Tuesday, April 7, 2015

From A Higher Perspective--The Arcturians


From A Higher Perspective

 Dear Earth Ones,
As you realize, we Galactics have different kinds of information to share, from a different perspective and often with different people. Of course, the information and people only appear different to your 3D perspective. We see you all as ONE Personal/Planetary Being. Just as you see the parts of your body to be different, but they are all parts of YOU, we see different members of humanity to all be YOU.

As you, humanity, expand your consciousness/perceptions into the higher frequencies of the fifth dimension and beyond, your inner experiences and how your interpret them will greatly change. We ask that you now close your physical eyes and perceive us with your Third Eye…

Do you perceive all the 3D clutter inside your brain? Before we begin, we ask you to collect all that clutter into your heart and love it free. You are NOW in the process of remembering how to BE the master of your mind. Mastery of your mind is the forerunner for your process of ascension.

ALL ascended beings had to become the master of their 3D minds prior to their ascension into their higher dimensional expression. Once the mind is mastered, it can be connected infinitely with your Multidimensional Mind. The constant unconditional love flowing through your connection with your Multidimensional Mind will greatly assist you to become the Master of your emotions.

The key to becoming the master of your emotions is to release your 3D habit of reacting to life. Via your higher dimensional thoughts and emotions you can release your old habit of reacting to stimuli. Instead, you will be able to observe stimuli as you “read” it via your higher states of consciousness.

From the perspective of your higher consciousness, your thoughts and emotions do not need to “react” to life because you KNOW that it is YOU this is choosing/creating your life. In the higher dimensions, “choosing” and “creating” are the same terms. You choose to create your reality by choosing to attach your consciousness to that which you have chosen to attend.

“Where your attention is, there you are also!” is one of the most important aspects of ascension process. Another important aspect is, “There are no mistakes or accidents during ascension,” as YOU are the creator of your reality. As you monitor and take full responsibility for the frequency of your thoughts and emotions, you will increasingly flow into an ongoing awareness of the higher frequency thoughts and emotions that are infinitely within you.

We send you this preamble to our message because we want you to know that as your consciousness expands, you will begin to perceive the myriad higher dimensional friends circling your planet. Remember, you may NOT see these friends via your 3D perceptions, but via your fifth dimensional and beyond perceptions.

To summarize, your third-dimensional, outward focused perceptions may not reveal our presence. It is true that we can, and do, briefly lower our frequency into the third dimension to remind you all that we are here. However, just as you could not stay at the bottom of the ocean for too long without making special adjustments, we cannot stay in the third dimension for too long without making major adjustments.

For one thing, we are timeless beings who flow within the NOW. You know that time is different in different states of consciousness via your dreams. You could have a dream that seemed to last for a lifetime and awake to see that your clock has only added a few minutes of your “time.”

We will explain to you how we perceive you, our dear friends wearing physical vessels. For one thing, to look into your reality, we must look through the 3D Matrix. The 3D Matrix contains the frequency plate that you perceive as your physical world. To see you in this manner, we must re-calibrate our perceptions into lower frequencies.

This re-calibration is much like the calibration that you use with binoculars where you “turn the wheels at the base of the binoculars” to adjust your perspective. In this same manner, we adjust our perspective down in frequency from our innate perception to see reality in the manner that you perceive it while wearing your earth vessel.

We will explain this re-calibration process with visualization, as only your imagination could understand what we are saying. You might say that we have a “bird’s eye” vision of your dimension, as we look down (in frequency—not space) to perceive the beautiful 3D vision of Gaia’s blue orb.

You have all seen this vision via your space stations. However, these pictures only reveal the third dimensional qualities of your planet. Furthermore, the pictures that your “known” space programs (as there are MANY unknown space programs) share with you are greatly altered to hide their many nefarious ventures of which most of you are completely unaware.

Form our fifth dimensional perspective we see what humanity has called “New Earth.” Remember that time ONLY exists in your 3D/4D reality. Also, creation begins within the core in the higher dimensions and moves out into the lower worlds to be revealed in lower and lower dimensions by imprinting itself on Gaia’s third/fourth dimensional matrix.

From our “higher perspective,” we see the “blue glow” of fifth-dimensional Earth with clear blue skies and oceans. Gaia is, indeed, a blue jewel in space. We also see an armada of starships from everywhere in your local universe who have come to observe and assist.

We are, as you can imagine, serving a multidimensional service. We have merged our consciousness with fifth dimensional Earth so that we can enter into the lower frequencies of her multidimensional matrix. The purpose of this multidimensional matrix is to read the consciousness of the inhabitants of Gaia to instantly provide all that is necessary for the life forms of that frequency.

We wish you to know that as you return to your own higher dimensional perceptions, you will have the same perceptions as ourselves. However, we perceive from our position on our Starship, whereas you may perceive it via the Lightbody you are wearing on fifth dimensional Earth.

