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We the People--Suzanne lie and Free download of Bob Charles Show


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On Book ONE of the Pleiadian Perspective on Ascension

We the People
Suzanne Lie

Hello there, this is Sue Lie,  

The Arcturians have been telling me/nagging me to have some presentations that are just me.  So I am here to look at the human perspective of ascension. I have channeled the Arcturians to explain to myself, and to others, what the higher perspective is. I am here NOW to explore the human perspective.  

I find that it is not too difficult to admit to my human weakness, faults, issues and negative emotions. I can willingly admit the mistakes, fears and challenges of my past, parallel, alternate realities. But the hard part to admit is that I AM Arcturian.  Now it catches in my throat.  So why is that? 

Why is it easier for me, and us, to own our third-dimensional faults than to own our higher-dimensional self?  The answer is that, we have been taught to believe that we are ONLY human.  But we are not humans.  We are wearing humans.

If you are willing to read or listen to this message, then it is pretty sure that you, too, are wearing a human vessel. You/we KNOW that because we are getting in touch with the higher frequencies of our SELF. 

Therefore, we know that we are not JUST our physical body.  We remember that we are wearing a physical bodyWe are our consciousness and our consciousness is multi-dimensional. 

Therefore, inside of that one body that we are wearing – we don’t have one consciousness.  Inside of our body is a portal to all these different dimensions of expressions of our self. Therefore, as we walk around the daily life, and especially in our sleep, we know that WE are portals.  When we open this portal we are ALL the expressions of our Multidimensional SELF within the NOW of that opening.

As we expand our consciousness into higher and higher frequencies of reality, our 3D brain becomes obsolete. We are NOW realizing that we must turn to our multidimensional mind to be able to navigate and understand how to perceive several octaves of reality within the NOW.

With our expanded, increasingly multidimensional perceptions we must remain grounded in unconditional love for it is the only way that we keep above all fear and doubt, as we move into totally uncharted territory.

We also need to keep loving our selves unconditionally in order to fully OWN our higher expression of SELF as US.  We need to keep working on loving our self enough to fully own our wisdom, power and love. Being our higher expression of SELF as we live our daily life is a pretty big thing to live up to.  Our 3D training tells us to push away our imaginary “higher self” and take care of daily life.

Of course, to the higher self that our ego is telling us to push away, there is not “either/or.” However, our human self, that is the human self we are wearing, want to push away all that metaphysical nonsense and take care of business. But it’s not working for us any more because we know who we are. We know it, inside of us!

However, this is not information that we can go out into the streets and start telling people. Or is it? Therefore, WE are speaking up NOW, even if at first it is just with each other. Because, when we start telling people, we will find that many are having our same experience but they are afraid to speak about it.

What if they are judged? What if it brings the cabal down on us?  But, wait! We have our wonderful multidimensional consciousness and higher dimensional perceptions. We can see their aura. We can hear their minds and read their faces. We do not need to identify our SELF to someone who is lost in darkness. But we can send them unconditional love and the Violet Fire.

We can also tell the people who will say, “Wow, I’m having this experience too.”  You see, we are not ahead of anybody, and no one is behind us.  We’re all in this together. In fact, there is no “ahead of” or “behind” when we are thinking from our own higher frequency of SELF.

If we’re thinking in terms of ahead or behind we are thinking third dimensionally. We need to remember that we can’t perceive what’s really happening if we run it through that 3D brain.  We have to bypass our 3D brain and go right from our multi-dimensional mind and into our opened Third Eye and High Heart.

We lovingly remind our 3D brain, “Dear 3D brain, we love you very much and thank you for taking care of the Earth vessel.  You’re a great pilot.  And we will keep loving you because you are taking all the hits in the lower dimensions.  We thank you 3D vessel for feeding, healing and caring for our physical body.”

As soon as we start remembering how it feels inside our bodies, how it feels to start resonating even beyond dreamtime and into our fifth-dimensional resonance, we will begin to clearly remember our realities as Lightbody.

Then when we look down in frequency and see the human person, WE are the ONE we have been channeling.  But, NOW we actually ARE that higher person.  Our “sense of self,” the “who” we think of as OUR self, totally changes.

Whereas before our human self was our “heart,” but then it will be our “tail.” We may still need our tail keep us to Earth, so that all we have learned, and remembered, about shifting into our higher self, can be grounded into the core of Earth to assist Gaia with Her ascension.

Meanwhile, as we go through this process a lot of unique things are going to start happening, and it’s going to start with our perceptions.  More and more we can perceive things that do not fit into the 3D paradigm. 

Or, things disappear from our lives, just out of nowhere.  It’s nothing important – just things – gone.  Then things arrive that are different.  Where did that come from?  We are thinking, “I’m really losing my memory.” 

