Wednesday, February 2, 2011




Dear Blog,

Wow, the world is waking up at the speed of light. Freedom is the cry all over the world. Most important, this cry for Freedom is not based on fear and war, but on LOVE and PEACE! I think that now all the messages that we have received and forgotten are returning to our minds, or at least our actions, because the frequency of our consciousness is so much higher. Everywhere I read, the consensus is that the Dark Forces are on the run.

We know as Light Workers how the incoming light flushes up our own darkness, fear and poor behavior. And, we are loving “Service to Others” people. Can you image the darkness, fear and poor behavior that is coming up when the Dark Ones get the blast of Cosmic Light? I think that is why they are loosing their edge. They are off their game, and most of all, we the people are DONE with all the lies.

Also, the Galactics have returned to help. At first I thought, it is our mess, we should clean it up alone. Then, I came to realize that WE are Galactics in different timeline/parallel realities. At the very least, the Galactics are our ancestors, who also had their experience of incarnation on Gaia. They made many of the same mistakes that we have. Therefore, it is there duty, and their honor, to assist us, or at least assist Gaia as she was their “Mother Earth” long, long ago. As we are awakening, we are discovering more and more how we, too, are Galactics in a human costume.

I put the below messages up in the order that I received them to better share the process I went through with my fifth dimensional stepping-stone life, which I had totally forgotten. As you remember, the 1990’s were all about work, work, work, and I totally bought that farm. I am happy to remember now how the Galactics brought me enlightenment in the midst of my trudge through a very difficult decade for me.

I have never presented this information before as, before I could go forwards in my Mission, I had to go backwards to remember how I got to where I was. In the midst of that process, which was writing my website, several other books, finishing up my child rearing and releasing a job I hated to keep the one I loved with far less than half the income.

Most important, I needed to go “back in time” to create the “future” that was based on my SELF. But first, I had to find my SELF. Interestingly enough, when I went into my past to create a better future, I learned to live in the NOW of my Multidimensional SELF (at least, much of the “time”). My inner life had always been a place to hide. Before I could go forward I had to find the wounded me from the past and heal it. And, as every healer knows, if you want to heal yourself, heal others!



Dear Suzille,

I, Kepier, have a message for you. I have come into your meditation to congratulate you for day six of holding the Violet Light within your inner attention. You are developing your Arcturian inner eyes by this process. Do not be dismayed about your service. Please allow your inner vision to see me as I truly am. See that I am an Arcturian.

I am tall for an Arcturian, four feet, and I have four digits on my hands. My forehead is wide and my chin is pointed. My eyes are large and dark, and their color changes based on the atmosphere around me as well as the viewpoint of the one perceiving them. My eyes often turn into a dark purple, when I am using my inner eyes or my 360-degree vision. There is a tinge of gold radiance when I am telepathically communicating such as I am now.

Look into my eyes now Suzille and see yourself. You have come to this ship every evening of your six day violet light dedication. (I forgot that part too.) Last night you learned about the intense radiation on your planet and how the Men in Black and the other Service to Self ET’s have actually sprayed it at people who try to distribute a truth that they do not want released.

There are many diseases that are a direct result of this conscious and deliberate release of radiation by the dark forces. However, once your energy is fully enveloped in the Violet Light, you are vibrating above the effects of their campaign. Continue with your process. Do you see how important it is?

Suzille, know that I am you, and you are us. We are indeed upon the Athena Starship, and you/we are a councilor there. We have learned to consciously raise our vibration to the eighth dimension and can consistently vibrate to that resonance. We cal also meditate to become ONE with IlliaEm, our Elohim SELF in the tenth through twelfth frequencies of expression. We can also lower our frequency to the fifth dimension to better interact with humanity.

Remember who we are so that you do not judge your clay form. This form is greatly needed to ground our mission. You have been experiencing a feeling of urgency. Know that you can feel that urgency without stress. REMEMBER THAT TIME IS AN ILLUSION OF THE THIRD DIMENSION. Once you have fully raised your vibration to the fifth dimension and completely reunited with me/us you will be above the limitations of time. Once you have completely reunited with us, you will vibrate to Oness consciousness. Then, many group endeavors will naturally come into your sphere.

Merge your consciousness with me now so that I can take you on a journey through our Starship. Feel us walking around the ship and communicating with the many species that are now aboard it. Allow yourself to remember how you visited us/me each evening. See before you the transport elevator, which allows you to travel from one area to another.

(I think I remember that time. I was on a vacation I the mountains with my kids, my best friend and her son. I was so ill that I could hardly keep my eyes open. On the way to the vacation I had such a strong sensation of shaking, which I now know means that I am integrating a higher light into my body, that I had to pull over and let my friend drive. I then had chills and hot flashes. One night, like this night, I remembered a dream of being in a very unusual car. When I journaled to ask about the dream, I got this response.

This experience is an example of how our unconscious mind will keep from us that which our ego self is unable to integrate into daily life. I remember that when I was sleeping, which was more like hallucinating, I kept having images of doors slamming closed, steal gates slamming shut and windows closing. I remember at the time that one of my clients was on a “suicide watch,” and while I was away on this trip I was also call doctors, hospital etc. to get her some help.

This was no coincidence, as I had many suicidal thoughts when I was young. Since I was downloading a huge amount of higher frequency light, my own darkness of deep depression was being revealed. It was through my finding help for that “other” person that I was actually accepting help for myself from Kepier and the Arcturians.)

Release the old ego that says, “I am not good enough. I must be imagining this. I could not be this great being that of whom Kepier speaks.” Love that ego as you would love a small, insecure child. Your ego is the grounding force of your mission. Do not release it from your sphere. Instead, remember your ego is being redefined. It is vastly needed and greatly appreciated. See the ego as the hook on the long line of vibratory selves that we are. Your ego/self is the “hook” to grounds our Purpose into the body of Gaia.



  1. This is great Sue.. and timely as I've been really trying to understand the stressful feelings that come from the recent sense of urgency... it all seems so amplified at the moment but I knew there was a lesson being taught and that I had to be able to deal with it in a different way... otherwise I wouldn't survive. Good old Arcturians come to the rescue :-) lots of lovely light,

  2. Dear Jacqui,
    Thank you for your comment. I hadn't heard from anyone for a while, so i appreciate the message.

  3. Sue, I know why you say "Dear Blog", but it's annoying at the same time, because now you know you're not alone anymore. I'm not your blog, lol. We're really, really reading this.