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Fifth Dimensional Perceptions and Communications

Fifth Dimensional Perceptions and Communications
The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie
Greetings to our dear earth/bound humans. We say “earth/bound humans” as there are MANY humanoid beings who are with us in the higher dimensional worlds and in our multidimensional Star Ships.
Many of you are experiencing more and more sensations of your fifth dimensional reality, as well as feelings that are almost too intense for your physical body to maintain. These feelings and sensations come in waves, which allow you to experience and gradually adapt to each wave of this fifth dimensional energy-wave.
These energy-waves can give you the sensations which are much like dipping your body into very cold, or very hot, water. You want to go into that “water,” but you need to allow yourself time to get accustomed to something which, at first, feels very shocking.
However, as you become accustomed to this “new sensation,” it becomes more and more natural. The reason for this adaptation to a higher frequency of resonance is because YOU are gradually beginning to adapt to your ownfifth dimensional Lightbody.
All these sensations occur because, when you enter the resonance of the fifth dimension, all your neural messages, as well as the functioning of your heart, lungs, visual, auditory, and tactile, all of these components of your third dimensional awareness, are suddenly calibrated to a higher frequency of resonance.
What we mean by “higher frequency of resonance” is that you are contacting and intermingling with a frequency of reality which you have seldom experienced since you first took an Earth vessel. 
In fact, you are actually contacting your own innate fifth dimensional self, who volunteered to take an earth vessel to assist Gaia to become a fifth dimensional planet. Your own fifth dimensional “Light-body Self” has been maintaining a connection with your third/fourth dimensional “Earth-body Self.” 
Then, whenever your 3D/4D physical self is consciously interconnected with your 5D Lightbody SELF, you can receive and understand your higher dimensional perceptions and experiences.
Your fifth dimensional Lightbody is much like a huge house with many passageways, tunnels, stairways and windows, which are actually portals. YOU have been activating these portals by combining of your Unconditional Love and Multidimensional Thinking.
Your full willingness, dedication and sense of duty to share the energy fields flowing through the portals of your earth vessel is actively transmuting the “third/fourth dimensional Time and Space energy fields” into “fifth dimensional energy fields of HERE and NOW.”
As you find your way into the fifth dimensional, HERE/NOW energy fields, you realize that these frequencies of reality have always surrounded you, but your third and fourth dimensional states of consciousness were too low for you to perceive these energy fields in a conscious fashion.
Therefore, you often discovered these energy fields while in deep meditation in which you blended your right and left hemispheric perceptions of reality. Once you had a conscious realization of this merging, you began to understand that different frequencies of reality function on different of experiences of reality.
We say, “experiences of reality” because reality shifts and changes as the consciousness of that experiencer of that reality shift and changes into different frequencies of their perceptual field. We define “perceptual field” as the elements of your reality that your Heart/Mind has determined as “real.”
However, only those who are able to admit that Gaia is a multidimensional planet will be able to understand the process of perceiving the same persons, places or things according to the resonance of that particular “frequency field.” 
Your “frequency field” is the frequency rate of your consciousness, and the affect that that state of consciousness has on your physical form, as well as the “frequency field” that emanates from your body.
On the Starships, the many differing frequencies of resonance of the different members of that Ship are able to maintains a unity consciousness with all the frequencies of reality that are within and around them. 
Just as humans can perceive different colors and can sort these colors into groups that have each specific color, we Galactics can perceive and identify beings via the frequency of one’s resonance.
It is for this reason that we, the Galactics, can perceive which humans are ready to communicate with us. The humans who are ready to communicate with us, have moved beyond their fear of “different types of beings.” 
Therefore, they are able to communicate with the third and fourth dimensional beings of Earth, whether it is a human, a tree, a plant, a mountain, an ocean, a cloud or any form of Nature Spirits, in the same manner that humans on Earth are able to communicate with other humans.
However, on Earth, there are many different languages, which are from many different cultural areas of Earth. Having a different manner of communication with others can create a separation from those who are different from one’s own frequency of form and/or frequency of consciousness.
If one is able to regain, and maintain, their innate “inter-dimensional consciousness,” it is more likely that they will be able to remember how to communicate with other beings as well as other components of different realities via their own, innate multidimensional consciousness.
Multidimensional consciousness allows one to perceive different frequencies of reality to better understand how the different frequencies of these different beings can actually perceive and communicate with each other. 
The fifth dimensional frequency of perception allows one to consciously be aware of  persons, places, situations and/or things that exists in the fifth dimensional octave of reality. 
These perceptions are not available to those who do not understand the workings of fifth dimensional communication because fifth dimensional realities and communications are not separated into words, concepts or different messages. 
This fact is because fifth dimensional communications are free of the “time” that it takes to send and receive third/fourth dimensional communications. On the other hand, fifth dimensional communication is not separated into words, sentences and paragraphs.
Fifth dimensional communication occur within a sense of knowing and understanding the sum/total of the entire message. With fifth dimensional communication, everyone’s thoughts and emotions are available to every ones perceptual field. This is because everyone in the fifth dimension is connected to everyone via their own fifth-dimensional energy field. 
Just as the many different countries and groups of people have created a “language” in which they can communicate with each other, we Galactics can communicate with each other, as well as ALL beings, via a “sense of knowing the information that was passed on to another fifth dimensional being.
However, this knowing is NOT divided into specific words, paragraphs, concepts or ideas, because the words, paragraphs, concepts and ideas instantly flow from the Heart/Mind of one fifth dimensional being, and into the Heart/Mind of another fifth dimensional being.
This natural “flow” occurs within the fifth dimension because there is no TIME between when one has a thought and when one shares that thought with another. The fifth dimension and beyond operates as a “flow of Light.” 
If you turn on a lamp in a dark room, the light will flow throughout the room without any assistance from the one who turned on the light. In the same manner, when one communicates in a fifth dimensional manner, the receiver of that messages perceives the message within the same now as when the message was sent.
These fifth dimensional messages are not limited to any frequency of sound or light, as they flow from the “living consciousness” of one being into the “living consciousness” of another living being. These energy fields of information could be perceived via humanity in the same manner that humans perceive light.
Light is not separate from it’s source, as the “source of light” IS the light. In the same manner, your “personal consciousness” is NOT separate from the consciousness of “other” persons, places, situations or things. 
Consciousness IS! Therefore consciousness flows through all reality, and is available to anyone who can match the frqeuncy of their personal consciousness with the frequency of their personal consciousness. In other words, we Galactics are in “constant communication” with any and all of you who send your “attention and desire to communicate” into our higher dimensional frequencies of reality. 
In fact, the human who sends the desire to communicate with higher dimensional beings, may or may now be aware that they have sent that that desire into the higher dimensional energy fields. The reason for this “unawareness” is that one’s third dimensional consciousness may or may not be aware of their own higher dimensional self.
In fact, most of humanity is NOT aware of the concept of Inter-dimensional Communications because they are not aware of their own Inter-dimensional Consciousness. 
This higher dimensional consciousness is innate to many, if not most, humans. But, most humans are not aware of this innate knowing because it is “hidden” deep in their Mind and in the core of their Heart.
However, when one remembers or has a brief experience of their  own Inter-dimensional consciousness, they will also have a brief moment of their own Inter-dimensional perceptions.  
Blessings from the Arcturians 
            Through Suzanne Lie


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