Saturday, April 4, 2015

Q&A With Higher SELF--Happy Easter from Sue and the Arcturians

 Q&A With My Higher SELF

Happy Easter and Happy Ascension

SUE: Dear Arcturians,
So many of us are so very tired, and we want to know what is happening. As usual, I am asking you—my Higher SELF.

What is occurring with you, our earth ONE is that you are ascending. You are ascending slowly but surely, so that your earth vessel can gradually accept each alteration and integrate these changes into the entire system of your third and fourth dimensional form.

Many of you, our grounded ones, have worked constantly and are beyond fatigue. We ask you NOW to release that fatigue. However you must FEEL it before you can release it. You see you must consciously experience each element of your present incarnation that needs to be released so that you can consciously release it.

Those of you who have “worked hard and long” for the process of ascension are likely the teachers, healers and leaders who have chosen to help and heal Gaia and ALL Her inhabitants. You beloved ones are NOW consciously aware of every component of your experience, so that you can share it with others.  

You, have two choices. You can “worry” about your great fatigue or you can unconditionally love and transmute it. Have you forgotten that you are the creator of your reality? Yes, we think that many of you have forgotten. Please remember, there is a choice.

You can be the conscious creator of your reality OR you can be the victim to the myriad shifts and changes that are now, and will increasingly, fill your reality. When was the last time you sent yourself unconditional love and/or transmuted your transforming form with the Violet Fire?

S:  Dear Arcturians,
I can only speak for myself, but I but admit that it has been far to long. Likely it was when I was telling others to send themselves unconditional love and violet light. But, I became lost in my service and allowed fatigue, it it’s best friend worry, to come into my consciousness. I see now that there is a martyr inside of me that I must love free. I work too hard, rest too little, and then wonder why I am exhausted beyond words.

A:  Yes, we are happy that you are realizing that. We realize that many of you are neglecting your self for a good purpose, but we have been training you all of these years so that you can give decades of service to your mission. If you become ill, or exhausted beyond the ability to continue, you will burn your self out.

While wearing an earth vessel, if you burn your self out you will likely get sick or injured. This is your body’s way of saying, “I have reached my limit, and I need time to restore myself.” Do you hear your body telling you that now?

S:  Yes, I hear my body screaming that now. And, in spite of what I have said to others, what you/we have said to others, I have become so obsessed with my service that I have not listened enough to my body. Therefore, right now I am going to say,

“Dear Suzille/Sue,
I love you unconditionally!

I forgive you unconditionally for falling into the martyr role of working yourself to total exhaustion.

I accept—finally—that the earth vessel I am wearing can no longer “work” in the manner that I have pushed it for decades.

I NOW Blaze, Blaze, Blaze the Violet Fire into every cell and atom of my physical earth vessel.

I choose to perceive the Violet Flame as it moves into every cell and atom of my earth vessel.

As I do this, I realize that there is another “ME” inside of my vessel. It is not actually “another” me. It is a “higher” me. That ME is YOU, the Arcturians, as well as ALL the expressions of my multidimensional SELF who have come into this vessel to assist me to assist Gaia. How did I miss this?

A:  It is simple, Suzille, you did not look. You were focused on the outside of you because you were addicted to the world being outside of you. Therefore, you used your outside earth vessel to deal with the challenges of your outside reality. Do you now see your inside reality?

S:  Yes, I can feel it and vaguely see it. I think if I write about it, I will see it better. It seems that that which I cannot perceive with my eyes, my body can perceive and tell me through my writing.

A:  Write what your body perceives now.

S:  My body perceives, feels, knows and recognized that there is quite a crowd inside of me. My ego wants to remind me that everyone has this inner crowd.

A:  Not every one has this “crowd” of their higher expressions waiting inside, but there are more and more people who are realizing this every day. Please continue.

S:  The way my body/I perceive the “crowd” inside is almost as if there are many vaguely shaped humanoid figures inside me. Some of them are filled with light.  Oh, I do see Tarmain who is a whale being in there too, as well as my Lemurian bird being.

Some members of the crowd appear to be in the process of transmuting into their lightbodies, and some, oh, I can feel these ones. These beings all turn to face me and are sending me the amazing calm and unconditional love.

