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Perceiving and Embracing the Ancient Energies and Higher Dimensions of Reality Arcturians through sue lie


Perceiving and Embracing the Ancient Energies
And Higher Dimensions of Reality

The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

Dear Ascending ONES,
We the Arcturians are here within this NOW to assist you with the ever-expanding process of expanding your consciousness to be able to perceive the higher dimensional energies, as well as the higher dimensions of reality. 

As you expand your consciousness, you begin to perceive, and hopefully embrace, the higher dimensions of your fourth dimensional states of consciousness, and sometimes, while in deep meditation, you may even perceive your fifth dimensional states of consciousness. 

As your fifth dimensional consciousness becomes activated, you will likely be able to perceive more and more of the Ancient Energies. The perception of these Ancient Energies is not common because they flow into your reality through the process of transmutation. 

Transformation means: To change or alter in form, appearance, frequency and/or nature. Transformation is when something, or some person, experiences an alteration, metamorphosis, and/or mutation into a different form of express. These forms of change can occur within your fourth and fifth dimensional states of consciousness. 

On the other hand, TRANSMUTATION means that the person, place, situation or thing transforms into a HIGHER dimensional version of a person place, situation, thing and/or reality. Specifically, transmutation means to change the frequency of these persons, places, situations and/or things into the fifth dimension or beyond.

The fifth dimension has an entirely different operating system than that first through fourth dimensions, as the fifth dimension is not bound by or based on “time” or “space.” Transmutation occurs within the HERE of the NOW.

Transmutation is much like “ascension” into the fifth dimension. If you transmute into a higher frequency of consciousness, your perceptual field expands to encompass the perceptual field, and even experience, returning to your innate fifth dimensional SELF. 

The form that contains your consciousness resonates to the same frequency of reality as your consciousness. Therefore, if you state of consciousness is low, you will feel negative and you will primarily perceive that which appears negative and/or unhappy.     

On the other hand, if your consciousness resonates to the higher frequencies of the fifth dimension and beyond, you will feel hopeful, inspired, creative and have a deep need to assist others. You will never feel alone because you can perceive that there are the higher dimensional being who accompany you on your journey to third dimensional Earth.

Your fifth dimensional consciousness is the carrier wave that travels from your higher dimensional expressions of SELF, and into as many synaptic junctions in your human brain as you will accept. 

It is through the process of these inter-dimensional synapses within your brain that you can perceive your higher dimensional environment as it glitters beyond your third and fourth dimensional perceptions. 

What is occurring within your NOW is that Gaia is beginning to speak with Her humans who have been able to REMEMBER their fifth dimensional states of consciousness. It is through humanities fifth dimensional communication with their higher dimensional SELF that they can have mental and perceptual contact with the higher dimensional frequencies of reality 

When you consciously choose to bond with these higher dimensional energy patterns, you have chosen to bond with Gaia’s higher fourth and fifth dimensional energy fields. It also means that you have chosen to assist Gaia with Her transmutation back into Her fifth dimensional Planetary SELF.

The process of ascension is basically the process of transmutation. Transmutation means: 
to change or alter into a higher frequency of form. Gaia, in fact, Gaia’s entire area of space, is preparing to transmute from the third/fourth dimensional frequency of reality into the fifth dimensional frequency of ascended realities and ascended beings. 

We, the Arcturians, in consort with the Golden Ones, the Venusians and the Pleiadians, have been assisting Gaia to prepare for Her transmutation into a higher resonance of expression. Gaia has long awaited humanities ability to match Her rising planetary resonance. 

Gaia is a good “mother planet” and does not want to leave her human children as she continues to raise Her planetary resonance into the higher fourth and fifth dimensions of reality. In fact, Gaia’s frequency will continue to rise, even if it is without the assistance of humanity. 

All of Gaia’s elementals of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water have been transmuting into a higher frequency of resonance. The “scientists” are calling this process “Global Warming.” 

In fact, from a third dimensional perspective, Earth will become increasingly hotter. However, from a fourth dimensional perspective, the intense “heat” is primarily Gaia’s moving into a higher frequency of resonance. 

The lost ones of humanity know that they cannot transmute into the higher fourth and fifth dimension, so they are trying to halt this process of transmutation. However, they will not be successful as it is Gaia’s chose to ascend. 

