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Conversation With Lightworker Part 2 and FREE meditation download

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Conversations with a Lightworker
Part 2

 Projections from the Vortex

Sue:    We both realize that WE are the holographic projector that is projecting our reality from inside of us onto the multidimensional matrix of Earth. This multidimensional matrix has a 3D, 4D and 5D version of reality on planet Earth. We can only live a reality that we can perceive, AND our perceptions are calibrated to our state of consciousness.

Therefore, we can only experience a 3D reality if we perceive it. We can only experience a 4D reality if we can perceive it, and we can only perceive a 5D reality if we can perceive it.
Lightworker:  Yes. I understand that. I also know that we can only perceive all three realities if we resonate to our multidimensional consciousness.

S:         Absolutely. Therefore, we are going to take some long, slow deep breaths to envision a huge vortex filled with unconditional love. We are right in the middle of that vortex.  Do you see that huge vortex going around us?

L:         Yes.

S:         Now you can see our human selves saying,  “Oh my, there’s so much to do.  I’m overwhelmed there are too many things.”  Do you see that?

L:         Yes, okay.

S:         Now let’s turn around and give our human self (who likely doesn’t know he or she is in this vortex) a big unconditional hug as we say, “I Love You Unconditionally. I you know it’s hard to forget that you are human, isn’t it?  It’s such an addictive feeling. Therefore, I’m going to ask you to remember that the ONE who is giving you this hug is a higher frequency of your Multidimensional SELF.” 

L:         That felt really good.

S:         Now let’s go back to being a holographic projector.  Our earth vessel is basically a holographic projector.  This holographic projector takes our thoughts to create thought-forms, which we fill with the life force of emotion.

Now we have created a possible reality, which we will allow to flow out through our holographic projector and onto our 3D matrix. Once this possible reality is placed on our 3D matrix, we have an opportunity to choose that version of our 3D reality. However, this 3D matrix is of a very low frequency. 

Therefore, we need to remember that we are actually inside of a huge vortex with unconditional love constantly streaming through it. Because we, our Multidimensional SELF, are infinitely inside this vortex, we can feel that unconditional love all around us. Then, because we feel the love around us, we can easily create a reality of unconditional love.

L:         Yes, I like that choice.

S:         In order to perceive the many versions of reality that our Multidimensional SELF has projected from within the vortex and onto the multidimensional matrix of Earth, our consciousness must resonate to the frequency of that dimension. Our consciousness can only attach to realities that resonate to the same, or a lower, frequency/dimension.

Therefore, if our consciousness is fifth dimensional we can attach to a fifth, fourth or third dimensional reality. In fact, we can attach to all three frequencies of reality, as the higher dimensions can perceive/experience the lower. However, our third dimensional self can only perceive the higher frequencies if we expand our consciousness into the higher dimensions.

For example, our physical eyes can only see a fifth-dimensional being if our consciousness is expanded into the fifth dimension. If we only have a third dimensional state of consciousness, we will not be able to perceive that version of reality which is filled with unconditional love.

Thus, even though our Multidimensional SELF projected that higher version of reality onto the multidimensional matrix of Earth, we cannot experience it until we remember that we are actually in a huge vortex of unconditional love. This vortex is also called the “Arcturian Corridor.”

L:         Is the Arcturian Corridor a huge vortex?

S:         Yes, but we only know about this vortex/corridor if our consciousness is calibrated to the fifth dimension and beyond. When we acknowledged that we were in this corridor, we actually sent out a multidimensional holographic projection. Then, the third dimensional version attached to the third-dimensional frequency of the 3D Earth matrix, the fourth-dimensional version attached to the 4D Earth matrix, and the fifth-dimensional version attached to the 5D matrix of Earth.

L:         Yes, I can see that parts of the holographic projection resonate to different vibrations. The denser, lower frequency projections have bigger particles, while the smaller particles can go right through the bigger particles because they are less density and much smaller. Our physical eyes cannot see the smaller particles of the fourth and fifth dimension. They cannot be seen because they are too small and do not have enough density to be seen with our 3D vision. 

S:         Okay, please say that again because that was really deep. Can you talk more about the density and size of the particles of potential form?

L:         I see that the denser particles of potential form that are like big balls, with smaller, balls of light that flow through the larger particles.

S:         Which is the higher frequency and which is the lower frequency?

