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Dear Blog,

I had a dream this morning in which I had an abusive father and I had finally realized how he could no longer be tolerated. I had gone to a play with him and my brother, who had become completely shut down from the abuse of our father and I had to lead him around. My father did one simple thing that was the “last straw.” I realized that I had only been staying to help my brother, but in that moment I understood that he would not wake up from his mental prison. I had to leave. I excused myself to go to the bathroom, and woke up planning my escape.

I did not have an abusive father, but my brother is pretty shut down. I see this dream as a metaphor. The father represented the dominating systems of the third dimension, and the brother represented those who are asleep and may not awaken. The new energy that is sweeping through our world causing those who are oppressed to demand freedom is causing those who have found their freedom to be transformed. It is time for us to “make our escape” from the demands of a reality that was always a choice to experience.

In the dream, I realized that I had only stayed in that abusive environment to care for my brother. But, in that one moment I realized that the only way I could really help him would be to move on to my better life. Then I would have the power to come back and get him. That is what those who have found their freedom in the light need to do. We need to release our bondage to the old system, so that we can better embrace the new one.

As I pondered the dream after awoke, I remember (or created) that I had been preparing my escape from my old life and transition into my new life for a very long time. Therefore, everything was ready, and all I had to “do” was to take that first step towards my new life. In reality, this process is not about leaving a person, but about leaving the constrictive, and even abusive, confines, lies, manipulations and restriction of an old system of reality. This old system is ending, and it is up to us to create, and simultaneously accept, the new system that was always there—just beyond our perception.

What if we all woke up and realized that this reality isn’t real, and that there is a much better reality based on love and peace rather than fear and war? What if we directed NOT to participate in the old experience and to create a higher frequencies experience based on unconditional love? What is we no longer choose to believe that fear was a part of our reality?



I, Kepier, your expression of SELF on a parallel reality, am able to assist you from my vibration of the fifth dimension. First, however, allow me to explain the difference between “realities” and “dimensions”. Each reality of the many parallel realities has a vertical flow, which streams through all the dimensions. Each dimension also has a horizontal flow, which is specific to the frequency of that reality. Upon the third dimension, each of these parallel realities appear to be totally separate, as one of the main laws of the third dimension is the law of separation.

The law of separation was instated upon the conception of the third dimension to separate consciousness into small, single units. This reality was created because consciousness wished to slow itself down and to itemize itself into individual units for the purpose of training through experience. Therefore, one experience at a time was set up so that Consciousness could experience itself in an individualized, polarized, sequential fashion.

In your fifth dimensional reality, you are able to connect any of your parallel realities that you desire to experience. On the sixth dimension, you are able to simultaneously be aware of and consciously live multiple realities in many dimensions, galaxies, planets and “third dimensional times.” I know that this is a difficult concept for your physical brain, but think of it as multi-tasking. For example, imagine that you are doing dishes, eating an apple, talking on the phone, and talking to someone next to you while you look out the window, observing someone walking down the street. Now think of each of these “tasks” as a different reality, and you are living them all at once.

Also, one can experience dimensions in a lower vibration, but can only observe higher dimensions if they raise their consciousness to that frequency. Therefore, you can easily see the second and first dimension, but you have to raise your consciousness to perceive the fourth and fifth dimensions. Your process of ascension begins by raising your consciousness into the parallel realities of the higher dimension to accustom you to that frequency of reality.

When I say I am your expression of SELF on a parallel reality, I mean that I am living a life on a different page than you, but it in the same book. If you were to compare the book to the space-time continuum, you would say that the first pages are the past. Therefore, you feel as though you are remembering the pages you have read and you are creating the pages you have not yet read.

However, YOU are the creator of the entire book. This book is beyond the limits of space and time, and you are writing this book you with your every thought. With every thought and emotion you write and re-write the book of your myriad expressions of SELF. When you edit one expression of SELF, you change all the expressions of your SELF, for they are all ONE.

As another example, think of your “Book of Life” as having clear pages with images rather than words. These pages are overlays, much as you have seen on your anatomy books. From a horizontal viewpoint you only see one page, which would be only one of your myriad realities. On the other hand, from a vertical perspective you see all of your parallel realities existing within NOW. From this viewpoint you can see how all the “pages” interact and intermingle to create ONE book.

