Monday, February 21, 2011

RETURN Part II - 2-21-11



Suzille: Dear Kepier, I am ready to resume our conversation. You were going to tell me about how we became a “hybrid.”

Kepier: Forgive me if I jump around in your “time.” We of the fifth dimension and beyond think within the images of the NOW. Furthermore, these images are overlaid one upon the other and intertwined, much like a picture of your DNA. However, all the multidimensional frequencies to which these images resonant are collapsed into ONE image, and Flow, much as we spoke of before, as “water” in the Cosmic Sea. Because of these differing manners of perception, we may present a concept before you would be able to understand it. Therefore, please allow the concept of becoming a hybrid to flow into your consciousness as you become ready.

We will begin this conversation with an image to assist you to think multidimensionally, as well. We, that is you and I as ONE Being, are sitting in our room looking at the holo-projector to see an image of our youth. Even though we are not bound by time, we still enjoy moving through the differing stages of life. The difference from your reality is that we remain in a certain stage until we believe that we have gained all necessary lessons of that stage. Hence, we may, for example, have a more expansive experience of one stage of life, and practically skip another stage of life. We can easily determine which stage of development we wish to focus on because we are fully aware of our parallel realities.

In my case, I chose an expanded experience of my childhood because I could perceive that you needed my assistance. In order for you to accept me into your “imagination” I matched by developmental cycle with your own. By doing this, I also learned about “time” in the third dimension. We also met frequently in the fourth dimension, which has a different experience of time. Because our realities were so intertwined, my identification of being a hybrid began. In fact, the fifth dimensional stepping-stone reality of all grounded ones has this identification.

As we sit on our room on the Ship watching our holo-projector, we realize that this holo-projector is much like your DNA in that we can change it with our thoughts. Yes, you can change your DNA with your thoughts, but we will hold that discussion for later. Visualize that you are sitting in our comfortable chair observing the holo-projector. Feel the chair around you. Smell the pleasant aroma of our room and the lightness of our fifth dimensional form. Our form is “light” in density, rather than weight. We have no weight as it is perceived in your world because our form is of Lightbody. Now STEP into the holo-projecter, so that I may show/tell you a story. We Arcturians are very fond of stories.

You see your self on another ship, the Zeta ship where you began to feel great fear. We have taken you to this picture to heal and totally erase this fear. We wish all readers to know that many of your were also taken on board Zeta Ships. We know that because the Zetas chose the children with the most Light, which you readers are, or you would not be attracted to this information. We are not at an unpleasant image, but rather in a pleasant image in which you children are gathered around the learning tree. The Zetas came from your future, about 25,000 years in your time. They were not able to ascend, as they had no emotions with which to expand their consciousness.

They did, however, know about the mechanisms of ascension. They gathered children around this tree to learn about the mechanisms of ascension, so that they could move forward into your time and perceive how you intermingled these mechanics of ascension with your great power of emotion. The Zetas can easily time travel, as it requires mind and not heart. Traveling through parallel realities, on the other hand, requires heart.

In order, to navigate into a parallel reality you must FEEL the emotional/frequency signature of that reality. We ask you to take a moment and remember the mechanics, the mental component, of ascension. You will remember this, by being in the experience of hearing the discussion around the Learning Tree. Thus, we ask the readers to follow these images, as it will serve to assist them to remember their experiences.

Feel yourself sitting on the lawn and looking at the tree. You know that you are on a ship, but you enjoy this area because it reminds you of your home. The tree appears to you as an alive being that projects pictures directly into your mind. These pictures are of how your thoughts arrange the particles of your body in differing patterns. When the tree shows you a happy picture, you see how your thoughts respond by creating symmetrical patterns that easily flow into each other. Then when you are shown unhappy pictures, you see how your thoughts align the particles of your body into chaotic patterns that are confusing and separate from other patterns.

They showed you these pictures to see how your emotional reactions influenced the patterns of your particles. When you were happy and the particles of your form were in alignment, your frequency raised and your consciousness expanded. Some of you actually rose above the ground and expanded your aura beyond the confines of that room. On the other hand, when you were unhappy, your form became denser and your posture hunched over into a protective posture. This was very interesting to the Zetas, as they had cloned out their emotions, which they came to realize was a mistake.

I now bring you out of that image and back into the image of sitting on a chair on the Arcturian Starship. As you sit here, visualize your form as being hybrid in that you have the height of human, thin body, longer arms, four digit long fingers, and physical face of human, but with much larger eyes. As you settle into this image, feel the Collective Consciousness of the Ship. Do you feel the unconditional love and unity consciousness of pure joy? Yes, we are so joyful that our grounded ones have been victorious in their awakening and ascension process. We KNOW that there are NOW enough of you to ascend the planet, which makes us rejoice!

As you continue to attune you consciousness to the Collective Consciousness of Athena, our Starship, fall into the experience of our reality that is FREE of fear and resonates ONLY to unconditional love. It may take a moment of our grounded ones’ “time” to believe that a reality can actually be FREE of fear and centered on unconditional love.

Therefore, be patient with yourself as you attempt to remember a long forgotten experience—the experience of living in complete support and total love. Think of a time in your life when you came the closest to that experience. We realize that you may have to search your memory.

Do you see how your consciousness expands with that memory? Additionally, that memory may well be of a time when your consciousness is expanded. Whichever situation is the case, notice how your expanded consciousness intertwines with the experience of freedom, love and unity. As we close our message, we challenge you search for those feelings in your daily life and place your attention THERE! In turn, detach you attention from fear, judgment and anything that threatens to lower your consciousness. We invite all the readers to ask their own stepping-stone SELF to connect with them.

For every 1 of you that Awakens and shares your experience with only one person, there are at least 2 that can Awaken. If these 2 people share with just one person, then 4 more can Awaken, which leads to 8, 16, 32, 64, 128 etc. etc. Furthermore, many of you will influence many more than 2 people, so the exponential numbers will expand even faster. It is with the power of this unity that YOU will create planetary ascension.


  1. I am loving your story Suzille../ Keiper.....Love it...thank you for sharing this as it makes me soo excited about my life and all of our people on the planet and the universe...Blessings........Lillie

  2. Interesting, for some reason as I was reading I nearly teared up thinking that our AFTER LIFE will never be the same-BETTER, by far, ascension or not. I got the feeling that when we as humans have crossed over before now we were lied to often times by seeming angels or "guides," but they were not- a "fake," after life if you will. I feel now a relief, as though all who cross over now will not be bullied, ascended or not. Amazing what comes up.

    I do feel I was taken as a child. At around 5 I remember the most beautiful feelings of home and also a nightmare so bad I cannot let myself remember. I will ask the Arcturians for assistance, as I always do for many things! So thank you very much for this!!