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Transmuting Earth-Chapter 20 of Through the Matrix--Sue Lie and the Galactics


Transmuting Earth

Part Two

Greetings from Starlight, (once known as Zara Lynn) I am back to speak with you again. I have learned so much while being on this wonderful, fifth dimensional Starship, that I wanted to pass some of this information on to you. You Earthling, as we call you on the Ship, tell me that you share with others what you have learned from me and from the other members of our Ship. 

One of the things that you may have shared with others is that our Ship is much like a “Taxi Cab to New Earth.” Yes, we and now you as well, visit fifth dimensional New Earth on a regular basis. These fifth dimensional Starships resonate to a higher frequency than third/fourth dimensional Earth. It is for that reason, that you may not be able to see our Starships that your fifth dimensional self calls home. 

Eventually, and I don’t know when because there is NO time within our fifth dimensional NOW, the majority of humans on Earth will expand their consciousness into the frequency of the fifth dimension. The third dimensional humans only have the capacity to be multidimensional when they are in a higher fourth and/or fifth dimensional state of consciousness.

From our interactions with Earth, we know that as humans expand their consciousness more and more into their higher fourth and fifth dimensional states of consciousness, they begin to remember their frequent visits to our Ships.

In fact, the Pleiadians and Arcturians on the Ship are sending “inter-dimensional messages” down to third dimensional Earth in hopes that the humans will receive them and share these messages with others. 

We happily see that, indeed, more and more humans are expanding their consciousness enough to receive our messages via their fifth dimensional dreams and imaginations. The main message that we wish humanity to share with others is that, YES, Gaia, planet Earth, is in the process of ascension. 

This process of ascension begins by humanity expanding their consciousness to encompass their fifth dimensional perceptions and realities. This process is primarily known by those who are in the ongoing process of assisting Gaia with Her planetary ascension. 

There has always been “pioneers into the unknown,” and we, the Galactics, thank these pioneers for sharing with other grounded ones what they have learned onboard our Ships, as well as via their inter-dimensional communications. 

Unfortunately, many humans are still unable to fully embrace the fact that there are planets and Starships that resonate to the fifth dimension and beyond. If one’s consciousness is limited to the fourth dimension and below, they will not be able to recognize what their brain is trying to tell them. 

However, more and more humans are increasingly expanding their consciousness to be able to consciously perceive and interact with higher dimensional versions of their SELF. On the other hand, more and more awaking ones are traveling via their fifth dimensional Lightbody SELF to visit our Ships during their “sleep” and/or “meditations.” 

I also thank all of you who have come to visit us in your night body, dream state, and/or your deep meditations. I, Starlight, as well as all the members of our Ship, love to communicate with you “ascending ones.” 

We call you “the ascending ones” because you have allowed your Higher Selves to remind you how to communicate with our Ship. In fact, since our Starship serves as an “Interdimensional Taxi,” we are happy to bring you to our Ship and return you in your morning, just before you awaken to your physical self. 

We suggest that you write down what you have learned in your “dreams.” These dreams, as well as your deep meditations, are often the manner in which your third dimensional brain can accept the higher frequency information that is being sent into your higher frequency of consciousness.

Your higher frequencies of consciousness greatly influence your perceptions. For example, if you are perceiving a beautiful day and you feel loved and loving, you state of consciousness will expand into a higher frequency of resonance.

Then, as your consciousness expands into a higher frequency version of reality, you will naturally seek love, beauty, friends, helping others, helping Earth, as well as helping other persons, places and situations that need your assistance.

At first, this “version of reality” my seem like “just your imagination, or something that youare searching for.” Then, once you get a “taste” that this higher expression of your SELF is real, you will want to remember how you can experience more of these fifth dimensional feelings and thoughts.

It is here, on our Ship, that your consciousness can more easily, and quickly, expand to encompass the higher dimensional frequencies of reality. When you are seeking to have these higher dimensional perceptions, you are alert to the feelings of Unconditional Love and the thoughts of how you can assist Gaia and Her planetary beings.

