Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Where Is Love?

Greetings From Gaia 5
(with pictures and music)


“Where is love?” 
she asked the sky.

It did not answer. 

The sky had no voice. 

It merely looked back at her 
with its invisible eyes,
but it did surround her.

It did give her vital oxygen and 
protection from the harsh rays of the sun.

It provided for her an atmosphere 
where she could learn and grow.

However, it was silent. 

It simply WAS!

“Where is love?” she asked the ground.
The ground did not have a voice.

It spoke a different language,
the language was of the many.

The squirrels chirped, 

the waters babbled, 

the insects buzzed 
the sky spoke through the earth, 
as it moved the leaves upon earth’s trees.

But still her question was unanswered.
Yes, she walked upon the earth.

Yes, it proved to be a place 
where she could learn and grow.

Was love just being, 
like the plants and animals around her?
No, love was more, she determined.

Learning and growing were often painful.

Where is love?” 
she asked inside—inside herself.

At first there was no voice—only a feeling.

The feeling was agitated, 
 and unstable.

But she continued asking her inner question.

The feeling calmed.

It became more balanced, more stable.

The agitation left and 
the anxiety began to be replaced with…what?

There was a feeling,

a new feeling that she could not describe.

A feeling that had no language.

It was then that she heard the voice. 

The voice was just a whisper at first 
and she could not understand it.
She turned all of her attention inside herself.

She closed her eyes so that 
she could not see the sky or the ground.

She focused her hearing internally 
so that she could not hear the animals,

or the breeze rustling through the trees.

All she heard now was an inner whisper.

The whisper slowly became a voice.

It was a still, small voice, 

but it did have a language,
It was her language.

The voice spoke to her.

”Love is peace,” it said.

“Love is calm 
and time to look into the sky 
and lay upon the land.

Love is the ability to look inside and know your SELF.

“Feel me now—feel my voice.

Feel how my tone is filled with understanding.

Feel how my words are filled with acceptance.

“Now, my one,
my beloved one,

feel how my voice is filled with LOVE.
“Hear my voice of love 
and know that you need not search for love.

Love lives inside
inside the voice
inside your heart.

“We are ONE

One voice

One form

One love

Feel the me that you are inside 

you will always find love.”


  1. This beauty in spanish at Sue´s spanish site:


    With Love, <3

  2. Absolutely beautiful and exactly right. Thank you, Sue, and thank you, Gaia. Your patience with your humans is unbelievably kind. Love. ABC