Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The RETURN 2-27-11


Dear Kepier

Suzille: I had an image this morning of your taking me on a tour of the Ship. Was that a dream or my desire?

Kepier: It was your desire to visit a parallel reality of the life you are living. You have pleasure in this parallel life, yet you also enjoy the life you are living. This situation is by design so that our grounded ones will stretch their consciousness to embrace their multidimensional consciousness of living two realities simultaneously. If you only love your reality here in the fifth dimension you would shift into this reality and leave behind your ascension life on Earth. On the other hand, if you only loved the reality of your grounded self, you would not be as motivated to ascend. As you know, the process of ascension is very exciting, yet extremely challenging for your physical form.

Your consciousness is expanding daily and resonating to higher and higher frequencies. Your physical earth vessel is attempting to keep up the pace of your consciousness, but in order to do so you need a lot of sleep. Yet, even with more and more sleep you are still tired most of the time. The only time you “forget” your fatigue is when you are engaged in a higher consciousness, creative endeavor. It is then that your body is doing exactly what your consciousness desires. The ongoing discrepancy between body and mind is the same for ALL awakening ones.

One thing that allows your consciousness to slow down is to give it an unfamiliar task, such as being in two realities. Just as your computer slows down when you have too many projects open, your consciousness slows down when it has to inhabit two realities at once. Eventually, you will become accustomed to this task, and living in two realities will actually accelerate your consciousness, as well as your transformation into Lightbody.

You, and ALL awakening ones, are undergoing a collective shift in consciousness, which has been greatly accelerated by the wave of Unity Consciousness that is sweeping your dimension. In reality, this wave of unity is sweeping through all realities in our Local Universe. Because of this, not only is it easier for you to connect with each other, it is also easier for you to connect with your parallel realities and the higher expressions of your Multidimensional SELF.

We, the vast armada of Starships that have been protecting and guiding our descendents and family in physical form, are also more unified with each other and with our grounded ones than every before. Soon, your reality will resonate to a high enough frequency that we can easily walk among you, and you can walk among us. Actually, in your vision, you were seeing beyond time to this wondrous event. Allow me to relay that vision to you, as well to all those who desire to visit our Ship. I will speak to you in present tense, as we only resonate to the NOW.

“Hello, our dear grounded one. We are so pleased to have you visit our Arcturian Starship Athena. We see that you have had a long and arduous return to your true SELF. Hence, we offer you the opportunity to rest in our Restoration Chamber. Ones who have come from the lower densities can easily regain their balance there. This center is much like a Hyperbaric Chamber that deep-sea divers enter if they have come to the surface to quickly. In your case, the Chamber allows you to adapt to the many changes in your body and in your environment.

“Your visit this time in is your consciousness, yet a sudden shift in your consciousness can also be very jarring to your psyche. It is because of the many sudden changes in your reality that we offer you a visit to our Restoration Chamber. Please follow us, and we will guide you. If you have any questions as we walk down the long hallway, please feel free to ask us.

“You will notice that the walls of hall are receptive to your thoughts and desires. If you need a sense of security, the walls appear to be of solid metal. On the other hand, if you are curious, the walls will become translucent, and you can see the world outside of our Ship. We see that you would like to take a moment to enjoy that view. It may be a it confusing to you, as the fifth dimensional “outer space” has all the beauty of the pictures you have seen of your space, yet it is also multidimensional.

“By that statement we mean that this space has easily perceptible layers and layers of realities. These layers are like pages in a book. However, instead of moving the pages with you hand, you choose to calibrate your consciousness to perceive the frequency of space that you desire to experience. Take a moment to explore focusing your intention on different layers so that you have the experience of many realities within ONE…

“Well done, dear grounded one. But, perhaps, we should show you the Restoration Chamber now, as you may feel too overwhelmed to move through layers of multidimensional space. We are so happy to entertain our grounded ones that we may be offering more than you can integrate into your consciousness. Hence, we continue our journey through the hallway to the Chamber.

“Because your memory of your fifth dimensional reality may be a bit rusty, we are taking you through the hallways in a sequential manner. As you adapt to the Ship, you will merely direct your intention to a given area, and you will instantly be there. Yes, here we are at the Portal to the Chamber. We do not have doors that open and close here. Our entire Ship is organic and can sense our every need. Therefore, when we wish to enter a certain area of the Ship, a Portal opens before us.

“Furthermore, the areas of our ship are as multilayered as the fifth dimensional space, in that there are many layers (floors) that all exist within the same time/space. Yet, each “floor” is receptive to the frequency of your consciousness. Take a moment now to breathe slowly and allow your consciousness to rise into the higher frequencies. Do not be concerned if you feel that is an impossible task, as raising your consciousness is the chore of the Restoration Chamber.

“Relax into the unity and unconditional love of our Ship to allow our Collective Consciousness to assist you in accelerating your resonance. As you connect with the consciousness of the Ship, you see the Portal opening. We join you as you enter the Chamber, which has replicated a place that is near to your heart. You did not need to ask for this environment, as the Ship read your strongest desire in your thoughts, heart and aura.

“Before you is a chair, and as you sit down it completely conforms to your body. The room instantly adapts to the amount of light you desire, as well as your most beloved sounds. We leave you now, so that you may bask in love and light. Once you are restored to your fifth dimensional expression of SELF, the Portal will open. We wait for you just outside this Chamber. Enjoy your experience!”

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