Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Remembering our TRUE Galactic SELF--through Suzanne Lie

January 8, 2019

Remembering our TRUE Galactic SELF  
The Arcturians and Pleiadians through Suzanne Lie

We are changing deep inside of ourselves and at the same time, we are becoming the ME that we always were but thought we were “making it up” or imagining” it. However, what we had thought of as our “imagination,” was really a deep doubt about the SELF that we were also experiencing when our consciousness expanded to fifth dimensional brainwaves.

However, our first experiences were often when we were young children and our “imagination” always told us about other worlds. In fact, for many years we wore our “third dimensional human container.” However, we did not resonate to the NO TIME of the fifth dimension, so we still thought we were “just human.”

Often we felt like we were in “their time” and wondered about the other worlds that lived in our dreams and imagination. We thought there was a “boundary” between our world and the “other world” that we experienced in our dreams and imagination.

Perhaps it was that “boundary” between our human self and the “other world” that made us “Homesick” for something that did not exist in our current reality. It was that “boundary” that made us more and more curious about the “other world” that made us continue onward with goals that we had never thought we could achieve.

However, we did achieve much more than we thought we could, or that others told us that we could NOT achieve. We continued on by reminding ourselves again and again that, “I will not allow myself to forget this other world, which we could only perceive via what we have been told was “just our imagination.”

Fortunately, over time, we had more and more versions of our earth life developed, which made us curious as to how, when and where, one would somehow be in or experience a “higher frequency of reality.” Yes, somehow we realized that the other world was actually our present world, but it resonated to a higher frequency of reality.

Then, we began to realize that we could begin to “be in” an energy field that was totally unique to our daily life, but also VERY familiar. Gradually, we  began to realize that we were in a “higher energy field.” 

We knew that this higher energy field felt very wonderful and totally safe, but we could not remember how we entered it. We also realized that we are in the “energy field of Planet Gaia.” Of course, as long as humans were still wearing their 3D earth vessel, they looked like all the other humans.

However, this higher energy field began to tell us that we were visiting the fifth dimension. We were also told that we were “just visiting” as we chose to take an earth vessel to assist Gaia through Her great Planetary Shift from the third/fourth dimensions and into the fourth/fifth dimensions.

It was then that our energy fields began to expand into higher frequencies of resonance. Of course, no one could see this higher frequency, but we could feel it, and some other humans could feel it. 

Also, all the animals, birds, fish and insects could feel that we were different, but they could not talk to us because we thought that inter-species communication would be impossible. Therefore, for a very long time, no one tried to communicate with the Nature Beings.

Fortunately, the humans who maintained a connection to the fourth and fifth dimensions began to slowly, very slowly, change. We did not know that we were regaining the fifth dimensional consciousness that we all had, but had forgotten. Therefore, we kept our changes a secret from many of our friends and family.

Then, slowly but surely, our energy fields began to become calibrated to Gaia’s frequency of Her energy field. This is when the humans began to split off into two camps. These two camps were: Power OVER Gaia and Unconditional LOVE and protection FOR Gaia. 

Fortunately, Gaia was also remembering how to expand Her resonance to the fifth dimensional energy field of Unconditional Love. Often, Unconditional Love is one of the most difficult things for humans to share, but it was natural for Gaia to share Her Unconditional Love.

Unconditional Love is a fifth dimensional expression. Therefore, many humans could not even imagine that such a thing could exist. Far too many humans had experienced “conditional love,” in which they had to DO or THINK something in order to deserve love. 

Gaia was very confused about humanity's “conditional love,” but she soon experienced it as humans began to destroy Her planet for their own selfish needs—which was usually money. However, Gaia had NO concept of “conditional love,” and nor did the Galactics who took human earth vessels in the third/fourth dimensions in order to assist Gaia. 

It was then that Gaia realized that She was a “teaching planet,” and it was Her planetary duty to mirror the humans actions. Hence, when humans sent Gaia love and caring, Earth was beautiful, safe and able to provide all the humans needed.

On the other hand, when humans treated Gaia like a “thing” and destroyed huge parts of Her pristine planet for their own personal gains, Gaia became sick. She could no long control Her weather, which was overtaken by the fear, anger, selfishness and greed of the humans. 

Gaia had volunteered to be a “Third Dimensional Ascension School,” but too many humans disregarded the greater needs of the planet that had provided them with a home. Instead, these humans thought only of themselves, their own selfish desires, and the need to have “Power Over” others. 

