Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Check Back Soon

Dear Readers,

If you wonder what happened to multidimensions.com, well we were in the midst of putting up a new site.

Then, you know everything goes wrong at the end of a huge project, well, it did.

However, it all had a happy ending.

It was quite a lesson for me as I thought I had lost a lot of what I had spent decades writing--at least in the form that I could share it.

After freaking out, I had to "just let go" - as there was nothing left to do.

Then my higher consciousness remembered another place where the info was stored and most of it was discovered.

Interestingly, the only thing we would not recover was the final section of the Journey through the Arcturian Corridor. 

Love the metaphor! 

The only file I could find was a rough draft, and now it have to "rewrite it all” and “edit it again."

Wow, just like life.


  1. Haha Love it.. sychronicity.. art imitating life.. life imitating art. The One reflecting itself back to all the sparkly little pieces of the One hologram. This journey is fun ain't it! That picture graphic is cute :) So much love to you Suzanne/ Suzille xoxo

  2. Wow! I am so glad it is wonderfully evolving! Love and Light to you!
    Debra Edward

  3. Love your humor and perspective. I just got an aha today re the concept of attachment to gain and loss releasing that and discovering what we have always been.