Saturday, March 29, 2014

Tsunami of Love - Linda Dillion's Council of Love

Tsunami of Love
Linda Dillon's Council Of Love 

An Urgent Appeal

The Tsunami of Love is the Universal Mother’s gift for all of humanity to consciously and joyously embrace the totality of our divinity; to be the Love.

This momentous shift is close at hand, and the Divine Mother urgently asks each of us to be anchors, and to help spread the word globally. Will you help us?

Welcome! When a Divine call is issued, humanity must get the word. That is what we do, all of us. It’s our work and our promise. And so, we are told by The Council of Love…more specifically the Divine Mother... that the shift, also called The Tsunami of Love, is approaching fast. It is that burst of love which expands us into the Beings we have come here to be. In this Tsunami, all that is not love will be washed clean.

And we come with instructions……..

We are a team of volunteers, called together by the Council of Love. Linda Dillon has served the Company of Heaven, the Archangels, Ascended Masters and the Divine Mother for 30 years since she awakened from a near death experience to realize her mission and purpose. That awakening was Linda’s realization that her mission is to be the channel for the Council of Love.

This Tsunami of Love team knows Linda and her work personally and we are dedicated to its full integrity. We are not together by accident. This is the work we have waited all our lives to do.

On this website, you are offered a video meditation for experiencing the Tsunami of Love and many recent posts on this topic which you may copy and post on your blogs. As we continue to receive new information, you will have the opportunity of posting each new advisory from The Council of Love. 

Please join us so that we can link arms around our sweet Gaia, anchor the Divine Mother’s Love, and keep everybody abreast of this historic shift and its accompanying changes in all our lives. Your work will change lives. 

You may copy and paste as you please, with the following restrictions for the sake of the integrity of these Divine messages: Please post the entire piece without changes of any kind, along with the copyright notice and the website link.

There is a contact button on the site, which you may use for any questions or comments: Please let us help you in whatever way we can.

And also know that Linda joins us as we stand shoulder to shoulder, united in heart with you in passing these Divine messages along to those who need them most.

We thank you and send you our love,

Christina, Jeri, Julie, Kathleen, Lorraine, Patricia
The Divine Mother’s Tsunami of Love Team

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