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It has been a week since I had that incredible meditation, but I have not had much contact with either Kepier or the Ascension Energy. I did write in my journey to ask if I should first get the information from Kepier before as a pre-requisite to receiving the ascension information and the answer was a yes. When the ascension/unity enrgy came in, I recognized it as the feel of Jesus to whom I spent my childhood and adolescence talking to. When I was a child this energy “played” with me and showed me many places and experiences, which I now know as my parallel realities.

Then, when I was a deeply depressed teenager, and wished I were dead, I would lie on my back on my bed and look up to the ceiling and talk to Jesus. I knew that I could not lie to him, so I had to tell the truth. The good thing was that I heard that truth, as well. I personified this great energy into the Being of Jesus, as that is the only explanation that made sense, other than the possibility that I was “crazy.” I now know that this energy was the force of ascension/unity. I say this about the energy, as I don’t want to appear religious, especially any particular religion. I have studied and respect all religions. I see how the Avatar that created the movement for every religion was wildly misquoted after he/she left the physical plane.

I think that all the Avatars have grounded this ascension/unity energy on Earth, but it is not until NOW that we can begin to use this energy. I call it “ascension/unity” because we, the members of Gaia, will need to unite in order to ascend the planet. I was reticent to say the name Jesus, as I did not want to look as if this ascension process does not include the entire world and every manner of belief and communication with the higher dimensions. With the above explanation, from here on I will use the term “ascension/unity energy.”

With that introduction, I will begin my communication with Kepier, my fifth dimensional stepping-stone “parallel reality.” Kepier’s reality is a parallel reality because it is occurring within the NOW and HERE of the ONE. Therefore, that expression of my Multidimensional SELF is running concurrently with my expression of Suzanne Lie on Earth. This issue of “it all is happening HERE and NOW” can only be understood from our Multidimensional Operating System. Thus, release you attachment to linear and time-bound thinking, so that you can better allow the concept of parallel worlds interacting within a vast Cosmic Sea of many frequencies.

If any of you have swam in the ocean, or any body of water, you know that while you are swimming you will go through patches of water that are much colder or warmer. You cannot not see why the temperatures are different, but you can feel the different temperatures with your body. It is this same way with the Cosmic Sea. As your consciousness/Lightbody Flows through the Cosmic Sea, different parallel realities intermingle, overlap and co-exist. You cannot see these different realities, but you can FEEL them, just as you can feel the different temperatures of water.

Hence, once we consciously swim this Cosmic Sea, which we often do “unconsciously” while we sleep, we may move through several different parallel realities within one experience of “swimming.” In consideration of the reader I will try to stay to one reality at a time. However, since I have no idea what Kepier will say, I cannot guarantee that you will not be confused. This is why I asked you to activate your Multidimensional Thinking. How do your do that? You just “let go” of your brain and “fall into” your consciousness!


Suzille: Dearest Kepier, I am ready to begin my communications with you. You said that you would tell me all that you know, and I am ready to listen with my opened heart and mind.

Kepier: Dear grounded one, I will begin by telling you a bit about myself and how I became to be known as a “hybrid.” When I say, “How I became,” which is my past, I am talking about your future. Hence, please release any thinking in time and perceive all reality as NOW. In the manner, I (your Future Self) and you (my Past Self) can become our ONE SELF NOW.

We will begin our timeless story where we left off with our meetings when you where a child. You know your story from that point, but you do not know mine. I have lived on a Starship my entire incarnation, which is not uncommon for Arcturians. We, as a society, have graduated from an earth-bound existence from before your measurement of time. We hold many expressions of reality within the Now, which I know can be confusing to our grounded ones. In fact, many Arcturians have expressions of SELF on planet Earth in your “time” era because Gaia is on the verge of ascension. We Arcturians specialize in assisting ascending ones, no matter what pre-ascension form they may have. In other words, we will assist whether it is a person, a species, a planet, solar system or quadrant of space.

Just as you and I are parallel realities, every grounded one on Earth has the parallel reality in which they are Gaia, the great Being the planet Earth. Yes, all grounded ones are the planet. Once a planet comes to the point of evolution in which the critical mass of Beings of that world realize that they are actually the planet, the planet is able to ascent. In other words, unity with the planet precedes ascension of the planet. The non-individuated beings of the planet, such as much of the elements of earth, air, fire, and water, as well as much of the flora, fauna have always perceived their expression of self to be ONE with the planet.

Yes, the elements, the plants and the animal all have perceptions, but they are so unlike your human perceptions that you cannot imagine their form of consciousness. As you all return to your true unity consciousness, you will understand what I am saying. In fact, please relax into the fact that you may not understand much of what I am saying. Just take it in and store in your Heart/Mind to be understood when you are ready. Your Heart/Mind is a term we use for consciousness.

I/we see that you must end our conversation now, but first I will lay down some ground rules. When I use the term “I,” I will do so for your sake to differentiate our Kepier expression from our Earth expression. However, we Arcturians no longer use personal pronouns, as we are ONE with each other and with all life. Therefore, when we speak generally, as we are doing now, we will return to the pronoun of we. We understand that the translation of Light Language into the linear language of our grounded ones can be quite confusing. However, we will maintain many of our expressions of Unity Consciousness by using the term “we” to acclimate you to living within the ONE

We, Kepier, look forward to our next communication. However, “next” is a time-bound term. To our experience, we are always within eternal communication and are joyous that you have “logged in” to that experience. We also wish to send our deepest blessing to all those who may read this communication. We want you to know that you are ALL of the same Heart/Mind, and we see every ONE of your Lightbodies brilliantly glowing and flowing through the Cosmic Sea.

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  1. Hi Suzzane

    I follow you the last 3 months.
    By ''accident'' I found your blog at the begining.
    Now I am looking forword to see the next post....!

    I dont know if this is proper but I feel the need to write to you .

    I feel my body the last days vibrating ! !

    Like i am in love!!!!
    too strong!!
    but higher stage of know?

    At the same time I feel that I have to let free this energy in my body..
    Not to block it..
    I can not use the right words to describe this sence....

    When I thing something that is not ''big enough'' for me my stomack and my troat squeeze..! ! ! !

    I dont know if I am full in me 100 per sent or I am in the sky....

    I feel grouned at the same time..

    Or I feel like I have fever and I dont have...

    I wanted to share those feelings with you...

    Thank you very much