The lost humans can make Gaia’s ascension more difficult, but they cannot stop that which has begun in the higher dimensional realities and is slowly, or quickly, proceeding according to the Divine Plan.

Many humans have thought of Gaia as a “thing.” Conversely, Gaia is actually an alive being and is now entering higher dimensional energy fields of space.  Space is like water in that some areas of space resonates to lower frequency energy fields, and some areas of space resonate to a higher frequency energy field.

Earth’s atmosphere is alive with higher frequency energy fields that cannot be perceived through one’s third dimensional perceptions. There are also lower frequency energy fields that cannot be perceived through third dimensional perceptions. 

On the other hand, with meditation and a search for mastery of the mind, one can become consciously aware of the energy fields that live within, and around, their aura. Also, there are portals within one’s aura, which most humans are unaware.  

These portals lead to all the different frequencies of reality, but can only be perceived via one’s higher dimensional perception. While in a state of third dimensional consciousness, humans can only perceive a third dimensional reality. 

However, if one expands their state of consciousness to encompass the fourth dimension, they will perceive their third dimensional reality from the different perspective of the higher dimensions. 

An example of this is your dreams. In your dreams, the timelines may change, people may come and disappear, and you can “wake up” from one dream, then “fall asleep” to have a completely different dream. 

This total change of perspective was NOT determined by your environment. Instead, these higher dimensional perceptions are changed by the frequency of consciousness from which your dream, thoughts, and/or actions have arisen.

Your outer, waking environment will also greatly influence your perception and your states of consciousness. There are also ANCIENT ENERGIES that have resonated to certain areas for so long that the ancient energy fields are totally intertwined with that location.  

For example, the Redwood Trees of Northern California, USA are many hundreds of years old and have created VERY strong energy fields. In fact, these energy fields can be experienced while leaning against, or walking amongst, the Redwood Trees.

The more one can expand their consciousness to embrace the fourth dimension and beyond, the more they will be able to have inter-dimensional experiences while in nature. More and more, one’s inner guides are directing them to remember the higher frequencies of reality that have always been there but were forgotten once the human's perceptions were limited to the third dimension. 

As humans begin to remember the higher frequencies of their innate Multidimensional SELF, they will also become more in touch with fourth dimensional beings, such as the Faerie Beings, and all of Gaia’s earth, air, fire and water elementals, as well as the higher dimensional frequency of the trees, animals, skies, water and Sun. 

The third, fourth and fifth dimensional realities are different frequencies of reality that all occur within the same time and space. All these different frequencies intermingle into a beautiful collage of life on Earth. 

To experience the different frequencies of your earthly reality, you must match the frequency of your perceptual field with the frequency of the environment that you wish to consciously perceive.

It is in this manner that you can perceive the second and third dimensional frequencies of your daily life, the fourth dimensional frequencies of your higher dreams, your inter-dimensional consciousness, as well as the fifth dimensional, beings who speak directly into your hearts and minds.

It is your challenge as humans to release your human ego in order to merge your consciousness, perceptual fields and physical interactions with Gaia’s third, fourth, and fifth dimensional expressions of reality. 

As humans become willing to admit that they are ONE with ALL the many elements and elementals of their Planetary Mother, they will become ONE with Gaia. It is within the Oneness with Gaia that humanity can perceive the ancient energies that resonate to the frequencies of humanity’s higher states of consciousness

If the members of humanity can remember that they have chosen to take an earth vessel during this NOW of great challenges for Gaia, they will be more able to assist with the Planetary Ascension which is based on the Ancient Energies of Ascension that have always been but are too often long forgotten.

These Ancient Energies of Ascension resonate to the higher fourth and fifth dimensional frequencies of Gaia’s planetary reality. Humans were meant to be the “Awakeners of Gaia’s fifth dimensional energy fields,” but it was not yet the NOW in which humanity could awaken to their own fifth dimensional expression of self.

Therefore, too often, humanity became lost in their “power over others,” and forgot that they took a human body to assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension into the fifth dimensional resonance of reality. 

