Sunday, January 6, 2019

Two Day Mastery and Empowerment Course--Sue Lie and Lauren Galey




Friday 1-11-19
Saturday 1-12-19

12pm PT / 1pm MT / 2pm CT / 3pm ET / 8pm GMT

BONUS: includes a 3-part course: Merging with Your Multidimensional Self in the audio download with transcripts.

In this live, 2-session course, you’ll join with the Arcturians channeled by Dr. Suzanne Lie, as we learn how to Merge with, maintain and master our 5D energy fields. 
The Arcturians offer tools and techniques to Shift your energy into Higher fields of Vibration.  Realize that you can shift your energy field and create a new one in any given moment.

Session 1: 

·      What is your 5D Energy Field?

·      Cultivate awareness of your energy field

·      How do identify when you are in the 3d/4D energy field

·      How to do a realistic Assessment of your energy field

·      Did you choose that energy field or did you unknowingly pick it up? Notice what energy field you are experiencing. When you pick them up for others or give them to others, consciously or unconsciously.  Take a moment and look around and vibe in on the surrounding energy fields we are in.  We go inside our own self to do this. The energy field we have let move into our physical body and consciousness.

Session 2:

·      How to Create with the 5D Energy Field.

·      Experience techniques to Merge with our Highest Frequency energy field we are to hold in the Now.

·      Transmute the reality to a higher vibration.

    Transmute ourselves first, we have to realize it’s our energy field. 

    Understanding we are not victims, but we take responsibility for our own energy.  
    Hone your awareness and master your energy field.  

    Unconditional love to yourself and the person who triggers you.  

     We can’t avoid the fact that we live in a 3D world alongside many who are not yet awake, so there is a way to be aware of and responsible for our energy fields.

With BONUS: includes a 3-part course: Merging with Your Multidimensional Self in an audio download with transcripts.

Dear Ones, 
We the Arcturians, are sending you Unconditional Love and Violet Fire for the year of 2019. We also send Unconditional Love and Violet Fire into ALL the moments of the NOW that will continue throughout your entire incarnation on Gaia.
We, the Arcturians, wish to remind you that a powerful “New Years Resolution” would be to focus on welcoming the many higher dimensional versions of your own Multidimensional SELF into your daily, third/fourth-dimensional consciousness.
As you allow the energy fields of 2019 to expand your process of ascension, myriad aspects of your Multidimensional SELF will come into your awareness to remind YOU that we, the Arcturians, as well as other members of your Galactic Family, are ready to merge with you during the myriad events of your daily life!
Then we, the members of your Higher SELF, as well as your many lives on countless timelines, worlds, galaxies, and dimensions, will begin to connect like pearls on a necklace. It is through this “linking with your Higher SELF, that you will realize that your Multidimensional SELF is the pearls and YOU are the string.

We, your Arcturian family, wish to remind you to increasingly connect with the ever-expanding reality of your Multidimensional SELF. Your Multidimensional SELF is the collective of your higher dimensional expressions of SELF.
Your Higher Dimensional SELF, who is within the you that you once thought of as your ‘individual life,’ will increasingly come forward in your daily life.
It is important that humanity understand the difference between third/fourth dimensional energy fields and fifth dimensional energy fields. As humanity’s perceptual field begins to expand into the fourth and fifth dimensions of reality, their entire “perspective on life” will change.
For one thing, life is not just being “dead” or “alive.” Also, life is no longer based on “getting what you want,” or “trying to change.” In fact, third dimensional life is no longer based on just third dimensional perceptions.
Not only are humanity’s fourth and fifth dimensional dreams, meditations and creative “ideas” becoming more and more important, but so is the frequency of the dreams, ideas, and meditations that are being explored.
Just as a higher frequency note of a song is quite different from a lower frequency note of a song, the frequency of your thoughts and emotions are becoming more and more perceptual to the “awakening humans.”
The awakening humans are expanding their consciousness to encompass the differences between different frequencies of different energy fields, as well as “what message each energy field is carrying.”
More and more members of humanity are beginning to advance into perceiving more and more of what is occurring within the ONE of the fifth dimension and beyond.
Your Multidimensional SELF can pop-in or exit-out from any reality as simple as opening or closing a door. However, each dimension of your SELF has many different observations and questions such as:
·      Does your third dimensional self perceive reality as being physical and bound by sequential time?

·      Does your fourth dimensional self perceive reality as being of the fourth dimensional Astral Plane in which time shifts from past, present or future, but is sequential within each timeline?

·      Can your fifth dimensional SELF perceive the higher dimensional reality which is filled with Lightbodies interacting within the HERE and the NOW of the ONE.

