feared I had lost so much of my site. Of course, I had to release that which I thought I had LOST before I FOUND my SELF again.



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