If you were to look down through the pages, you would have the perspective of your higher expressions of SELF looking into the lower frequencies of expression of your SELF. If you looked up into the book, you would have the experience of your third dimensional self looking up into your higher dimensional expressions of your SELF. However, since time and space is an illusion of the third dimension, the above terms of down and up are only used to clarify your image. In reality, all realities are functioning within the NOW of the ONE, and you perceive each parallel reality by adjusting your consciousness to a specific frequency.

In other words, when you change from one reality to another,

you are actually changing your consciousness!

(I conclude Kepier’s messages with another visit to the Starship.)



I am aboard the space craft Athena. I am Arcturian hybrid. I have returned to many of my Arcturian features, but I have also maintained some of my human characteristics to better maintain the timeline of our, yours and mine, consciousness. This is why I am called a hybrid. It is important at this time to keep in continuous contact as of my life as Sue Lie so that I/she can guide others in the same process. Therefore, I maintain many other human expressions of my SELF to continue this connection with my grounded ones and with Gaia.

Because of my many human expressions, I am known as a “hybrid.” However, I also have many dimensional expressions as an Arcturian, one expression on fifth dimensional Earth, as well as myriad other parallel realities. From sixth dimensional Arcturus I can easily be on the Starship, on fifth dimensional Earth, on our ascended planets and within the higher dimensions of the ONE.

When I chose to take the hybrid form of Kepier, my hands are Arcturian with four digits and long slim fingers, but my face looks human. However, my “hair” is actually made of many strands of light that arise from my “bald” scalp. I am the height of a human but the slim shape of an Arcturian. I have all the memories of my life as Suzille, as well as all the memories of my life as Kepier. The higher I choose to resonate my consciousness, the more of myriad realities I can perceive and experience within the NOW. I notice that as I write that it is difficult to talk about two realities at once while using the English language. Sequential language does not have within its structure the ability to speak of living multiple, dimensional realities in the same time frame.

I want you to know that I am speaking to you from the core of your being to remind you that you and I have always been ONE. I perceive that many new mind maps will need to be laid for you so that you, the third dimensional component of our SELF, can function on the physical world while the rest of your consciousness is working on the higher dimensions. Gradually, you shall become more and more aware of our life here aboard the starship Athena. Allow all my information to flow into your physical brain at its own rate. Do not try to force or inhibit the process.

Feel how your ego has been wounded through your third dimensional lives. That fear stuck to you through many incarnations, causing you to be cruel in one life, selfish in another life and shy, timid or aloof in other lives. Through our communications your wounded ego has been greatly healed. Therefore, see your ego as a friend. It is no longer an enemy or some thing that must be overcome.

Think of the ego as the Captain of your third dimensional vessel, and you are the Admiral. As the Admiral you have the authority to command the Captain, but you still trust your Captain and know that she can do her job well. As the Admiral you have many portions of your command with who you are in constant contact. Fortunately, you remember that the secret to being a good Admiral is to delegate. If you do not delegate the different responsibilities of life, you could not be an effective leader.

Commend your ego for all the good work that she has done in managing many VERY difficult situations. Tell her that you realize that her assignment has been difficult and that you are proud of how she has handled her mission. Finally, tell her that the entire chain of command is stepping up in rank. In preparation for this new format of reality, she will be given a new communication system. With this new system your ego will be able to be in constant contact with your parallel realities, as well as you/me, while she continues all her current responsibilities. This advanced communication will allow her to always KNOW that she is no longer alone, for she is NOW a member of the ONE.

Your SELF,




I don’t know if I fulfilled that assignment, as I forgot most of these past messages. However, I have found them very validating for that which I thought I was receiving in the present, but had actually began receiving in the early 1990’s. At that time it was far too soon to share this information. I guess that is why I forgot it. I am sure that all of us have had that experience to some extent. I hope that sharing this information with you will assist you to remember some of your forgotten some of your communications from the higher dimensions.

This entry concludes Part I of The Return. I will put it into a pdf file and post it with my free download books. I will return soon with Part II.

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