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Doing the Work 3 - About Oversoul


Doing The Work Part 3

About Oversoul

As soon as we began to follow Mytria we blinked off the Ship and found ourselves in the living room of our house. We could remember being beamed up and our wonderful greeting, but as soon as we began to follow Mytria we arrived instead in our 3D house.

OH, we felt so very lonely. Maybe we forgot what happened in the rest of the ship so that we could return to finish our mission on Earth. In fact, that is the thought that Sandy and I both had in our minds whenever we wondered why we had forgotten so much.

Also, when we looked at the clock on the living room wall, we saw that it was just a few minutes after we had decided to go outside. Therefore, if our experience was an illusion it began not with the ship but when we first went outside to check the sky for scout ships. NO, we both proclaimed. The events we just experienced were NOT an illusion. They were real, but could they be in a different reality?

We did not know if we had switched realities. We also did not understand why we were returned before we went outside as opposed to returning us to where we first saw the ship. Either way, since we returned before we even went outside we had definitely “left time.” Sandy and I both decided that they planned our return in this manner to clearly show us that we could, and did, leave time.

“Or else, we were hallucinating,” we both said at once.

We were just about to go to bed when we heard many knocks at the door. We were wondering if that could be the Arcturian again, but then we heard several familiar voices. We rushed to the door and four of our neighborhood friends who shared our beliefs all starting talking at once about the scout ship they saw hovering over our house.

There went another night’s sleep, for we stayed up til dawn talking about our visit. It was actually very good, as our friends forced us to remember every detail while one of them wrote down everything we said. However, we still did not recover what happened when we followed Mytria. Finally, just before dawn, we all went into the kitchen to find what we could eat. After scavenging together a meal, our friends helped us clean up and went home.

Sandy and I somehow found our way to our bed and collapsed on top of the covers. Sometime in early morning I felt Sandy cover us with a blanket, and we went back to sleep till noon. It is a good thing we did not take those “good jobs” we wanted, as now we would have gotten fired for sure.

We decided to take the day off so that each of us could meditate about our experience and write down any guidance that we received. We planned to have a wonderful, peaceful day, which even rained to make it extra cozy. We made a big fire in the fireplace and settled in for the day.

However, there were more surprises in store for us. Once again we heard a knock on our door and whom did we see but Mytrian. Mytrian was wearing a very humanoid form of a rather short, 5 foot 4 inches, male. He had a full head of hair and wore a brown suit.

With a bright smile he said, “How do you like my new body?”

We laughed, let Mytrian in the house and gave him a big hug.

“I guess you are a male now?” asked Sandy with a big smile.

“I can become a woman if you like,” Mytrian responded.

“We are happy to see you in any form you chose,” said Sandy as she gave him another hug.

The three of us curled up in front of the fireplace and Sandy and I retold our story again. However, Mytrian’s explanations were very surprising. As soon as we finished our story Mytrian said,

"Well does this mean that you are ready now? Everyone is waiting for you."

Sandy and I looked at each other in confusion. Did we miss something?

"Yes," said Mytrian responding to our thoughts. “It is all lined up for you to go into the core of Gaia to help recalibrate the Central and four Cornerstone Crystals. But, first we will make a stop off at the Oversoul.”

"Wait," I said, "The Oversoul is in a much higher frequency than the core of the planet.

"No, no," chided Mytrian. "The dimensions do not travel UP they travel IN. Our multidimensional reality is not like a road that takes time to travel from the beginning to the end.

"The dimensional aspects of our SELF bloom from within our core, like a flower blooming on a tree. The outer edges of the flower are attached to the 3D hologram of physical Earth. That is why we look out to see our physical environment. On the other hand, we you meditate we look IN to find our higher dimensional guidance.

“To find the core of the planet, we must find the core of our SELF, which is within our Oversoul. Our Oversoul holds the signature frequency for our “Soul Stream,” as well as all the myriad rivulets that flow from our Soul. Earthly streams travel down, but the streams of our consciousness travel out into denser and denser expressions of reality.

“Our seventh-dimensional Oversoul represents all the realities in which we held a form. Thus, our Oversoul maintains the patterns for the myriad versions of our signature frequency that are used to create each version of our Multidimensional SELF.  

“Our Oversoul than distributes the many patterns of our ONE signature frequency down through all the dimensions of reality. The sixth dimensional frequency is manifested as wavering light which dances from one possible form to another.

“In the fifth dimension our body takes more of a form, but it is made of translucent, crystalline light.  In the fourth dimension our body is comprised of astral energies, and our third dimensional body is composed of matter.

“From our Oversoul, we can choose whatever frequency of body we wish to wear so that our frequency of expression can hold the login code for a specific reality. Once our login code is calibrated to a specific reality, our form can enter that reality with the bonding force of unconditional love.

“Since you, Sandy and Jason are within my Oversoul I have been chosen to assist you to return to our seventh-dimensional expression of Oversoul. Mytre and Mytria are waiting for us there. Our Arcturian SELF who resonates to the eighth through tenth dimension will over-light our experience.

“Are your ready NOW?” concluded Mytrian.

Sandy and I looked at each other and said, “There is only NOW!”

Little did we know the adventure we would have!

Inner Visions


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