·      Can your sixth dimensional SELF perceive the NOW of each reality from the perspective of the core light-matrix of every being and location.

·      Can your seventh dimensional Oversoul SELFsimultaneously perceive the NOW of all the realities in which you have, are. or will have form as ONE ornate and complete “matrix of expressions.”

·      Is your eighth dimensional and beyond SELF no longer bound by form and exists as pure consciousness in different stages of returning to Source. Are all realities perceived as fields of energy, which you influence with your force of unconditional love.

Meanwhile, your third-dimensional expressions are having a difficult time experiencing only one reality at a time. How can your physical self connect with and understand these myriad phases of countless realities? This understanding has to do with how you store information in your brain, which works much like one of your computers.

Do you remember how your early computers were limited to a small amount of information? You would have to print out the information or store it on physical disks so that your computer would not become overloaded. All of these copies and/or disks were third dimensional and each of them was separate.
Each disk of information had to be stored in a physical place and categorized so that you could find it when you wanted to access that information. If you forgot where you had stored that information, it was very difficult to retrieve it. Sometimes you would have to go through each disk and/or printed copy in order to find what you needed.
There is much more storage within your present-day computers. Also, even if you are not good at organization, you can retrieve any information by writing it in the upper right-hand corner of your computer. Not only can your present-day computer store much more information, but it can also store infinite amounts of information by putting it into the “Cloud.”
The “Cloud” is huge, beyond your imagination and all the information stored there intermingles with the other information. You can easily find your own information by typing its title on your computer or another computerized device. The Cloud maintains everyone’s anonymity, meets everyone’s needs and is automatically upgraded.
Your Multidimensional Mind operates much like the Cloud. Just as many individuals gathered together to create the Cloud manner of storage, the many individuals within your Multidimensional SELF are working together to gather all the information about all the expressions of your infinite, multidimensional SELF in your version of the Cloud, which is your Multidimensional Mind.
Can you now consider your Multidimensional Mind as a ‘CLOUD of the NOW’ where All information is stored in a non-manifested manner? When you access the Cloud of your Multidimensional Mind you access all of your own personal and collective information from all your realities.

Everyone shares this Cloud/Multidimensional Mind, as it resonates to the fifth dimension, which is beyond time and/or separation. We are not advertising a new technology. We are reminding you that technology reflects how many humans are remembering that there is a place where everything is always stored.
This place is your own Multidimensional Mind. As your personal consciousness expands to encompass your multidimensional consciousness, your third/fourth-dimensional brain expands to encompass your Multidimensional Mind.

Your Multidimensional Mind lives within Unity Consciousness with all the myriad expressions of your SELF, as well as with all life. When you remember to access your Multidimensional Mind, you can gain answers to everything that you have ever experienced in any reality and any version of your Multidimensional SELF.
Your challenge is to release the third-dimensional thoughts and emotions that bind you to your third-dimensional thinking. You may ask, “Do I release my 3D thoughts first or my 3D emotions?’ The answer to that question is, “Either/or thinking binds you to your third-dimensional brain.’”
Thoughts and emotions interact in a constant dance of creation and manifestation. When you remember that all your thoughts and emotions are expressions of your state of consciousness, it will become increasingly easier to calibrate your listening to the frequency of your SELF with whom you are communicating.
When you remember how to listen to ALL frequencies of your SELF, you will remember how to listen to ALL the frequencies of the life around you. For example, if you can listen to your own fifth-dimensional SELF, you will be able to communicate with the fifth-dimensional elementals.
When you listen with your fourth-dimensional emotions, you will be more able to hear the aura of the plants and animals around you. When you can consciously ‘listen to all life,’ you move into the ‘unity with all life’ of your innate fifth-dimensional consciousness.
It is not an easy task for a ‘modern’ human to allow a hummingbird to tell you why it chose that flower, or to listen to the flower that the hummingbird has chosen.
You may find that it is easier to begin communication with all life via the fifth-dimensional unity consciousness of your Multidimensional Mind. You can begin by paying attention to your fourth-dimensional meditations and dreams that are trying to assist you to remember how to commune with all life.
Whatever your state of consciousness, please remember that the greatest leaders are the servants to all that they lead. As you travel around your area, see not how each area is different. Instead, realize how each area of Gaia’s beautiful body is united within the ONE of Her Being.
Just as your hands, feet, voice, hearing, seeing, digestion, breathing, thinking, feeling etc. appear to be separate, but are all a component of YOU, all the different areas of Earth that you will visit, commune with, bless and transmute are components of Gaia’s Oneness. Gaia is teaching humanity how to live within the ONE, but humanity must listen to the “language of Gaia” if they wish to understand Her messages.

Hope YOU can join us!

Sue Lie and Lauren Galey


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