Monday, February 17, 2014

Merging Part 3 -- Calibrating to our Multidimensional Minds

The Merging Part 3

Calibrating to Our Multidimensional Mind

Within the orb of light that was created by the joint consciousness of the Arcturian, Mytrian, Mytre, Mytria, Jason and myself, the feeling of unconditional love and abundant joy was almost too much to bear. How could it be that Jason and I had become so accustomed to the fear, hustle, work, challenge and stress of our physical lives that unconditional love and joy was “too much?”

Fortunately, the love and joy within our orb quickly erased that message from my mind. It was then that I heard someone talking to us. Again, I knew what Jason was thinking, just as I was sure that he knew what I was thinking. In fact, within our orb we simultaneously heard everyone’s thoughts, even the Arcturians. Strangely enough, we could still understand all of them.

When I wondered how it could be that we could receive and understand so many thoughts at once and still understand them, I/we (for we were ONE) heard Mytrian say, “You are now connected to your multidimensional mind. Dear Jason and Sandy, you are the human representatives who will join our group as we return to Gaia’s core to transmute Earth’s cornerstone and central crystals back into their innate multidimensionality.”

Jason and I gasped at this great honor, but before we could ask our myriad questions, Mytrian continued, “Feel the higher frequency of light that is surrounding you. Now focus on the vortex of light, which is your multidimensional mind. Can you feel that vortex just above your crown chakra at the top of your head?”

Jason and I nodded yes, as Mytrian continued, “We know that you are aware that that spot is the entrance point into your pineal gland. It is this gland that will open and close the vortex between your multidimensional mind and human brain. This vortex is now open, so we ask you to sense the immense energy-field of your multidimensional mind entering your human brain.

Jason and I reached for each other and locked our arms together for support. We were having difficulty staying conscious and were concerned we would fall out of this wondrous situation. Fortunately the Arcturian, who was standing behind us to give us continuous support, touched the crowns of our heads. Instantly, the building nausea and dizziness was released.

“Observe the flashes of light as your multidimensional mind interacts with the synaptic junctions of your physical brain,” continued Mytrian once it saw we were stabilized. However, that stability would have left us if it weren’t for the Arcturian standing behind us, as the vision of the synaptic energy of our brains was quite overwhelming.

Slowly we adapted to the vision, and Mytrian continued, “With your eyes closed, look out through your Third Eye to see the higher frequencies of reality that emanate beyond the layer of ‘fog’ within your brain. We saw within, as the fog within this holosuite is representative of the fog within the brain of those who have lived within the 3D hologram of Earth.

We clearly understood that message and huddled even closer to assist each other to clear out our internal fog. Instantly, we both heard, “Try sending unconditional love to your self.” We did not know the source of that suggestion, but is sounded excellent, so we tried. I must say, “tried” because we had never conceived of loving ourselves unconditionally, at least now while we were in our physical form.

Slowly, from behind us, where the Arcturian was supporting us, we began to feel the most wonderful sensation of peace, calm, total well-being and absolute faith in our self. Tears began to stream from our eyes as the fog began to clear within our brain to reveal the great happiness and gratitude that filled our being.

 “Now,” continued Mytrian, “connect the vision area of your multidimensional mind with the occipital lobe of your brain. In this manner your multidimensional clairvoyance will be able to merge with your physical sight.”

Instantly, we saw a vision of our human brain that would greatly assist us to understand each area of our brain to which we would need to attend. This diagram of our brain seemed to be displayed within our mind.

 “Yes,” responded Mytrian, “your multidimensional mind is able to project out vision from within. It is this projection of mental images that will assist you with your innate ability to create the reality that you wish to perceive.”

Jason and I decided to place that statement, which was quite beyond our understanding, into the energy field above our heads that we were beginning to identify as our multidimensional minds. We felt the Arcturian’s energy field move across the top of our heads, which gave us a clear sensation of the multidimensional mind to which we were calibrating our 3D brain.

“Excellent,” Mytrian responded to our thoughts, “Now you will connect the clairaudience of your multidimensional mind to the temporal lobe of your brain which rules your hearing.”

This time we prepared for the onslaught of higher light into our brain by stepping back at bit into the energy field of the Arcturian. When we felt that loving support, we exhaled deeply as we felt a connection growing between our multidimensional mind and the hearing center of our brains.

“As you connect your multidimensional clairaudience with your physical hearing, you will begin to hear all life wanting to communicate with you. You will also be able to create a strong bond between you and your higher expressions of SELF.”

Mytrian was correct, as we began to hear myriad voices, messages and tones that emanated from everywhere.

“Go into the silence to better hear the voice of the ONE, as well as your own Multidimensional SELF.”

We were not exactly sure what “the Silence” was, but we both experienced an inner quiet that we had never known. This quiet became deeper and deeper until it began to emanate beyond our forms and into the surrounding environment. Slowly, a feedback loop was created which reflected our inner-silence out from our forms, as it simultaneously returned it back into our consciousness.

We had no idea how long we reveled in this silence when we heard Mytrian say, “Excellent. Now connect your multidimensional mind to your Parietal Lobe. This connection will assist you to better understand the higher frequencies of reality that you will now experience simultaneously to your physical perception.