We now lower our perceptual focus into the fourth dimension of Earth. From this perspective we see uncountable changes occurring all over fourth-dimensional Earth. These changes are occurring in different timelines, alternate realities and parallel realities, as well as within different sub-frequencies of the fourth dimension.

As we enter the Spiritual Sub-plane of Gaia’s fourth dimensional Earth, we see the “I AM Presence” of humanity and all life. We also observe with loving support as we more and more members of third/fourth dimensional Earth is crossing into the fifth dimensional version of New Earth. 

Many of these changes and ascension that we can perceive within the NOW of the fifth dimension, are not yet within your 3D timeline. It is for this reason that your planet still carries a resonance in the third dimension. However, Gaia increasingly tires of the nefarious deeds of the lower consciousness members of Her multidimensional matrix and is ready to release the third dimensional expression of her matrix.

She is aware that there are still many beings that would not be able to attach their consciousness to even the higher sub-planes of the fourth dimensional lattice of her multidimensional matrix. Therefore, Gaia waits.

As we lower our perceptions to perceive this causal Subplane of fourth dimensional Earth, we see that many of you, the ascending ones, have completed your Earth lesson of “cause and effect.” You NOW remember that whatever you send into the 3D Matrix of Gaia will return to you.

By learning that lesson, your consciousness has expanded into the Causal, and for some the Spiritual sub-planes of the 4D component of Gaia’s multidimensional matrix. Those of you who have expanded your consciousness to this frequency and beyond are busily creating more and more sections of light on this matrix.

These areas of light serve as portals through we, the higher dimensional beings, and can attach our awareness to integrate our consciousness with your fourth dimensional reality. Through these portals of light we can also send forth thoughtforms of our starships, as well as actual smaller crafts that we have lowered in frequency enough to be perceptible to your dream state and meditative mind.

What many of you do not realize is that in order to enter your holographic third dimensional reality, we must do so as a holographic projection. Many members of the holographic reality that is attached to your the third/fourth dimensional rungs of Gaia’s multidimensional matrix, do not perceive us as a hologram, as you are also a hologram.

Since your third/fourth dimensional consciousness has labeled this holographic world as “real,” you also perceive us as real. We remind you that all third/fourth dimensional realities are holographic projections from your higher expressions of SELF.

ALL of you, even those who are playing the roles of the “dark side,” all exist as ONE unified consciousness of Earth in Gaia’s fifth dimensional expression. We understand that this information may be very difficult for you to accept. You intensely feel your pain, your happiness, your sorrow, your birth and your death.

Because you have seen yourselves as victims to your reality for so long, you have deeply embedded your consciousness into the lower frequencies where “victims” and “creator” are different terms. Many of you have forgotten that you chose to play out situations in which you perceived your SELF as a victim, so that you could remember that YOU are the creator of your reality with your own thoughts and emotions.  

From you pre-birth frequency in the higher realms, you forgot how deeply the illusions of the third/fourth dimensions merged with your sense of SELF. Therefore, we and many other members of your Galactic Family are lowering our resonance to assist you to remember that YOU are US.

When you cannot consciously remember your own higher frequencies of SELF, you believe that you are trapped in the lower worlds and can only leave it via what you have titled as “death.” To us, your “death” is perceived as “logging out” of your holographic reality and returning Home to your REAL self. We want you to remember that important fact.

Now, as we continue our journey through one of the wonderful light portals that you, the members of Earth have opened, we begin to perceive your third dimensional world through our multidimensional perspective. Therefore, we perceive all of the versions of your SELF.

We can easily perceive what you may call a “string of light” that connects all the myriad incarnations that you have taken with in your NOW of some timeline, alternate and/or parallel embodiment on Earth. Because of the great importance of releasing the veils of illusion between dimensions, many of you have taken multiple incarnations in the hopes that at least one of you will fully awaken to your higher dimensional expressions.

Our perception of your third dimensional “rung” of Gaia’s multidimensional matrix is that it is a reality in the process of great change. We can feel this change within our bodies, just as you can feel the great change within your bodies. Your bodies, your earth vessels, represent your direct connection to the planet.

Since your small, individual earth vessel is constructed of the same earth, air, fire and water as the planet, YOU are a miniature version of Gaia’s Earth. One of the things that we perceive, and many of you are beginning to remember, is that your fourth dimensional auras are becoming multidimensional.

We also perceive that many of you have consciously or unconsciously activated your multidimensional Lightbody and on the verge of being able to burst into Lightbody when the situation calls on you to do so. Since, your Lightbody is multidimensional, while in that frequency of your SELF, you will be able to replicate our journey, but into the higher frequencies.

In fact, many of you return to your Ships increasingly often. By returning to your higher SELF while maintaining a connection to your earth vessel, you are able to remain attached to the 3D matrix via your earth vessel, while your also connect with your fourth dimensional dreamtime.