L:         The lower frequency has the big, heavier particles. Then between and inside the bigger and denser lower frequency particles are all the smaller and finer higher frequency particles. The big particles are not aware of the little ones.

S:         Yes, and the smallest particles are quantum particles, as they are free of time and space. Therefore, they are instantly everywhere and can perceive everything.  The particles that are in-between the third dimensional and quantum (fifth dimensional) particles are astral particles of the fourth dimension. These particles hold time, but fourth-dimensional time is much faster and more mutable than third-dimensional time.

L:         Right. We can see the fourth-dimensional particles when we are dreaming or meditating.

S:         Yes, our physical body actually has these smallest particles inside and between the bigger, denser particles. These quantum particles are in our 97% DNA, as well as in the photons of every atom, as photons travel faster than time.  Hence we are partly quantum even while wearing our earth vessel.  We just don’t know or believe that. 

Because we forgot about our innate quantum nature, we think that we cannot perceive the smaller fifth-dimensional particles that have attached to the 5D matrix or the fourth-dimensional particles that attach the 4D matrix

As long as our primary consciousness is third dimensional, we do not know that we can perceive the higher dimensions of reality. Fortunately, once we regain our multidimensional perceptions we will be able to perceive and experience the 3D matrix, the 4D matrix and the 5D matrix. When this occurs, we can choose what frequency of reality we want as our primary perception/dimension of reality.

The reality that we perceive, is the reality that we live. In other words, now we have to meditate to raise our consciousness to perceive the higher worlds. However, since so much of our earth vessel is already quantum (fifth dimensional), we can decide to make our primary reality the fifth dimension. Then we can meditate to lower our consciousness if we want to experience the fourth or third dimension.

L:         Why would we want to lower our consciousness? Yes, I know it would be to assist others, but once we return to the lower frequencies of reality can’t we get trapped there?

S:         Yes, it is very easy to get trapped in the third dimension because when our consciousness lowers, we often forgot about our higher dimensional self. Fortunately, our “quantum self” is constantly sending messages to us via the portals of our 97% DNA and our Photons, as well as through our pineal gland and meditations. Furthermore, our fourth dimensional self sends us dreams and mediations about our true self.

L:         But we have to remember to listen to our inner voice and our dreams to get these messages.

S:         Yes, we do. When we listen inside of our self, we can remember that instead of the higher frequencies being further out or above, the higher frequencies are really deeper in, because they are inside of our DNA, inside of our cells and inside our multidimensional consciousness. 

L:         Right, and inside our kundalini that is inside of our spinal cord.

S:         Yes, ALL we have to do is make sure that our consciousness resonates to the frequency that creates the perception of the reality that we want to live.  Hence, when we are awake to our earthly life, and we are driving in traffic to get to work, we are late and we’ve got this appointment and that appointment and “Oh my gosh, did I forget to do that?” we have to remember to calibrate our consciousness to the fifth dimensional version of reality. Then we will begin to remember how to detach from the 3D matrix and attach to the 5D matrix.

L:         Right. In our fifth-dimensional reality, which resonates to the 5D matrix, we will be teleporting to work or relaxing in some hip public transportation that gets us there instantly. Also, words like “work,” “late,” “traffic,” and “forget” will no longer be in our thoughts.

S:         I love that thought. Also, if we get frazzled, fatigued, nervous, and/or distressed, we know our consciousness has dropped.  Then we need to shut the door, maybe take a walk, get some water and/or relax so that we can remember that we have fallen into our third-dimensional consciousness. Therefore, we can only perceive and interact with the version of reality that has attached to the 3D matrix of Earth. Once we expand our consciousness into the fourth dimension, we will perceive and experience the 4D matrix of Earth’s reality.

L:         Yes, and when we expand our consciousness into the fifth dimension we can perceive and live the reality of Earth’s 5D matrix. Then we will be experiencing New Earth!

S:         Sounds good to me. Then we go “Home” to New Earth to relax and enjoy the life that WE, our Multidimensional SELF, projected from the Arcturian Corridor onto Gaia’s 5D holographic matrix. (Laughter)


  1. Super-duper stuff. I sure appreciate your explanations of the Big Particles and the Little Particles, quantum DNA, listening to the inner signals, and perceiving and attaching to Earth's 5D matrix. My version has Arcturian starships at our service! Love you guys. B.

  2. Translation in Italian:
    Love to you all,