Thursday, April 2, 2015

In Transition #1--Building A New "House" For Our SOUL and Free Audio --- Suzanne Lie and the Arcturians


In Transition #1

Building s New “House” For Our SOUL

Greetings. I am Suzanne Lie/ I am starting a series called “In Transition.”  There are so many things that are changing so quickly in our lives.  And our consciousness and our bodies are having a very difficult time keeping up with all these changes.

When I was a child my father was a contractor. I used to go with him to his job sites, and I would see houses in all the different stages of formation.  I remember the first stage was when there was just a piece of concrete on the ground, and it looked so small.  I would look at the concrete and say, “this could not possibly be a house, and it’s far too small.”

Then they would put up the wood framing for the house, and I could the framing or each room. Now the house looked even smaller, and it looked like a maze. The fun part was that I could go through the walls.  There were no barriers between the rooms.  There was just a bunch of tall boards that stuck up from the foundation. 

As a child I would wander through all these different passageways and try to imagine what this would look like when it was a house, because it didn’t even begin to look like a house yet. Then the roof would come on.  The walls would come on and it would start to look more like a house. 

At this point I would begin to realize that even though it didn’t look like a house at all when it first started – it began to look like a house as it started to have walls and a roof.  However the roof did not provide any protection because it was just more long rows of lumber, the potential for something that was going to happen.

At first I didn’t know what was going to happen. But I knew I had to be careful because there were all kinds of things that I couldn’t step on, things I couldn’t touch and things I had to be careful that might fall over.

I’m telling you this story because it is much like our path to Ascension. When we are on the physical, we perceive ourselves as very small and just one little human.  Then as slowly we begin to go through this great process of transformation into our true Lightbody self, things begin to change.  But we don’t know what those things are. 

We suddenly know that our old foundations don’t work anymore and that we need to build a new foundation.  So many of us are leaving our old jobs and working for ourselves.  We realize that we don’t have to do what we don’t want to do, and we are not going to do what we don’t want to do.

But we don’t really know exactly what we want to do, even though we’re very clear on what we don’t want to do.  So therefore we have to be willing to go through the process of just laying down the blueprint. I also remember looking at my father’s blueprint.  I thought they were very interesting because they were blue with white lines written on them.

I was used to everything being white with blue or black lines written on them. These blueprints for our Ascension are just like that. They are opposite. They are written with Light – with White Light.  So instead of making a foundation of concrete we are making a foundation of White Light.

First we have to begin with the foundation and know that the foundation is likely going to look very much smaller. Therefore, we have to be careful about how much we bite off at the beginning.  We might think that we can do all of it, but then building that house can be quite expensive and take a very long time. 

So therefore it’s best that we build a foundation that we feel comfortable with because we can always add on to our new house, our new life. This way it gives us a chance to stabilize each shift that we are making, as we are making a lot of shifts now. 

Instead of the walls being something that you can see through - made of lumber.  These walls are something that we can see through, and made of Light.  So we are laying out our blueprint but it is a virtual blueprint because it surrounds our living reality.  Just like when I could walk into the house and look through the walls and walk through what would be the rooms. 

That is a stage “building” that we are in now.  We are in the stage where we are building our life with a structure of Light foundations, Light walls and Light rooms. So far we can walk between all of these rooms.  Nothing is set in stone.  Everything is a very good idea. 

However when we go to put on a roof we have to really make sure how we want the rooms in our house. The rooms represent the areas of our life in which we wish to stay.  There are areas of our life like our kitchen.  In our kitchen, we have to find a way to nourish our physical body.  Our physical body is in great transition as it is being re-built while we are still in it. 

Therefore, we have to think about what we eat, when we eat, where we eat, how we eat. We can no longer shove a bunch of junk food into our house, our kitchen and our body because we’re in a hurry and we want to dash off.  No – now we have a new “kitchen” in our “new house” that WE are creating.

We want to have good food in our new house, food that nourishes us. Now we don’t know what that food is until we really understand our body.  So our “kitchen” has a lot to do with understanding what our body wants to eat in each NOW because all of us are made of a different structure and all of us have different Galactic beings within us. All of us have different cultures and different habits. 

We are going to need to feed ourselves differently. Our body, if we ask will definitely tell us, “No, I cannot eat that anymore.  Look how I feel.” Then our body will show us exactly how it feels when we give it that food.  Therefore we have to let go of that food because it is too dense for our transmuting body. We have to let go of all different kinds of food that we enjoyed eating because we just can’t eat them anymore.  This is one of our first sacrifices.

Now, let’s go into our new bedroom.  Our new bedroom is where we sleep.  Sleep is totally different now.  As we are transmuting into our Lightbody we are beginning to have dreams that we wake up with and remember. We are then called upon to write down these dreams as soon as we wake up because there is an important inter-dimensional message that we will forget when we lower our consciousness back to our 3D life. 

In fact, I woke up this morning with the message of being in transition and thinking of myself going to the houses that my father was building when I was a child. Then, I heard, “You are all in transition.”

Sleep is a major transition because, again, we’re going to have to listen to our body.  No more pushing our selves to the actual virtual edge of complete exhaustion because our bodies are already overwhelmed with the process of transmuting into a higher frequency.  So when our body says, “I’m tired and I need to rest!”

We need to say, “Okay, I’m going to sit down. I’m going to rest. I’m going to let that important thing take a break, and that important thing take a break and that important thing take a break.  Because right NOW the most important thing in my reality is that I AM transmuting into my fifth-dimensional expression of self.” 

We can also so, just so that we remember, “I have taken so many incarnations on Earth, but this is my last incarnation on physical Earth. I am ready to Ascend with Gaia. I am ready to be one of the ones who will populate the fifth-dimensional version of Earth with my fifth-dimensional Lightbody.  So I am listening to the instructions that I hear inside.” 