I feel them congratulating me. They are happy for me and understand that everything that I am experiencing as great fatigue is actually my remaining fear. I see them now as all the inner teachers who have lovingly guided me my entire life.

These guides have deep understanding of me and are recognizing exactly how I have been feeling. I am realizing how very tired I am, yet I cannot or will not stop until…I don’t know. I think the “cannot stop” may actually be my inner martyr.

Yes, they are smiling. They are reminding me that “time” is an illusion, as is “work.” Work is just the resistance inside of me. This resistance seems to be coming from figures that are darker, like my shadow self.

These shadow ones have not yet fully recognized that there is NO time. They have not yet remembered that because there is NO time, there is NO urgency, NO hurry and NO work. The light ones inside are trying to tell them that we are not actually DOING the process of ascension. We are actually BEING of the process of ascension.

Dear Arcturians, how can I BE the BEING of my process?

A:  Suzille, when you are the BEING of your process there is NO resistance in either your inner or outer life. In the fifth dimension and beyond there is NO word for WORK. Work is a third dimensional term defined as “resistance over time.”

Inside of your “shadow ones” are trying to ascend via the 3D formula of “working hard.” The already ascended ones inside you, the beings of lightbody, are reminding you that in the NOW there is NO work because there is NO resistance and NO time.

We ask you to observe the shadow ones as they surrender their concept of resistance into the flow of the NOW. Do you see how they instantly become lighter?

S:  Yes, I see that some of them instantly become lightbodies, but others are taking longer and others are struggling to even begin the process of letting go. I see that these ones believe their hard work is what makes them a “good person.”

A:  Please send unconditional love and Violet Fire to those who are struggling. Tell them that when they release those old, 3D concepts, they will no longer need to work at all.

S:  Yes, I am telling them, but some are very addicted to working hard. They are the ones that believe that working hard makes them a good person. What do I do about them?

A:  You continue to love them unconditionally. Therefore, you love them even though they are trapped in the concepts of time and work. Love them even though they are resisting your process of ascension by holding on to old behaviors.

Even though they are still addicted to the third dimensional indoctrination that working hard makes them a good person, love them unconditionally. Forgive them and accept them unconditionally. Do you think that you can do that?

S: I don’t know. I will try… Yes, I see that some of these shadow ones are able to accept my love, but others are not.

A:  We are happy that you have identified the “leaders” of your own inner darkness. Please focus on loving the ones who the leaders of your own inner resistance. Do you see how these ones are actually components of your inner self that you have always judged. Do you think that you can release that judgment?

S:  YES, I will. I deeply understand now that I overwork myself because I was taught to believe that a ‘good person’ works really ‘hard.’ But I am concerned that I will forget and return to my old habits.

A:  That is when you will call on us again. You are, of course, aware that you must first forgive your self before you can truly, deeply forgive others.

S:  Yes, I do know that. I also know that you, my Higher SELF, will always answer my call. But, I may have to call you many times.

A:  Yes, we will always answer. Remember, we are infinitely sending you unconditional love and Violet Fire. Therefore, if you cannot send it to your self, then tune into us and feel that we are sending it to you.

May you have a relaxing day free of work and filled with ascension?


  1. Sue,
    When my consciousness drops, sometimes I immerse myself in my 3D hobbies, like playing video games or watching DVDs. For me, the visualization of violet flame is too intense. My consciousness at that time might not be able to stand it or meditation of any kind, because there is GREAT resistance to it. That's when I switch back to 3D hobbies. Since you have to channel AND integrate, your workload is twice the workload of ours. It takes plenty of time already to just keep concentrating on channeling, let alone you have to integrate your own message later on, and do all the clearing-self process. For us, the readers, we only have to do the latter parts. So, you've surely dedicated a lot to this whole ascension process than you could have imagined:))