As you begin to think in terms of “service to others,” your consciousness expands to embrace higher and higher frequencies of thoughts, emotions and dreams. As your waking consciousness expands, so does your sleeping consciousness. Then, as your sleeping consciousness expands to encompass higher and higher frequencies of reality, these realities will blend into your third/fourth dimensional body and daily life. 

It is through your fourth dimensional experiences and dreams that you will initiate sharing  your inter-dimensional communications and experiences with others in the third dimension. 

Then, as you share your higher dimensional thoughts and emotions, your consciousness will quicken to perceive, interact with, and join into higher and higher frequencies of reality.  In fact, you may be doing that in your dream state right now.

It is in this manner that you will expand your consciousness and perceptions to embrace higher and higher frequencies of reality. As your higher frequency brainwaves are activated, you will become increasingly able to perceive, receive, send and share “Inter-dimensional communications” with higher and higher frequencies of reality.

Eventually, you will be able to instantly recognize when an inter-dimensional experience occurs. Then, as you remember to trust yourself, you will be able to believe that your “inter-dimensional” experiences are REAL. 

Once you truly believe that YOU are having a real, inter-dimensional communication, your consciousness will expand to encompass your higher dimensional consciousness. Then, you may realize that the ones with whom you usually communicate, are likely experiencing similar perceptions. 

When you begin communicating with each other about these experiences, the experiences transmute from something that is happening to YOU, into something that is beginning to happen to every one who is willing to accept this gift.Yes, “Inter-dimensional Communication” is truly the gift you gave your self when YOU decided to take your current earth vessel. 

As you remember more and more about your life on the Ship, and the assignment that you chose before you took your current earth vessel, your will consciousness expand, you will take on a greater responsibilities, and “your human self” will become “your multidimensional SELF.”

When you communicate with an inter-dimensional version of your SELF that is currently on the fifth dimensional Ship, you will begin to more easily remember why you volunteered to take a physical earth vessel within this NOW. 

Among many other reasons, most of you volunteered to incarnate on third dimensional Earth within this NOW because you wanted to learn and/or remember how to communicate with humans who are still unaware of their own, multidimensional nature.

Wonderful inter-dimensional commutations will continue and grow when you begin to consciously remember what you have experienced, document these experiences, and share them with others. By documenting and sharing your experiences, you are greatly assist the Galactics to distribute their message, as well as making it “normal” for third dimensionals to have higher dimensional experiences.

Also, you remind the “dreaming ones” to remember to document their experiences, they too will send the message that “inter-dimensional communication is REAL!” Then they can begin to believe that the messages that they experience during their “dreams” or “deep meditations” are REAL. 

With this documentation, your memory will notbe limited by your third dimensional brain. Also, by documenting and sharing your experiences with others, you will expanding the range and the frequency rate of your own consciousness. 

This expansion of your own consciousness occurs because “what  you share with others expands.” Furthermore, when you share your experiences you are creating and leading others onto their “Path of Personal and Planetary Ascension.”

Also, as you share your own higher states of consciousness, which have activated your own higher dimensional perceptions, you serve to assist others to expand their state of consciousness and perceptions. 

As your perceptions expand to encompass higher and higher frequencies, you will be increasingly able to perceive higher and higher dimensions of realities. You will also begin to remember that you have already visited some of these higher dimensional realities and forgot. 

You may have forgotten your experiences because you had not yetremembered how to activate your Whole Brain Thinking, which is using 100% of your brain power. The reason why you forgot is because the “dark ones” did NOT want you remember your true SELF. Therefore, the increasingly frightened dark ones, tried to make you doubt your SELF.

Please remember that, we on the Ship, are always ready and willing to assist you to remember what you were taught to forget.Please join us in your night body, and we will happily assist  you to remember that you have visited, lived in, or even been a leader in our/your Multidimensional and Interdimensional Reality.

When you visit us, we will assist you to remember what your true, Multidimensional SELF has alwaysknown. Knowing/Remembering that you have already experienced many versions of your higher dimensional, multidimensional SELF, will make it easier for you to accept that YOU aremore than you every thought you could be.

I will return soon with more transmissions to Earth. 
(once known as Zara Lynn)

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