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Dear Blog,

It appears that much of the time from August of 1996 until January of 1997 was spent on publishing my first book, Visions from Venus. I have not included those few messages, as they were mostly encouragement for my wounded ego. However, it was interesting to read them, as I am finally writing this book, the third book in that trilogy. Even with all the encouragement from Kepier, I was very frightened to reveal my SELF. I think I was just as afraid to reveal my SELF to me, as to others.

I don’t remember why our serious discussion took up again in January of 2007. In fact, as I look back at these messages I wonder how I could have forgotten any of them. Had I become so embroiled in survival that I had forgotten to live? I remember that the decade of the 90’s was one of difficult and life changing events. I write about my process of forgetting, or repressing, my multidimensional experiences to let you know that forgetting is more common than remembering. I, also, write my experiences to prod your memory to come forth with some of its secrets. One thing is for sure; the Truth will not come forward until we are ready to deal with it.

At that time, I was not prepared to deal with parallel realities in higher dimensions. Therefore, I wrote these experiences down and basically told no one. I was pretty sure I was a crazy, but I found such comfort from these messages that I wrote them down, typed them in the computer and placed them in easy to find files. Once that was done, I pretty much forgot about them. The present was ready and waiting for me until I was “mature” enough (in my Soul) to accept it. At that time, I wrote the below poem:


The small child very much wanted the

brightly wrapped present.

But somehow she felt she didn't deserve it.

Each time it was given to her

she retreated in shyness and lowered her eyes.

How could that lovely prize be hers?

How could she accept it?

“Just take it,” spoke a kindly voice.

“There are others who know more than you.

Even though you cannot see

all that has brought this to you point,

know that this gift is yours.”

The child did not understand.

But she trusted the kindly voice and

timidly reached for her prize.

But, as she touched it,

it disappeared.

“Where has it gone?”

cried the child.

“Why, it is yours now,”

said the voice.

“It is no longer something

that you must reach for.

It is something now,

which you must own.”



I wish to take you to your alternate realty in which you are a part of a beautiful and communicative community of like-minded thinkers and compassionate friends. In this reality, everyone is in constant and conscious communication with their parallel realities in the fourth and fifth dimensions. There is no competition because each person knows that they specialize in their portion of a puzzle that everyone in the community is working together to put together into one complete and stable reality. This community is not bound by time and space.

In preparation for this reality, Internet has allowed people from all over the world to communicate in one instant. You are being trained to communicate deeply with people that you cannot see and do not know of this reality. Through assisting people all over your planet it will become easier and easier for you to expand into planetary consciousness. Feel now all the like-minded grounded ones upon your planet.

Now, step into my perception so that you can see the Earth as a globe that is broadcast on our view screen. Feel yourself as me, as I take you to your/our room on board the Starship. This room is much like the rooms on Star Trek, The Next Generation. I/we are sitting on our favorite chair with the ottoman in front of me. The chair is, of course, violet in color, and the material is unknown in your reality. The chair and ottoman completely mold to my body and are attuned to my thoughts. Therefore, they are as hard or as soft as I desire.

From this chair I can control everything in my room via my thoughts. It is what you may call my “computer chair,” as it allows me to activate and use my computer with my thoughts. Therefore, when I meditate, such as you are doing now, I can interact with all my fifth dimensional environment realities. The process that you are now using of typing while you meditate is much like my use of this chair.

See our room. It is very pliable and can shape itself according to my desires. Right now, as I describe it to you, and as you see it in your minds eye, it is very large and has windows all along one side. This room is like a holodeck in that I can create whatever environment I wish. Sometimes I desire to have a Venusian environment, sometimes Arcturian and sometimes Earth or other planets for which I have a heart space.

As you look through the windows, you see a view of outer space. I also choose to have a vision of Earth and Her Moon in my window to keep my consciousness aligned with Gaia. Behind me I have created a huge redwood tree, a lovely path into the forest and a small, rippling brook. There are birds, a dog and many other creatures that are real on their own right, but only visit me when I choose this environment.

My room is modern in that it is simple with a table to the left and a desk to my right. In between is a row of couches along the window with a low table in front of them. There are many flowering plants. One of my favorite holo-programs is that of a greenhouse. I constantly return my plants to the greenhouse program to be regenerated so all of the plants in the room are healthy and flowering.

Now see Earth before us. See the many dots of light around the planet. These dots of light are the beings, human and non-human, who are in conscious contact with their higher vibrational selves. All of you are connected with each other in a beautiful web of light. Now, see how the fourth dimension is superimposed upon this picture creating a foggy overlay that all of you can visit in person. Also see the fifth dimensional overlay in which you have many parallel realities. You choose to connect each, or all, of the specs of light and/or your different dimensional realities by directing your thought and emotions towards that intention.

(After sleeping on that experience, I returned the next day for more.)



Dear Suzille,

I hear that you wish to continue to your vision of the light network of Earth. See the Earth before you with all of the beacons of light glimmering in the distance. Each of these specs of light is interconnected to all the other specs, and each line of connection ignites yet more specs of light. Just as I have created my hologram program to the specifications of your room, calibrate your hologram program to the specifications of mine. Imagine a reality in which you are the observer, Kepier, the observed, Suzille, and the process of observation.

Within this triad is the whole, just as the whole is within each and every other spec of light in this picture. Feel how your consciousness, Soul, essence, signature frequency (or whatever term by which you wish to identify yourself) has a slightly different perception of this hologram than the other “specs of light.” You are one of the many “Eyes of God,” as is everyone else. Each consciousness/light has a slightly differently view of the same reality. Together, each of these perspectives forms an orchestra that plays in harmony to create a beautiful melody.

It is your break now and each player within this orchestra is meeting in the fourth dimension to discuss their performance. From this fourth dimensional perspective, you are aware that the performance continues beyond time and space. However, you can also simultaneously observe your performance as being finished. Feel the camaraderie of your fellow musicians. Each of you is acknowledging the other’s part in the total symphony of life. Each of you is experimenting with a certain instrument while also performing upon the third dimensions space-time continuum.

Isn’t it wonderful to be free of all competition and caparison? Isn’t wonderful to be a component of a group consciousness while maintaining your own individual line both down into the lower dimensions and up into the higher dimensions? Take a moment now and follow that line into the fifth dimensional world of myself. See how we are continuous from the third dimension into the fourth and through the fourth into the fifth. Be aware that you have many other lines of reality, but because you are beginning with your conscious memory of these lines you are focusing on them one at a time.

These many lines of individual evolution are, in fact, only portions of the sum/total of all the lines of your Earth grounded experiences. However, it is recommended that you learn to fully understand one line of evolution before you attempt to perceive your sum/total. As you learn to move your conscious awareness into any one line of evolution you will find that it is actually a hologram. Therefore, through any one portion of your holographic reality, you can perceive all of your Earthly evolutions. When even one of you remembers your multidimensional nature, that memory is passed on to all of you.

Keep connected to me today. We are ONE.


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