Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Arcturian Conversation: When Light Strikes the Matrix

Darkest Night Before the Dawn
A Conversation with the Arcturians

PART I: When Light Strikes the Matrix

Can you say the question again so I can get back to that focus?

Oh, OK, well my first thought was that as we were trying to get the technology for this meeting going, it just fell silent for a few moments. That allowed me to have some quiet introspection. So I was aligning to my heart guidance and just calmly breathing and sitting. It felt like it was trying to make some point about the importance of what is happening now and putting things into perspective.

At least for me, personally, it felt like it was just this recognition….and this ties into that concept of the darkest night before the dawn that you just mentioned. It’s having an awareness to put the world into perspective as we face the challenges in our lives.

But, I also wondered, are we all just going through the motions and not really maybe most effectively flowing through these times that we call the darkest night before the dawn? What does that really mean for us, personally?

So the main question that I would like to address the Arcturians with is, “What does it mean the darkest night just before dawn?” 

Actually, yes, how that manifests around us, as well as within us.

Sue/The Arcturians:
The darkest night before dawn means that it is the Now for a shift in energy fields. And it’s something that is planetary because as the Sun first hits the planet, it hits different parts of the planet at different parts of time because the planet is moving. 

So this darkest night is just before dawn, and what that means is that the Light is coming. In order to be able to even perceive the light and then to accept the light, all of the darkest night/fear needs to become conscious because fear that is a secret from yourself is something that you can’t address. 

And fear, which many people think of as an enemy, is actually a warning that is there for your safety or it is that you are moving into a new territory of consciousness, thoughts, emotions, and creativity. 

You’re moving into territory that you have not moved into before. And so it is frightening because it is brand new. And as Gaia is moving through her darkest night and into the dawn, then humanity is also moving through their darkest night and into the dawn.

Now the darkest night means something different to probably just about every different person.

But there are groups of people and areas that represent their darkness. And what that darkness is, that’s the metaphor for change, and there is something that needs to change. And change is constant and continual.

Now this darkest night before dawn is a very deep change. It’s a change that has been in the darkness, which means that you have not known about this change completely. You have not prepared for this change. And so it feels dark because it is new, it is different, and you don’t know where it could take you.

But the dawn is the part of you. That Light, the Light inside you, meaning anyone who would listen to this message. That Light inside of you is giving you the OK, that it is alright now, you are strong enough to face this bit of darkness. You are evolved enough to move into that which had been the darkness in the past, but it was only darkness because you have not yet shone your Light upon it.

Do you understand what we are saying?

Yes, it sounds like there are many facets to it. Each within our own consciousness and also within the collective consciousness. I see manifestations of it in many ways and in many instances.

Sue/The Arcturians:
Yes, and if you were living on a planet, such as Venus, where the beings on the planet were pretty much on the same page, then it would be much easier. But Earth is a planet of great diversity and there are many, many different kinds of people in different places, and in order to turn the darkest night into the dawn, there needs to be a sense of unity. 

People can decide, “Ok, we determine this as darkness. This is what needs to be transmuted. And we want to put our Light onto this. But what is our Light, what is our individual Light, and how do we share our individual Light with others? And how do we merge our individual Light into collective Light?”

And this is the big challenge for Gaia.
You understand what we are saying, right? 

Yes, that’s quite an undertaking. I think this is an inherent part of the balancing of polarization. And also the resolving of duality?

Sue/The Arcturians
Yes……..and No.

Because just as different people have different races and different operating systems and different ways about thinking and perceiving, so does the planet.

Humanity has been so accustomed to having power over the planet that they forgot how to listen to the planet, to the collective, to everyone. And in order for a planetary shift to occur, then people need to move into the planet, move into the feelings of the planet. 
Because the planet is the great Unifier. Because all the different people come from very different places, different countries, different ages, different backgrounds. It’s practically impossible for all these different people to come together at the same.
It’s not like on the Pleiades where everyone has a pretty similar life and a pretty similar environment. Earth has been a jumping off point for many, many different people. And so the only way that people can unite is through the planet because that’s the only thing they have in common. That they all live on planet Earth.

