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Pleiadian Perspectives - The Merging Part 2

The Merging Part 2

Visiting the Mothership

I woke up this morning from a dream in which Mytria and Mytre were talking about Sandy and me going to the Mothership. I instantly woke up Sandy, who tried to push me away. Finally, she opened her eyes and with a somewhat angry voice complained,  “Why did you wake me up? I was dreaming that Mytria and Mytre were going to take us onto the Mothership.”

Sandy saw the expression on my face and said, “Did you have that dream too?”

I nodded my head yes, and we joyfully hugged.

“Well, what do we do to get ready?” asked Sandy. “Do we pack a bag?” she teased.

My only response was, “I don’t know. Maybe we should get up, get dressed, have some breakfast, and meditate?”

“Shouldn’t we just meditate right now? Do you think that our actual physical bodies will go onto the Mothership?”

“I don’t know,” I pondered. “Maybe I was just buying some time to prepare myself. Maybe I still have some doubt.”

“Well, I would have lots of doubt if it was only me that had that dream. However, we both had the dream. How weird is that?” Sandy replied.

“Perhaps we should tell each other our dreams so we can get us back into that moment?” I asked.

“OK, that sounds good, but now I want to get up and dress. Then we can share our dreams over breakfast.”

“Yes,” I said with a smile. “That will buy us some time.”

Sandy laughed as she ran to the bathroom to take a shower. Then I was in the bed alone and began to remember something else about my dream/experience. I no longer knew the difference between dreams and actual messages from my higher self. In fact, I began to doubt the entire dream, even though Sandy had a similar one.

Why would I be invited to be on the Mothership? With that question I realized that my old poor self-esteem had returned. Would I forever be haunted by feelings of insignificance? I was just about to fall into a full “pity party” when Sandy burst out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel and said,

“What if I made this whole thing up? Who am I to be good-enough to be invited on the Mothership?”

Sandy took one look at the expression on my face and said, “Oh you were thinking the same thing, weren’t you?”

We both laughed, as Sandy jumped back in bed. I took off the damp towel and said, “Let’s eat breakfast later.”

We woke up much later, but something was really weird. Our funky bedroom looked much more like a cabin on a ship. OH! Were we on the ship?

I turned to Sandy who in a shocked voice asked, “Did they take us up here naked?”

Just like a woman, I thought. “Babe, I think we are on the Mothership now. Do you really care if you are naked?”

I guess she did care, as her response was, “Hey look over there. Are those uniforms for us to wear?”

Sure enough, just across our small cabin were two uniforms, a bigger and a smaller one.
“But I don’t have any underwear,” said Sandy.

“Just like a woman,” I said as I tasseled her still damp hair. “Hey, your hair is still wet. They must have taken us here as soon as we fell asleep” I said with a half grin on my face.

“Oh,” said Sandy with eyes big as saucers, “Were they watching us?”

“Hmm,” I said as I went to get our uniforms. Of course, they both fit us perfectly. In fact, they seemed to mold onto our bodies.

“Wow,” exclaimed Sandy, “this is really comfortable. Do you think we can take these back with us?”

“Oh sure,” I said. “We can wear them when we go to the bank and the grocery store. Speaking of grocery store, I am pretty hungry. Do you think they eat on the Mothership?”

“Just like a man,” teased Sandy. “Always thinking about eating.”

We then heard a sound like a doorbell, and we both jumped. Sandy rushed over to what looked like a mirror and found what appeared to be a usual form of hairbrush to fix her hair. I just slicked back my own hair with my hands and said, “Is someone there?”

“Yes,” I heard the familiar voice of Mytre. I ran to the door, which had no doorknob and said, “Mytre, is that you? How do I open the door?”

The door opened and Mytre and Mytria stood there together with bright smiles on their faces. I heard Sandy gasp behind me. Then Mytria walked over to her and said, “Good morning dear. Would you like me to show you how to use this hairbrush?”

Sandy could only shake her head yes, while she tried not to look too shocked.

Mytria softly said, “It must be very surprising to wake up on a Starship.”

“Yes,” said Sandy when she finally found her voice.

Mytria spoke to both of us as she said, “We needed to find a time when you were both relaxed and happy to bring you here. So we chose the moment just after you feel asleep. Then your body could remain asleep and slowly adapt to this frequency of reality.”

“But first,” continued Mytre, “We will take you to the mess hall so you can get some food. You can also meet some of our friends who are looking forward to greeting you.”

Sandy instantly went after her hair as Mytre whispered, “Mytria still brushes her hair, even though she could easily manage it with her mind.”

I nodded in agreement. It was just like I was meeting with an old college buddy who I had not seen in ages, but we still knew each other very well. How can that be?

Mytre put his hand on my shoulder and said, “Remember we are ONE person.”

The adventure at the mess hall was quite interesting. Not only did we meet beings of every size, shape and color, but we also saw food from myriad different worlds. As we looked over the very “interesting” food in the cafeteria, Mytre whispered into my ear,

“None of us really need to eat here, as the air within the ship gives us all the nutrients we need. However, we still enjoy the camaraderie of eating and laughing around a table. Therefore, we primarily come here for to visit our friends and have some fun.”

“You have fun on the Mothership?” I asked.

“Of course,” replied Mytre. “No matter what frequency we resonate to, we still enjoy being with friends and family.”

I had to ponder this answer as I pretended to eat some of the “food.” However, there was this purple stuff that tasted quite good and seemed to satisfy my hunger. I could see that Sandy was far too excited to eat, as she was just pushing her food around on the plate.

