Sunday, March 9, 2014

Changing the Time--Springing Forward


Changing the Time

Springing Forward

This morning we put the clocks ahead as we "Spring Forward" into our new life. We have no idea what that new life will be, as we are living in the NOW of our fifth-dimensional consciousness. This living in the NOW of our 5D consciousness put us out of sync with much of our surrounding reality. Hence, we the "Portal Openers" must maintain our courage to consistently move into the new territory of the unknown.

Of course, this territory is only unknown to our third-dimensional consciousness, but it does feel vaguely familiar. This sense of familiarity is much like a "scent" to a bloodhound that is following the scent to find a lost child. This "lost child" is, of course, our own innocence. We had to "lose" much of our innocence to survive long sojourn through the third dimension. How many lives did we have on 3D Earth?

I imagine that that answer is different for all of us. However, since I remembered my "past" lives, which I now know all occurred simultaneously, since I was a child. Therefore, I know that I have had uncountable lives on Gaia's 3D expression of SELF. I also remember answering Gaia's SOS when she asked for light beings to rescue Her during the fall of Atlantis. She almost fell off Her axis due to the density of darkness and fear during that era.

I imagine that many of you who read this also came to Gaia's rescue. Do you remember how we first went to Venus to learn to lower our multidimensional energy field down into the deep density of the third/fourth dimensions? Then, during our many lives of service to Gaia, our frequencies fell into the depth of the third dimension.

Fortunately, we did have lives in which we were able to remember our true Multidimensional SELF, or at lease we remembered our “spirit.” In these lives we could receive the much-needed assistance from the higher frequencies of reality that infinitely existed just beyond our 3D vision.
In most of those incarnations we perceived that spiritual guidance as separate from us and high above in Heaven.
Nonetheless, in those lives we could remember, or be directed to, our chosen "mission" for that incarnation. Some times we could fulfill our mission, and sometimes we got lost along the way or died trying to fulfill it. Of course, once over the line we realized that we could not die, as the energy of our consciousness/spirit is infinite.  Therefore, we can only transmute into higher or lower frequencies of expression.

NOW, we are coming into the "Spring" of our uncountable lives on Gaia. What will occur as we spring forward into our true, Multidimensional SELF? As the Arcturians have often told me, "We do not know yet, as we have not created it.         

I do know that I have created a great initiation for my self in which I had to intimately examine the last twenty years of my life. During this examination I had to determine what I wanted to keep and what I wanted to surrender. I have discovered that I do NOT want to surrender a single experience, as each one had an important message for me. Instead, it was certain reactions and behaviors that have come forth within this initiation that need to be surrendered.

Certain third-dimensional coping mechanisms cannot "make the cut" into the higher frequencies of reality. I appreciate them greatly, as they got me where I am now, but like training wheels on a bicycle they need to be "taken off" in order gain the necessary "speed" of consciousness to perceive the higher frequencies of life.

"Nose to the grindstone," being a "brave work martyr," "hard work," and "burrowing my way through life like a honey badger" must NOW be surrendered. I recently watched a show on PBS about honey badgers. They never stopped and are constantly moving so that they can "survive." In was in that exact manner that I accomplished all that I did. However, that was a very 3D, time-bound operating system filled with limitations and either-or choices. I do not know, YET, how to function with my new "operating system" that it is still on download.

 I do know that I cannot do too much until the download is complete. Of course, writing my thoughts and sharing them with others is the jewel that always goes with me. When I write my thoughts I give them the attention that they deserve. Writing, or drawing, my thoughts invites the higher frequencies of my consciousness to participate in my physical reality.

Fortunately, during the long dark night from my birth in 1946 until recently, I was engulfed by the loving presence for the higher guidance. This guidance directed me and kept me on my Path. I also had many marvelous components of my life and knew immense love with my beloved Divine Complement, children, grandchildren, friends and family. We are all of ONE Soul Group.

In fact, my life has been blessed. The "long dark night" has been within the governments and nefarious actions of the few, which I usually felt within my multidimensional awareness. It was not easy to feel the darkness of our wounded world, but I was ALWAYS in connection with my higher guides.