    1. Lee, this is a major challenge that EVERYBODY faces at the beginning of their choice to self-evolve, to 'ascend' as a human being; to put Soul back in the Navigator's seat, relieving the ego-mind of the dual roles it was forced to play for eons. The ego-mind was only meant to be the 'pilot' of the human vehicle, NOT the Navigator as well. Ergo the STRESS it experiences, ESPECIALLY when The System is geared to run on fear-based thought-forms. Unfortunately the ego resists PASSIONATELY what it sees as its 'demise', its loss of CONTROL, when the awakening human decides to take on this challenge of 'leaving the matrix'. So naturally it will get you to DO things in 3D -- anything and everything -- to STOP YOU FROM MEDITATING or using Energy to re-empower your Self, bring more of your HS down into 'this' reality to 'take over' the navigation of your Earthly journey. So as long as you give in to the ego's diversions, its 'game', you shall NOT move forward. Your Consciousness CAN 'stand it', CAN break through the illusion of ego-resistance. Of course. It 'just' takes a LOT of determination, self-discipline, and the absolute refusal to give in, and give up. Its the way your own Spirit 'tests' you to see if you really are 'done' learning/playing in 3D and 4D. :-)

  2. Thank you for the nice message. Yes, this was a real outreach from me to the Arcturians because I "hit the curb," which is an American expression for "too tired to continue."
    I decided to share it, and to also make the message to everyone. After all we are
    ALL ONE.
    thanks for your comment

    1. Hi Sue,
      Thanks so much for sharing this "emergency call". Right in the afternoon I was working with a colleague who almost collapsed and had to close her practice for a week: It is so helpful how the Arcturians literally go to the roots of fatigue/overworking and bring them into light instead of simply belittling them as 'ascension marks'. It was a good kick for me to remember my great responsibility for my limited 3d physical 'luxurious limousine' as a friend calls her body. --- During the next time I will also pay attention whether this phenomenon is evenly observed with both genders or whether it is mostly for the 'good girls' to get rid of these shadows.

  3. As always - right on time! I woke up feeling exhausted from what I "perceived as a long hard week" I see now that it was what I am thinking that caused it and "labeled" it hard and exhausting instead of seeing each moment as new. Thanks Sue.

  4. we are grateful-
    ITAL.TRANSL. and multiD share

  5. alex alfa ashton 1April 5, 2015 at 9:35 AM

    out of divided time :


    answers to last post's questions
    Q.: how is your transition going?


    Ups and downs…when in lower awareness.
    Centered in the one here now when consciousness is in tune..
    Sometimes I even get more than lost ‘cause i cling to old illusion or I don’t accept the NEW-NOW phenomena ,
    on the other edges of holo-spectrum i am exponentially going further away /within every instant
    I feel so alone sometimes and I have a lot to clean transmute .
    It is nice when I go out of separation-illusion and I rest-float in the everpresent now of the infinite here-flow of the only ONE ..

    Q.:How is your Higher SELF assisting you?

    My higher self is a light in dark
    It is a door to my Signature frequency
    a-the bridge to the InfiniteSelf
    it is was is will be always there ready to love and enlighten……….. if i so allow to happen
    it is multi D and multifunctional :can take many forms
    unchangeable ever connected to oneness and truth
    if i merge-intermingle with IT always the best for me and all comes out
    if i melt
    :my awareness is instrumental and love is the energy to open potentials
    Resonating to truth and Oneness
    Communication is instrumental..

  6. Sometimes it's easy to forget that those out there on the forefront are on the same journey as you can seem "larger than life". But we are all here together, changing & growing, each passing our personal, spiritual kidney stones :-) They are passing tho and together, we are getting it done!

    Sending loads of love & light always Suzille

    1. "Spiritual kidney stone" very clever. If can feel like that sometimes,

  7. Dearest Sue and the Arcturians,

    For me, the over-work ethic took the form of wanting to please others, my family, friends, those in 'authority' over me at work and in the government, et cetera. As I progressed on the path, with so much needed and appreciated help from you and the Arcturians, thank you, I was reminded of a funny episode of the Bob Newhart Show. I don't know if you remember that series, but in this particular show Bob was counselling a woman who repeated and repeated and he shocked her into stopping and giving herself some time to realize what she was doing by shouting at her in the middle of her session, "Stop it!" I tell that to myself quite often and I also tell it to all my other Selves clamouring away within wishing to take part - or not - in the ascension process. Then I try to get outside and ground some of the energy. Thank you from my heart for your work, but please take care of you first. Love You. A.

    1. I saw that skit. Very clever and what we need to tell our selves many times a day. Yes, the grounding part is so very important,

  8. YES , Sue, relax yourself, you know---we need time to read your blog, your books, maybe other books as well...

    Love you