We had a wonderful time meeting and conversing with beings of so may different planets and cultures. Luckily, just as we began to feel overwhelmed Mytre said, “It is time for our guests to go the holosuite.” Everyone nodded in understanding, as we said goodbye to our new friends and Mytre and Mytria led us out of the mess hall.

This time Mytria spoke,” We are not sure how long your consciousness can remain in this state of consciousness. Therefore, rather than walking to the holosuite, Mytre and I will beam us there.

“Yes, said Mytre, “We will give you a tour on another visit. For now, there is an important message for you from the Arcturian.”

“From the Arcturian,” Sandy and I whispered with eyes like saucers.

We watched as Mytre and Mytria merged into one person, then in a flash of light we were standing before the holosuite. We were expecting to see the vision of the mountains, waterfall and the beautiful valley that Mytre had told us about. In fact, we remembered that vision exactly as if it our own experience.  But Mytria was never in this holosuite, and we thought of Mytria as Sandy’s higher self.

However, if Mytria and Mytre have the same memories, than so would Sandy and me?  Reading my mind, Sandy asked,  “Do you think you and I will merge like Mytre and Mytria?”

I smiled and put my arm around her as we entered the holoprogram. However, we could not see anything as were surrounded by a very a dense fog.

“I think this is the way Mytrian first saw New Earth. Wait, how did I know that?” remarked Sandy.

“Who is Mytrian?” I asked

“It is good that we are both here as you are remembering some things that I cannot remember, and I am remembering things that you cannot remember.” smiled Sandy.

“Yes, we are a great team. I remember Mytrian now, how could I forget. It is our Oversoul and he/she has been visiting our seventh-dimensional Oversoul.”

“No” spoke Mytrian, “We are here with you now.”

“We are here as well,” spoke the Arcturian.

We were so taken by the presence of our Oversoul and the Arcturian that our consciousness almost fell out of our experience. Fortunately, Sandy and I instinctively held hands to ground our energy in this amazing adventure. However it did not seem to be enough, as we were fading in and out of the holoprogram. Fortunately the Arcturian came to us and touched both of us on the Third Eye. Slowly we began to stabilize and settle into the frequency of this experience.

“Now,” said the Arcturian, “You will need to raise your consciousness even more in order to perceive this reality.”

We were not sure what the Arcturian meant, but we did realize that our experience of being in this foggy holosuite was phasing in and out. Mytrian floated across the room and touched our clasped hands, which made our hands fall to our sides so that it could stand between us.

Then Mytrian took each of our hands and joined our three into ONE. Memories from more lives in more places and dimensions than we could begin to conceive came into our minds. We experienced the fear of the Galactic War between the Power Within and Power Over worlds.

We remembered being within the ranks of the Pleiadians, the Antarians, the Sirian and even the power over others Draconians. We experienced ourselves as one androgynous being, as being male, female, humanoid, reptilian, cetacean, arachnoid and insectoids. How could we have been so many different species?

Responding to my thought, Mytrian said, “We have taken many lives over the timeless scope of the NOW. We understand your shock, as we were overwhelmed when we first entered our Oversoul. We were flooded with myriad memories, many more than we will give you within this NOW. You will have to activate your multidimensional mind and integrate it into your third dimensional thinking before you can fully understand what you are experiencing.

“Yes,” said Sandy, “I can tell that we are so confused because we are still attached to our personal expressions on our Earth timeline.”

I was quite surprised to see how easily Sandy understood the situation and realized that I had not given her enough recognition for the vast wisdom that she had shown in our daily life. I had been so into my own experience of channeling Mytre, while she served as my “secretary,” that I had become arrogant and had not actually looked at her.

“That is true, Mytrian again responded to my thoughts. “We have found that many of our male expressions have fallen into the habitual male superiority while in lower dimensional lives.

“We are still not sure how we arrived at the Oversoul, except that we were longing to go  ‘HOME.’ Since we are the Oversoul of your selves, Mytre and Mytria, as well as the Arcturian, our HOME is the seventh-dimensional Oversoul.

“Of course, the Arcturian also resonates to the higher dimensions of the eight through tenth dimensions, as It has ascended beyond the frequency of Oversoul. We, that is our Mytrian SELF, were brought into the experience of individuality when we became representatives for New Earth.”

“Yes, yes,” said Sandy in an excited voice, “I remember how you/we were so confused when New Earth looked just as it does here in this holosuite.”

“I remember too,” I added. “You/we were chasing the infant Gaia who led you/us on a merry chase into the core of the planet.”

“And then you/we met the Lemurians,” added Sandy.

“But then,” spoke Mytrian, “We, Mytrian, became so overcome by the process that we were taken to the Mothership. We were very confused then, as we had no memory of our nature of being a seventh dimensional Oversoul. Now, we have fully regained our connection to our Oversoul SELF and have joined you to assist you in activating your multidimensional mind.”

At that point, the most unusual thing occurred which left Sandy and I standing with open mouths. The Arcturian came to myself, Sandy and Mytrian and merged us all into ONE. Instantly Sandy and I were immensely different. For one thing, Mytre and Mytria joined our consciousness, as well as these amazing beings that felt and looked like flashes of lightning. We instinctively knew that they were the sixth dimensionals.

For all infinity, as well as a second of third-dimensional time, we flowed within a realm of total unity, ultimate wisdom, power within and unconditional love. Inside we heard Mytre/Mytria say, “We knew it was time for your merging, but we had no idea it would be this merging.”

Simultaneously we heard Mytrian say, “NOW you can activate your multidimensional mind.”



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