As we spring forward into New Earth, we experience a "time" of reflection. This reflection is much like looking through every cupboard and corner of a "house" from which we are moving. Gradually, and beyond 3D time, we are leaving our physical-body/house and transmuting into our light-body/house. Many of us will maintain a physical body for as long as Gaia's needs our earth vessel to serve as an open portal HOME to Her multidimensional New Earth.

Within our earth vessels, we all stand as open doorways through which others can perceive the glory of the multidimensional light that is NOW flowing into our transmuting reality. Sometimes we will be able to hold our "doorways" fully opened. However, some days we may need to fully stand within that door way ourselves to bask in the light for our own healing and enlightenment.

The light NOW entering our reality is of such a high frequency that it permeates deeper into our subconscious, cellular structure, and bone marrow than ever before in any of our myriad earthly incarnations. As we move into beloved Gaia's Golden Age this higher light is asking, urging and guiding us to consciously perceive, consciously love and consciously transmute ALL the darkness/wounding/fear that we have every experienced in ANY of our incarnation.

It is in this manner that we purify the Corridor of our physical form in preparation for our personal and planetary transmutations. Whether we know it or not, we are ALL, members of Gaia's planetary self. Our earth vessels are made of the same earth, air, fire, water and either as Gaia. Just as we have a personal consciousness that is the core of all our myriad incarnations, Gaia has a planetary consciousness that is the core of all of Her myriad incarnations.

Similar to our many alternate, parallel and simultaneous personal realities, Gaia has myriad alternate, parallel and simultaneous planetary realities. Some of these personal and planetary realities are entering this "Spring forward into to New Earth." Other timelines of reality have already completed that process and others are deep in the throws of their “dark winter.”

It is through our state of consciousness that we align with the ascending version of reality. In order to complete this alignment, we must go deep into the “cupboards” of our subconscious self to clear that which is of a lower frequency. Fortunately, all we need to do for this clearance is to unconditionally love our self. However, to heal our wounding, we first have to feel it.

By finding the courage to go into our own wounding, we find the tenacity to continually assist our beloved Gaia, who has been deeply wounded by humanity. It is through healing the earth, air, fire, water and ether of our own earth vessel that we serve to heal these elements of Gaia, as well. When we volunteered to place our multidimensional-spirit into this earth vessel, we also volunteered to experience many of the emotions, thoughts, experiences and injuries through which Gaia has lived.

In fact, many of these injuries occurred under the direction of our Draconian, Pleiadian and Sirius forefathers. These civilizations populated Earth long ago when they were "children," and did damage to Gaia’s Earth just we have during our timeline. It is for this reason that our Galactic SELF has taken our current form and, simultaneously, guides us from the higher dimensions. The Pleiadians and Sirians are over-lighting their human expressions to heal the damage once done by their ancestors.

Fortunately, Spring has come after the long dark night of 2000 years of the Kali Yuga. As I look out at my apricot tree I see that many of the small white flowers have welcomed the leaves back to the branches. My pruned roses are now full of leaves and there are even the buds of promised roses. My iris flowers will bloom first to be joined by some of the flowers that have retained their bloom throughout our Southern California winter.

Spring comes early to the ancient land of Lemuria, but will quickly be followed by other areas. Gaia's Southern Hemisphere is moving into Fall and passing the mantle of light into Gaia's northern lands. The cycle of life continues on Earth, but this cycle is NOW multidimensional. As Gaia returns to Her true, Multidimensional SELF, so will many of Her humans.

We, the Portal Openers, stand at the threshold of our personal/planetary Arcturian Corridors ready to spring forward into our Multidimensional SELF.


  1. Your loving heart came through. Thank you Sue. We also share the same year and I celebrate my birthday tomorrow. <3

  2. om
    your photo is majestic and healing, royal ,blessing...
    the written message true ,wonderful,balancing,linking to truth and oneness and real peace
    we are grateful ,we are glad for all they who read it and put into matter...................

    we do resonate

  3. Translation in Italian
    Love to you all,