Once you have taken those rehearsals of returning to your SELF, you are often ready to make your “maiden voyage” to your visit your Starship on which your Lightbody SELF is serving to assist Gaia. In this manner, you are able to remain “in active duty” on 3D Earth while your ALSO continue your active duty on physical Earth.

We invite you to ask to be taken Home to your Ship before you sleep. Or, you may chose to use the power of your imagination to move up (in frequency) through the fourth dimension to visit your Ship in the fifth dimension. Many of you do so on a regular basis. All you need do NOW is to REMEMBER!

Call on us and we will assist you,
The Arcturians 

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  1. This message is from the Arcturians? I am confused.

  2. Dear Suzanne, I have translated and published the message as you published yesterday. It was from the Blue Avians and now is from the Arcturians. Can you please tell me if this is the correct/final form, so that I can change the translation I published. Thank You.

    1. this is the final form
      thank you for sharing it.

    2. I am honored to do it. Thank you for everything that you share with us.

  3. gratitude an' BLESSINGS
    ital.transl. and humble Service

  4. Thank you, Sue and the Arcturians! This message confirms so much and I am grateful and happy to see it. I particularly like the idea of 'choosing' over creating and I will hereafter do my best to intend based on contemplated choice, to look at all of the future potentials available in a given situation and make the choice of the one that works best for me. And I like very much the holographic scenario explained in the message. For me, this is a keeper message and a very great reminder of where we are and what we're doing. Thank you. Love, A.

  5. All I can add is THANK YOU.
    It resonates with me completely.

    ARCTURIAN and galactics message :

    it is us
    your higher selves
    We always with you
    Your wavering consciousness doesn’t let us contact you permanently now
    Please go on cleaning

    We are at important point in our relationship
    So be responsible
    Be aware
    Leave the old heavy patterns accept the new light one
    We cant interfere nor influence because of love and free will
    You are the creator of what you call your futures
    We always bless you
    call us
    we'll answer

  7. I have always felt there was something else beyond this 3D reality. It makes sense. But I am beset with doubts! Like the song says; we won't get fooled again. I believe Gaia is a living breathing entity. I believe we are all connected. I believe in the existance of alien beings and multi dimensions, string theory and the teachings of Jesus. I believe Mary Magdelene is the rock Jesus intended to build his church upon and that we have been lied to by the church since the veginning. So why am I stuck! I ask for a sign to help me get past the doubts and fears and sometimes recieve them. So confusing all these messages from so many different sources; arcturians, sirians, pleiadians, the galactic federation, archangels.... what I am trying to say is that the willfull and wonton greed of corporations and the banking system and the abuses they get away with have me so angry that I feel utterly helpless. How long do they get to do what they do and not pay for their crimes? Respectfully I ask these things.

    1. Send the corporations etc etc etc Unconditional Love and Violet Fire. These forces of darkness are on their way OUT and the forces of light are on their way IN. When you send them light and love your keep your consciousness above their reach. When you get angry and frightened you become their prey.
      YOU are a beautiful MULTIDIMENSIONAL BEING, keep your consciousness, and thus your perceptions, focus on Love and Light.
      Where we focus is where we go.

  8. Hello,

    You said "We invite you to ask to be taken Home to your Ship before you sleep."
    I ask from my higher self this and start to astral projected. I pass through a wormhole and go to another planet. I looks like it was night. It has some lights to some areas and a lot of buildings but different than ours. I do not feel fear. I go to the surface of the planet and enter into a building. I hope to meet someone but I hear a sound like a silent alarm and wake up. Could you tell me if this is that you mean?

  9. WOW what a great experience. I think you had an actual experience. When you consciousness had had all that it could accept, the inner silent alarm woke you up.
    YOU were the one who woke you up. If there was too much, you may not have been able to remember any of it
    Very cool

  10. Finally my experience is confirme, what is happening. Many times I had experience with starship, during the Reiki session. I my friend was on the table, but in the same time I saw her in the universe, she was sitting in the starship around the table, with others. I was outside of the ship, but through the window, telepathicly we was able to communicate. I ask her what are you doing here? She said, " I am responsible for groups of people ( and she looked down to the earth)
    I am they leader.Her son was there too and few other people.
    After the Reiki session I told my friend, she was surprised .Also I told her she need 2 months and she is out from her darkness. 2 months later she was completely different person.She started study and she is a spiritual leader of groups of people. Nobody never thought she will a spiritual teacher. One more thing, during the Reiki session my friend son had a sleep in the other room. After then he wake up he told her mother, he had a weird dream. He said, he was in the space i
    nside the starship.
    I try to put together my many different experience. I have lot. This is only one of them. I am not very sure how I am doing this. I just looking up to the sky and I always know there is my home.
    Thank you Sue, love you, Maria
    I'm apologies for my mistakes, english is my 2d.lenguage.