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The Greater Work - The Next Morning

The Greater Work

The Next Morning

After the Arcturian left our house we both fell onto the nearby couch. We immediately slipped into a sleep/meditation, as we were not sure to which reality we were awake. How could we be talking to a being of wavering light one minute, than sitting on our couch the next? Gradually, we fell into what must have been a real sleep, as I had a very important dream.

When I awoke it was the next day. After I recovered from a night of sleeping on the couch with each of us pulling on one small blanket for warmth, I realized that I had slept through a very important work meeting.

With this realization, my wonderful dream was gone from my awareness. I shook Sandy into wakefulness and tried to blame her for my falling asleep. After I had spent my anger on her, and she cried and ran into the bedroom, I realized what I had done.

How could I go from such a wonderful dream to such a low state of consciousness that I would blame the person I loved most for something that I had done? I decided to go into the kitchen to make Sandy her favorite tea and bring it to her as a peace offering. It was then that I began to remember my dream.

I took the tea to our bedroom and offered the tea with an apology and a sheepish look on my face, which made Sandy smile and accept the tea. I sat next to her on the bed while she sipped her tea while I tried to get my nerve up to tell her about my dream.

“OK,” said Sandy after she let me suffer for a few minutes, “I forgive your outburst and am ready to hear what you so want to tell me.”

“You know I want to tell you something?” I asked.

“We live as one person now. I don’t think we have too many secrets,” she said with a sweet smile. “Go ahead honey. If you had not yelled, it would have likely been me. I missed an important meeting too. I do not understand all that is happening with us, but somehow, I believe it is real. You are the only person I could talk to about these experiences, and I’m pretty sure that I am the only person to whom you can talk.”

I nodded yes and waited until Sandy patted my leg and said, “Go ahead. Thanks to the tea you brought me, I’m ready to listen.”

“While we were sleeping on the couch,” I blurted before I lost my nerve, “I had a dream that I was ascending. At about 3:00 am I suddenly woke up and heard in my head, ‘I just had a dream about ascension’, but I could not remember how it felt.

“I then went to the bathroom. I came back to the couch with another blanket, which I put on you, and tried to remember that feeling again. However, I was too distracted to remember the dream because, even though it was a cold night, my body was hot. It seemed that the heat came from inside, not outside, of me. I don’t know how long I laid/sat on the couch feeling the intense heat inside of me. Eventually, I fell back asleep.

“When I first woke up in the morning, I remembered some of the dream, but still could not remember how it felt. Then I saw the clock and pretty much freaked out about missing my appointment, which made me completely forget the dream. Once I calmed down and was making your tea, the dream began to come back to me.

“Gradually I began to see myself in what looked like a cloud. I was in an upright position with my hands pointing down, but I was slowly rising upwards. After just a short moment, I felt a tugging sensation on my feet, which stopped my upward motions.

“I then realized that there was something that I had to release. I didn’t know what that was, nor was that important. All that was important was that I had to release it so that I could continue my ascension. Therefore, I took a long breath and told myself, ‘Let go!’

“Instantly, I returned to my slow, but steady ascension upwards. However, it was not long before I felt the tugging again. This time I knew what to do. I took a long breath and said, ‘Let go.’ Again and again, I had to let go, never even knowing what I was letting go of. I only knew that my ascension was very important, and I had to continue.

“Eventually, I began to rise faster and the tugging greatly diminished. It was then that I saw something far above me. Controlling my excitement, I slowly continued to float in an upward fashion towards the unknown.

“Thoughts drifted through my mind. When I chose to ignore them, I began to feel the euphoria of the higher dimensions. My form began to tingle, my heart opened and my Third Eye became focused on a blurry object above me.

“Eventually, all thoughts were released, and my emotions were only a sense of expectation and wonder. The tugging had stopped completely, but the letting go was constant. I was living in a kind of surrender that felt quite natural.

“My body had become extremely hot when I noticed a light emanating from me. It was then that I saw a light from above, which was like the dawn coming through a dusky morning. As I moved closer to the light, the object above me became increasingly clear.

“It was an orb with a face, but I could not recognize it because the light was too bright. Even though the face came closer and closer, I still could not recognize it, but I was beginning to feel unconditional love and great joy. Then, as the love and joy soaked into my consciousness, I began to recognize the face. It was me, but not the everyday me. It was the face of my SELF.”

When I finished talking I realized that I had gone into a trance. When I came back to my physical self, I saw Sandy looking straight into my heart. She placed the empty teacup on the table next to the bed and leaned over to give me a big, long hug. Her hug felt almost as good as the face I had seen.