These humans knew nothing about Unconditional Love, and if they gave love at all, it was VERY conditional. Far too often these humans “shut down” Gaia’s “Third dimensional School for Planetary Ascension.” Unconditional Love is often the most difficult, and inconceivable concept for humanity. 

Fortunately, as more and more Galactics took human earth vessels to assist Gaia, some humans began to understand the concept of Unconditional Love. Of course, putting that concept into action was a different thing. 

When there were Unity and Oneness within the humans 'own consciousness and their fifth dimensional origins, they were able to remember—at least remember on and off—the fifth dimensional expression of their own Multidimensional SELF. 

They also remembered that when there were Unity and Oneness within their own self, they could more easily remember how to share Unity and Oneness with others. Often they began this sharing with animals, garden, waterways, trees, and other nature beings. 

They did this because Nature seemed to love them back, which many humans were unable to provide. However, those who experienced the Unity began to have more and more memories of another, higher dimensional reality. 

They could vaguely remember that world, and the memory seemed to slip easily from their consciousness. When that occurred, the humans felt VERY sad and knew that something was missing, but they were not sure just what that was.

What they were missing was Unconditional Love, which is the ability to love without any constraints or needs to receive something in return. Gradually, the Unconditional Love began to unite humans in a fashion that they had only experienced back when they were in their fifth dimensional self and their fifth dimensional reality.

It was then that humans began to experience a sense of unity with their own fifth dimensional selves, which assisted them to flow into a Unity with their own Higher Consciousness, their own inner memories of their fifth dimensional Self, and the many failures and victories they had experienced during their many incarnations on Gaia’s Earth.

When humans entered into this Unity and Oneness with their own consciousness and their own memories of a higher dimensional reality, they remembered that they came to Earth to create a “Third Dimensional School for Earth’s Ascension.”

It was called a “3D School” as it was much like a “kindergarten” to many humans in that it was the “beginning of learning something new.” Gaia’s Kindergarten, was also the next, higher frequency beyond the lower third and fourth dimensions that so many had to visit in order to remember. 

And what did they need to remember? They needed to remember their True Multidimensional SELF and why they had chosen to come to Gaia’s Earth. Fortunately, more and more humans graduated from that “kindergarten” and swiftly expanded their consciousness into higher and higher frequencies. 

It was then that the concept of a “Higher Dimensional Consciousness” came into the thoughts of the humans who were learning “power within,” and forgetting about any old concepts of “power over.”

This Higher Consciousness reminded humans to take care of their brain power and to use it “in service to others,” and most important, for “service to Gaia.” This Higher Consciousness allowed the humans to remember their higher connections with their fifth dimensional self, which they have always forgotten when their consciousness was lower.

This higher consciousness reminded humans that they had only been using a very small percentage of their brain’s innate ability. Therefore, humans began to walk in the woods, walking with and blessing the many creatures in nature, and listen to their “imagination” not as a “weird thing,” but as a TRUTH that had always been available when they allowed their consciousness to move into the higher frequencies. 

It was then that many humans began to “discover” their innate talents and higher dimensional thoughts, actions, dreams and meditations. Then, the humans began to believe that they could do more for other, for Gaia and for themselves. 

When they focused more on how they could serve others and serve Gaia, they found ways that they could contribute to raising the frequency of their world closer and closer into the fifth dimension, which was once far beyond their reach.

They also realized that there was far more than just one version of assisting others and of assisting Gaia. It was then that each human worked to expand their own consciousness and contributions to their world. 

As more humans remembered their own Higher Dimensional SELF, they began to remember their lives in the higher dimensions. It was then that they remembered that they were not just third dimensional humans. 

One by One they were able to remember their own higher dimensional SELF who resided in higher dimensional realities, in Starships and on other planets in other Star Systems. 
These beings, who now called themselves “The Galactics” remembered that they could maintain their human vessel on Earth, and also live their own higher dimensional SELF in their own Galactic Home.

These humans are not special, or better, or more trained. 

These humans are YOU in higher dimensional expression 
            of your own Multidimensional SELF!!


FRIDAY 1-11-19
SATURDAY 1-12-19

12pm PT / 1pm MT / 2pm CT / 3pm ET / 8pm GMT

BONUS:  includes a 3-part course: Merging with Your Multidimensional Self in the audio download with transcripts.


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