Now then there is another part. There are people that are not able to think in terms of planet Earth as a living, growing being, and so they will not be able to participate in this because the only way to participate is to participate through the planet because that is the only Unifying source.

Do you understand what we are saying or would you like to say that in your own words so that others can also have an opportunity to think about how they’re thinking of it?
Yes, I think that is an important point, because it is a prerequisite to continue on the path of shifting from darkness to Light and recognizing that we are all part of this one collective consciousness, and the planet is our source of Light.   

Sue/The Arcturians:
Yes, and once humanity really deeply realizes that the planet is the source of Light, they would love and care for the planet which is notoccurring for most people. 
And, unfortunately, some of the most “civilized” people are the ones that take the least care of Gaia. And some of the people that are the most “primitive” are the ones who take the greatest care. 
And so those who are big and important and wealthy and famous need to commune with those who are simple and loving and caring about the actual planet, the actual place on which they live. And that is a very huge undertaking. 
Do you understand what we are saying by that? 
Absolutely, in my own personal journey, I think ~ and many of us ~ recognize the power and the groundedness and the beauty and just a reverence for life when we connect to planetary awareness and nature. And I’ve even heard that from testimonies of those who are aligned with what we call darker initiatives, that it was the nature aspect that turned them around and really made them realize that life is a gift, and there is an option to shift the focus to reverence and appreciation for life.
Sue/The Arcturians:
Yes, it’s actually asking each of the also very civilized humans to go back into their own primitive self, their own primitive self that sees that a tree is alive and that the ground is alive and that every animal is a being, and every animal is important.

And what happened is the modern man began to believe that they were more important than the planet, that they were more important, and that they could control or that they could invent or that they could make money or all of the things that are strictly third dimensional human things. 
And those third dimensional human things are not things that will aid planetary ascension at all, and they will not at all aid personal ascension, either. And one of the things that needs to happen, and it is a very difficult task, is those people that are unable to perceive the planet as a living being are going to have to be the people that will change. 
The sophisticated ones need to go back into their primitive self, and put their bare feet on the Earth, and look up at the sun, and enjoy the breeze, and realize that the most important thing you can do is something that will assist the planet and not something that would give you fame or wealth.  
And I think that’s an important point as we all consider what our contribution is. I know you’ve been teaching us the importance of empowerment and feeling like we have the ability to make a difference. And that’s the perfect approach to take, just embodying that reverence and sharing that truth with everyone that you meet in your unique way.
Sue/The Arcturians:
Yes, and it’s a difficult thing to do. Suzille has been doing it since the early eighties and, you know, how much shift has happened? Have people gotten better, have people gotten worse? I mean, some pretty horrific things have been happening that people have been doing. 
And it’s kind of getting to the extreme, like there are extremes to the good of life, and those are beings that have been really working to assist the planet and to have vehicles that don’t make pollution and save the Earth. But then there are people on the other extreme, and that other extreme is that it’s all about them. It’s all about people, I want, I want, I want. 
Eventually, they will be separate because those that place themselves above the planet live only on the matrix. And that’s why they can ignore the needs and desires of the planet, because they don’t live on the planet. And one day that matrix will separate from the planet, and the planet would not be able to ascend until that matrix is released. 
Would you like to comment on that, please?
Yes, so do you see that happening in a natural and organic way, as the frequency rises and that existence is unable to maintain a connection to the higher frequency?
Sue/The Arcturians:
Yes, that is definitely a part of it. It’s about getting majorities as opposed to minorities. There’s already a minority of people that live in that fashion. They love the planet and think about the planet and care for the planet. But it is definitely a minority.
And then there are those that are right on the edge of survival, and they are not trying to do anything negative to the planet for their own personal gain. They are just trying to find a way to survive and to have their family survive. 
And then the people that have the greatest amount of power are the people that have the most nefarious needs, and that is the primary issue. But those people don’t actually live on the planet. They live on the matrix. They live in their big fancy houses on their islands and all the different places that they live, and they separate themselves from the other people and from the planet. And it’s about their empowerment and their wealth.