Sandy gradually let go of my shoulders and leaned back on the bed saying, “I am sorry I was got so hysterical when you were angry. I think it was just that when we came back from such a wonderful experience of communing with the Arcturian and having blissful dreams, it was too shocking to be ‘back in the 3D,” Sandy said with an apologetic smile.

“Did you have a dream too?” I asked.

“Yes,” she replied thoughtfully. “I had a dream in which I was walking in a park and came upon people gathered behind a bush. ‘Look,’ they said as they pointed through the foliage. As I looked through the bush I saw a golden Buddha sitting on a wooden bench.

“I was just thinking, ‘What a beautiful statue,’ when a light radiated out of the Buddha’s hands, and he turned his head to look straight into my eyes. For infinity we looked into each other’s eyes. I awoke with the memory of a golden Buddha sitting on a wooden bench.

“Then, when you yelled at me, the drop from that serenity into your angry voice regressed me to a small child running to mommy to tattle. However, I am my mommy now, so there was no one to whom I could complain. But, just as I was beginning to slip into a deep depression, I remembered looking through the foliage to see a golden Buddha sitting on a wooden bench.

“Then you came in with the tea in your hand and an apology on your face, and I heard the golden Buddha saying, ‘It is not WHAT you do that is important, but HOW you do it.’

“How could I blame you for being angry. I realize now how many of my ‘loving’ intentions have become tainted by the old paradigm of hard work and the need for external reward and acknowledgement. I don’t think that it is any accident that we both slept through important work meetings. That work is just for survival, just for money.

“I think that one of the things that the Arcturian told us, which we could not understand until our dreams, was that ‘the Golden Buddha was as happy sitting on a wooden bench in a small park as when he was sitting in a huge temple with people worshiping him.’ I understand now that the Buddha looked at me directly, so that I would more clearly look at myself.”

“Yes,” I added, “and I could not recognize my own face because the light was too bright.”

“The Arcturian was telling us via our dreams that we need to BE the SELF that we have remembered, rather than the self that we became once we forgot,” Sandy almost whispered. “My dream came to remind me that the wooden bench was very comfortable, and in no way diminished me.”

“Yes,” I added, “Do I do what I do because I want recognition, or do I do it because I AM being my SELF? If we choose to place our attention on that which disturbs our peace, we are can no longer see the Face of our SELF. It is then that we sink into the dramas and dissonance of 3D life.

“The energies leading up to today have been very intense, fast, confusing, disruptive and transformational. Our true SELF has been calling us, while our ego has been tugging at our sleeve.”

I moved right next to Sandy and put my arm around her while I looked into her eyes. “Our process of ascension has begun, and like all processes, the most difficult part is breaking free from inertia. Therefore, we have to do something challenging every day.”

Sandy smiled as she said, “My father used to say, ‘Study long, study wrong.’ He also said, ‘Do something, even if it is wrong.’ What he meant by that was that we easily get stuck in trying to always be right. It’s OK if we make a mistake, as long as we eventually catch our self.”

“It is our ego who wants to always be right,” I added as I pulled Sandy to my chest, “but our Soul resonates beyond polarity. Hence, there is no right or wrong. There is only action. It is through action that we learn, and we are learning as we go.

“We are creating our ascension! And, we are creating it NOW! It’s not just WHAT we do, but HOW we do it! In fact, it is not the what, but the how, that frees us from our ego and leads us into the center of the Flow.”

As Sandy moved away from me to look into my eyes, I saw tears of joy streaming down her face.

“Oh, Jason, it cut me to my core that we fought this morning. I am so sorry that I yelled at you. Can you forgive me?”

“My sweet love, the question is can I forgive myself?” I replied as tears formed in the corner of my eyes.


  1. Thank you Sue. I have been following your blog and stories for a long time now, and I found this segment particularly wonderful. :-) PS. I too have been called to write a series of stories about an ascending pair of divine complements. I worry that no one will understand or care about my story, though I was called to write it very strongly, and the story poured out of me like a river. Your writings here give me confirmation and courage that people will listen. And also that others are being called to share a similar message. So thank you for sharing the story of Jason and Sandy, Mytre and Mytria, and their higher forms. In peace and love, Sara

  2. Thank you for your comments Sara. I am happy you followed your inner directions
    That is what we will be needing to do as we continue with this process

  3. helpful, healing, comforting, soothing, resonant with what is happening and we are creating, thanks

  4. Translation in Japanese

    with love,