However, as humanity begins to find their own Power Within, their perceptual fields will expand to include the higher fourth and fifth dimensions of Gaia’s Earth. Many humans are brave Galactic beings who left their Starships and Homeworlds to assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension, 

Unfortunately, many of these brave beings who chose to take an earth vessel to assist with Gaia’s planetary ascension became lost in the many lies and illusions of third/fourth dimensional Earth.

It is for this reason that the awakened members of humanity have been called on to assist with opening the Ancient Portals so that the fifth dimensional energy fields can flow onto Earth. 

With the resumed flow of higher dimensional energies into the body of Gaia, Her awakened inhabitants will be more able to recognize, choose and accept the Fifth Dimensional waves of energy that are encircling Earth in preparation for Her Planetary Ascension.

Gaia needs humanity to believe in, and call forth, the higher dimensional energy fields that still surround Her planetary body, so that these higher dimensional energies can intermingle with Her planet. Many of you have experienced an area of “sacred ground.” Therefore, you know that there are areas that resonate to a higher frequency than other areas. 

How can you, the members of humanity, assist with the opening of the ancient fifth dimensional portals through which the flow of Unconditional Love and Violet Fire can assist Gaia with Her process of Planetary Ascension?

Please ponder the above question and feel free to put your answer on the comments section of this Blog.

The Arcturians


  1. Thank you, first of all. These messages are healing. But one question arises from this particular channeling : there are many who feel global warming is caused by pollution, abuse to Gaia, and seek to rectify this by loving/respecting Earth by conservation, sustainability of the animal, mineral and nature "kingdoms". This feels to me an embracing of Gaia as Living consciosness, not an attempt to stop global warming to stay in 3/4D.....?

  2. I've heard that Ireland could pose a strong anchor point for the incoming energies. If this is true could you advise which location and what one might do to anchor this energy at said location?

  3. Anyone reading your Blog would be assisting (3 of us commenting) we need more,I will share. In infinity we are already there!

  4. By transmutimg my being or consciousness and embody Unconditional love vibrations I become the portal for Gaia.

  5. I choose to believe that I can merge my daily life 3D with my 5D self, opening channels and allowing receptivity to high ancient energy fields to heal. Unconditional Love and Violet Fire are the medicines for Gaia and we, the beings on Her. The only remedy even though the present chaos
    Blessings Dear Galactic Family and thank you very much for your messages of hope and love. Sue thank you very mcuh for your tireless work

  6. i choose to believe that i can help with our beloved Mother Gaia Terra's ascension process by . . .

    no matter where i'm at in any given moment, no matter what my human is doing, i can take in a deep, nice belly breath and Acknowledge my infinite power within and call forth thee energies of all of my highest aspects of self. i can think about how being within nature makes my soul feel so elevated, Fully HERE, and in turn, this will assist with thee inflow of Unconditional Love & the Violet Fire no matter where i am physically at or what i'm doing. of course, i can only highly HIGHLY hope that this is helping out our beloved Mother as much as i love to believe, from an energetic standpoint.


    thank u so much Sue, for giving us this most amazing opportunity to connect with thee energies of like-minded individuals around the world in this comment section. you're amazing and i love you, and i also love you, to anyone else who was meant to come across this message. been wanting to post in these sections for about 4 yrs now, and i finally feel soulfully confident to do so. so thanks again, and as always, Thank You, beloved Arcturian family for sharing these message with us. I miss you SO much!!!!!!! These message are what will continue to help keep me feeling sane in this beautifully odd world/reality, xoxox

  7. Cada um reconhecendo seus talentos e habilidades internas e depois aplicando no dia a dia.Abracos

    B. Assuncao

  8. Maybe we need to acknowledge our thoughts... what comes in and what goes out... filter creativity from logic. What is fifth dimensional energies...? When/where would you allow to search these energies? How do I catch a glimpse of it? What does it mean to me? Can i pinpoint in myself these energies? And can i ground it in my body?

    Lately I was focusing to be more unconditional loving. And i was also busy with my 3D life to live as a happy man, and after a certain day when some karmic ties got resolved I was loving myself very much...I was so struck to find out how conditionally I was loving myself! Though being happy about myself I felt surprised to only allow myself to be so loved and happy for a reason, while I could just be happy without conditions...

    I might continue to contemplate on this one...there’s a golden ticket awaiting me :)