And yes we are losing our 3D memory, that’s for sure, but what might, and probably is, happening is that we get little glimpses of parallel and alternate realities. Or we actually jump realities.  I think we are doing that a lot now.  If we’re going down the path and wonder, “Why did I do…?” 

Then we call out from a higher awakened self so that we can align with that SELF. Then we see that reality from a higher perspective, which is of very different. Remember we are also still wearing our earth vessel that is walking around on planet Earth.  However, now, our Earth vessel is not “US.”

Now, our earth vessel is our grounding cord. It is the way we share our personal experiences with other earth vessels, and it is a way we share our ascension with Gaia. Now we remember why we took this earth vessel to wear. We came into this reality to assist the spirit of Earth, Gaia.

With our higher perceptions, we see Gaia as the being that is so great that she could not just define herself as a human.  She had to define herself as an entire planet.  And, Gaia is a very brave planet who chose to be a third-dimensional planet.

She allowed Her planet to fall all the way down, and even stayed all the way down in that third/fourth-dimensional frequency. She even allows her pesky humans to live topside, where they are creating untold damage. Gaia is a very courageous planet, and WE are all very courageous for choosing to take an embodiment in this Now. We have chosen to come here NOW to assist our dear Mother Planet. 

Our planet is actually our self, for it is made of the very same elements as our physical earth vessel. Those of us who have had myriad incarnations on Gaia, and remembered many of them, are dedicated to assisting Earth. We are very thankful for all the wonderful, and not always wonderful but challenging, and always evolutionary journeys we have had on Gaia’s planet.

When we become our SELF, we realize our own innate wisdom, power and love, which is so expansive that only a planet can hold it. In other words, we become the planet. We have moved beyond our human problems to remember that we came to this planet, not to just ascend our one physical body.

We expanded our multidimensional consciousness all the way down the dimensional frequencies to place our essence into an earth vessel that was to be OUR portal into the body of Gaia. When we connect our own portal into Gaia’s body, we can share ALL of the higher dimensional wisdom, power and love of ALL of our higher expressions of SELF.

Blessings BE dear Gaia. You have given us a format on which we could learn and eventually ascend. NOW it is our honor to share all that we have remembered with our dear Mother Gaia.

We are the Multidimensional People to Earth.

Prepare for the NOW by reading the books:

(Note about Book 4 of the Pleiadian Perspectives on Ascension)
Book 4 was twice as long as the others, so we have split it into two books so you can better absorb the information. If your book 4 is 400 pages, you have the old version, so you have the full ending of the series. However, if your book book is about 200 pages, please stay tuned for Book 5, which is "Changing Realities."
Thank you.

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  1. Love the part when you said the Arcturians are nagging, lol!!
    The most amazing experience I've had so far is the dream where I finally got to meet my twin flame. Though, I wasn't quite sure that it was her, when I woke up I never felt alone again. In fact, I had the dream when I was sicking tired of nothing happened during the first year I woke up. And since I learned that death is nothing but simply "logging out of the game", all I could think about was committing a suicide. I had been having that thought for quite some time, and that night was especially pretty rough for me. And then, I dreamed about a girl who was sitting right next to me in a classroom full of students. I can't remember what she said to me now, but all I remember is that she was throwing a ball of paper at me. It looked like she was teasing me, but I did not get angry of being thrown at. Actually, I felt a bit of happiness. Then I woke up, realizing that this girl could be my twin flame. And the personality of that girl, who is so optimistic, so bright, so outgoing reminded me of the divine complement of my current expression. This girl is like the TOTAL opposite of me. Then a swell of happiness surged up inside me, and I never felt lonely again. Still experiencing that loneliness once in a while, but now I come to a deeper understanding that we are never actually apart. She is always there, right beside the pod, spending every fiber of being with my multidimensional selves. Before the dream, I used to think that I was here, and she was up there behind the veil, and the separation was so hard. The separation was hard because I thought ALL my fragment was remaining here on Earth, but without time and space, my other fragment is always there with my twin flame. There is a difference, when I felt all my fragment was here to liberate Earth, I felt VERY restricted, and there was nothing I could do beyond this prison for my mind. However, with multidimensional thinking online, I KNOW there are other components of myself who are also doing all they can to make the transition happen.

  2. om gratitude from us
    lightlove to you all

  3. Hello :)
    Fancy finding you in the NOW.

    Your texts are helping me process and navigate so many thing. Most importantly is the learning to live in the now. Lovingly guiding my 3d self to live in 5d. So exquisitely beautiful.

    Thank you.

  4. Dear Sue,

    That was beautifully said and I appreciate it very much. Just when I thought I was getting my stuff together, I found some nastiness in me that I didn't know was still lurking to remind me that the 'work' never ends. The thing is I've been so long supporting Gaia, I forgot to support myself. So I say now, "I AM ARCTURIAN" but I'm definitely human, too, and the combination can be very challenging. Thank you, Sue, and the Arcturians. Your in-depth honesty and insights keep me going. Love, A.