Now, as we go to the living room, how do we want to live?  Now, we know that we don’t want to live any longer in the hurry, scurry of:
“Yes I must,”
“Oh I should,”
“I’m late,”
“So and so told me I have to.” 
“If I don’t do this then so and so will get angry with me.” 

We know that we are done living our life in that manner. We no longer want someone outside of us to be the person who tells us how to live our lives.

We want to live our lives the way we feel inside – inside of our body.

We know when we are doing something we love because we are joyful.
We are happy when we are creative.
We can do something creative for hours and just feel wonderful. 
We know when we are doing something that we don’t want in our life any longer because we are tired, we are bored and we are distracted.  Therefore, we put it off and put it off and finally at the very last minute—we begrudgingly do it.

Now we need to find ways to recreate our life so that we can delegate away everything that we don’t like to do.  If we absolutely cannot delegate it to someone else to do, then we need to let go of the drama and listen to our bodies. 

Our bodies will say,
“Okay, all right I think I can do that thing now. I’m not too happy about doing it, but I know that it’s still a component of my life and I will willingly and happily release it at the first moment that I can. But in the NOW it’s still a component of my life.

“Therefore instead of being angry and grumbling and sad I’m going to say, ‘Blessings BE and I AM happy enough to be able to do something once in a while that I’m not that happy about. 

“I know that I have come here to Earth not just to build my own new home.
I know that my new home is representative of the process of building OUR New Earth.”

Now let’s not forget the bathroom. The bathroom is where we let go and where we clean up.  Now we’re going to be letting go of more and more things.  Things that we thought we HAD to do and told ourselves, “How could I survive without doing that?” 

As we allow our new roof, not the old roof that shut out the world, but the new roof that is a roof of Light that connects us with our new higher dimensional world, then when we go into our bathroom we will know that,
“I can LET GO of this, I can LET GO of that, I can LET GO of so many things. “

“Every time I do a little more work on my new home I understand where I am going, who I am becoming. Now I know this process is one that I have waited for myriad, myriad incarnations and one that I have planned for myriad lifetimes. Therefore: I’m going allow myself to BE patient because I am building a house without a blueprint. The only blueprint I have for this house is in my High Heart, and

“I must open my Third Eye in order to be able to go consciously inside my High Heart. I remember NOW that:
·      Inside my High Heart is all the Wisdom I have ever gained in every one of my incarnations. 
·      Inside my High Heart is all the Multi-dimensional Power that I have gained in all of my many journeys to the beloved planet Gaia.
·      And inside my High Heart is my Unconditional Love that I have gained in all my realities on the body of Gaia.
·      I know that the secret to building my new house is that: I must collect all the Infinite Wisdom I have gathered in all of my incarnations on to the body of Gaia.
·      I must collect all the Multi-dimensional Power that I have gained from the myriad lessons of my uncountable lifetimes. 
·      And I must use all the Unconditional Love that has been sent to me from my higher expressions of SELF as well as from all my beloved guides in the Galactic, Angelic and Celestial worlds.

“I know that I am ready to build my new house.
I know that letting go of what I need to let go of to build this new house will not be easy.  I also know that I will have to make many, many transitions. 

“Fortunately, I remember the power of Unconditional Love and the Violet Fire.
Therefore, I remember that I don’t have to have painful transition. All I need do is to send myself Unconditional Love and blaze any challenge with the Violet Fire to transmute it into Light.”

Blessings BE to you ALL and I remind you to send yourself
Unconditional Love and Violet Fire.
Sue and the Arcturians (My speaking and their/our idea)

How is your transition going?
How is your Higher SELF assisting you?
Please share. Your contribution is VERY important.

YOU are very important.


  1. Dear Sue, You have been my spiritual teacher during the past year. When I read your postings I always feel that you are reading my mind and directly guiding me on my path of ascension. Most of the questions you have raised, came to my mind when I woke up in the morning. I guess it's because all are ascending together with Gaia at the same time. I feel that I am at the point of opening my third eye and yet to discover my blue print. Thank you so much for starting this series.

    1. Yes, just as we got accustomed to our OLD blueprint, we now have to read our NEW blueprint

  2. om we are One
    we are the One
    One is all
    all is One
    iTALIAN TRANSLATION and multiD cooperation

  3. Dear Sue,

    My higher self has been more and more present and now it feels like always. She/it calls me 'baby girl' and guides me to different realities. Fear was a biggie for me - I had so many!!!
    Giving myself unconditional love is so new.
    Believing I deserve it all is new
    Knowing I can do no wrong - my whole physical body is so relaxed at the thought form!
    It's wonderful - finally! Thank you for speaking out. I am not alone and it brings tears to my eyes.
    This is IT!

  4. Yes absolutely on the same track.... the new building is being done by my intention with love and more love than ever before. Things started to change in a huge wave, and to catch up with - mostly while resting. I need more rest and sleeptime than ever AND it is the most delicious time of the day - knowing that I gather with my other parts and families out to all Marie

  5. I can really relate to this story. When I was a little girl my dad was in charge of building houses for a local new community. He would bring me to the job site if I sat quietly in his truck. I would be amazed for hours watching the cranes, bulldozers, and all those workers make a house appear in what seemed like an hour.

    Pleasance Faast @ Shelton Roof

  6. Thank you for posting and sharing this! I have been going through a very rough patch in my life with many self-doubts and this piece of writing was just what I needed to inspire myself. I have to remember that everything happens for a reason but I can be in control of my fate as much as possible. Thank you!

    Catherine Burns @ Easton Roofing LLC