And you were about to say something, please do.
Oh yes, what’s definitely a question of how it is possible to shift the power from those who are interested in power over, how we make that shift from those who do control the planet to a great extent. We feel powerless to make any change at all. 
So if we find ways to contribute and to grow that from a minority to a majority, we certainly will be doing a service to ourselves and the planet if we find ways in which we have the power to make that shift. Because I don’t think that that will willingly occur from the perspective of the matrix.
Sue/The Arcturians:
No - - - - Eventually that matrix will be struck, and that matrix will break and fall apart. But Gaia is a free will planet, and she is a loving planet, and she wants to try to heal these lost ones. 
But - - - - they won’t heal. Eventually Gaia will realize that they won’t heal. And eventually, and this is something that other people have spoken about, that eventually there will be like a ray of Light that will come, and the ray of Light is a frequency that is too high for the matrix, but it’s not too high of a frequency for the planet. 
Now the reason is, like when you have an industrial stove, it always needs to be grounded. If you have an industrial light, it always needs to be grounded. And so those that are grounded on the body of Gaia, they will be safe from this frequency of Light that will hit because they are grounded. 

But those that live on the matrix and seek power over and don’t care about the planet and live in greed and avarice and don’t care about others, they are not grounded. They are living on the matrix.
And this Light will hit the matrix. It will break the matrix, and then those that inhabit the matrix will be taken off with the matrix.
And then Gaia, the planet, will be able to begin her process of transmutation into the Higher Frequencies. 

As you reflect upon PART I of the message, please share what stands out for you and let us know why. Share in the comments below!

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  1. The time IS now. Let's unite and become the majority 51%. Thank you for the message and encouragement!

  2. Thank you for the reminder of nature's ability to unite. I will focus being of service in this way - to remind people of their connection to the planet.

  3. The meek shall inherit the earth.

  4. Trabajar la tierra con las manos, sembrar, regar las plantas con agua, cuidar y curar animales heridos o enfermos,servir a seres humanos necesitados, estar un tiempo en la naturaleza son formas prácticas de permitir que Gaia nos conecte. Namasté

  5. I'm ready for the light of the new day! Thank you for the update. I'll stay grounded and co-create harmony around me and within me.

  6. Hmm Not so sure about that ray of light, Armageddon scenario. Sounds too neat and tidy for me to offer agreement. Sure would be awesome, but it sounds like wishful thinking. Wishful thinking can only take one so far. Who decides who is grounded and who is not. Good God what does a broken matrix look like? Sounds like a rough ride. I have learned to distrust hierarchical authority for good reason. I do not see nature working that way. I am sure the tribal folks around the world felt it was the darkest night, when us good Christian white people were wiping them out a hundred years ago. I agree it is about the majority being good. It might take a while.

  7. I know "The Event" conversation has been around for a while, and yet it was only earlier this year I personally heard of it (albeit, I'd read some of Dolores Cannon), even as I've committed my life to the shift since Harmonic Convergence. In any case, I find it interesting that the peeps I've been drawn to in the past 4 years or so are now here and there also talking about "The Event" (by any other name) just recently. Did I miss it all along? I don't remember you and the Arcturians bringing it up before. I do find their discussion an interesting perspective - that the flash isn't about all awakening as much as about those not ready for the vibe up to 5D leaving (kind of opposite as the Rapture, eh?). In any case, I'm committed to New Earth Now, doing my part NOW, energetically, physically and willing to merge more and more with Gaia and Source. Given human free will, certainly the majority of people, as we co-create, would have to want that flash or waves of photonic light to come in such a way in order for it to occur. I'm open either way and know that New Earth is here to choose, be and live right now.