“With the integration of your multidimensional mind into your occipital, temporal and parietal lobes of your brain, you will find it easier to translate, understand and integrate Light Language into your third dimensional communication. Then, you will be able to be in constant connection with us, your higher expressions of SELF.”

We both had many questions about Mytrian’s last statement, but as we allowed the warm glow of our multidimensional mind to continue toward the tops of our head, we heard Mytrian say, “Now, allow the glow of your multidimensional mind to integrate into the sensory cortex of your brain. As you allow this integration, your expanded perception of clairsentience will calibrate to our 3D brain.”

Suddenly we felt as though we could see and hear through our sense of smell and even our skin. We wondered if this was what it was like for many of Gaia’s animals, but before we could ask any questions we felt our multidimensional mind calibrate to our motor cortex. We were standing quite still within our silence, but began to imagine different means of mobility such as flowing instead of walking.

We wanted to play with these new means of movement, but our multidimensional minds quickly moved on to, and merged with, our Frontal lobe. As our multidimensional minds integrated into the area of our brains that differentiated us from much of the animal kingdom, we realized that our life would be forever changed.

Never again would we be able to think the same way or even behave in the same manner. We could feel our personal needs being placed behind the needs of our multidimensional self. Our decisions and actions would be based not just on the perceptions of our human reality but also on the information that was obtained from our multidimensional mind. We would never be able to doubt our self again, as our SELF would be merged with the ONE of the NOW.

Without realizing it, Jason and I began to wander around in the fog. Through the fog, which was now beginning to clear, we saw, heard, smelled and felt the most amazing scene. Unfortunately, as we reached out to touch it, we awoke in the bedroom of our little house on 3D Earth.

“What was that scene we just saw?” we both said at once.

Before we could ponder that question, our multidimensional mind requested further calibration to align our physical sense of touch with our multidimensional telekinesis. “Touch your physical arm with your hand,” instructed our joint multidimensional mind. “Feel the resistance of the density of your earth vessel. Now, connect your Telekinesis to physical touch by touching your arm with your mind.”

Without noticing that we were both hearing the same communication inside our consciousness, we followed our inner direction to touch our arm with our mind. “Now,” continued our multidimensional mind, “Use your clairvoyance to see your lightbody expanding beyond your physical form.”

We were both surprised and exhilarated to be able to actually see our own lightbody!

“With your hand flat, gently touch your lightbody,” continued our multidimensional mind, feel that there is NO resistance or density. Now, think a loving thought and touch your lightbody again to experience how it has expanded.”

It was pretty easy to think a loving thought in this wonderful energy, but we found our arms were far too short to touch all of our light. Then, when we used our mind to touch our lightbodies, they became even larger. Then our mind said, “Think a fearful thought and touch your lightbody to experience how it has diminished.”

Instantly, our lightbodies were much smaller. We instantly replaced that thought with a loving one and observed our lightbodies return to their former glory and size

“Good thinking,” teased our multidimensional mind. It had a sense of humor? “Yes,” replied our mind, which made us both laugh. “Now, “continued our mind “With your telekinetic ability think that your physical body has transmuted into lightbody. Be sure that you fill that thought with unconditional love.

“Using your telekinesis, touch your lightbody with your heart heart/mind.” As we both wondered what was a “heart/mind,” we heard, “Understand that you calibrate your perceptions with your thoughts and emotions—your heart/mind,” responded in our mind to our unasked question. Well, we did ask it inside, and we did receive an inner answer. Indeed, life will never be the same again. “GREAT,” we both laughed.

“With your clairvoyance,” continued our focused multidimensional mind “see a higher dimensional world resonating around you. With your clairaudience, hear how that reality is communing with you. With your clairsentience, smell the aroma of bliss and love, and with your telekinesis, touch this world with your multidimensional mind.

Jason and I instantly felt like our finger was in a light socket and our kundalini began to travel up and down our spine. Just before we started to fly out of our physical forms, our inner mind, now definitely in control, said,

“OPEN your physical eyes to capture a glimpse of the higher reality as it flickers past your vision. LISTEN and attend to the higher frequency messages continually communing with you. SMELL the aromas of the higher dimensions as they move through your awareness like a soft breeze. TOUCH the world softly with your multidimensional mind to feel the higher resonance of life

“Most important, unconditionally love your self, so that you can unconditionally forgive yourself when you forget to recalibrate. Then, you can better unconditionally accept that you are in transition when you become impatient or fearful.

“To maintain a multidimensional state of consciousness, release ALL judgment of your self so that you can release judgment of others. All forms of judgment lower your consciousness and disconnect you from me, your multidimensional mind.”

Jason and I looked at each other in awe. We were just beginning to release ALL self-judgment when there was a loud knock on our door. No one ever knocked on our door.

“Who can that be?” we both angrily asked. Our consciousness instantly plummeted and we were two very physical and naked people sitting on our bed.

“We did not get to keep the suits,” I said as I scurried to find some clothes.

“Back in 3D,” Jason said with a half-smile.



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