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Communications from 1995 -- Messages From Sirius

Dear Readers,
I am on retreat, but wanted to post a blog while I had Internet. I recently discovered fills from 1995, when I was first awakening to my Multidimensional SELF. I dared not post them till now. I am starting with this one from Sirius.


We know you in your spirit and speak to you from our group energy. You had visited us in your consciousness, as we have visited you. We were once biological space ships sent from Sirius, just like your Star Trek movie. We appear much like your whales. When we lowered our vibration in order to enter your atmosphere, we lost our inter-galactic powers.

We found then that the ocean was much like outer space and our watery world. Therefore, we could quickly adapt to navigate your waters. Those of us who landed on land did not survive. To this day, we mourn them. Sometimes our genetic memories will drive us in that direction and we, too, perish.

It was long ago that we too had bipedal form. Bipeds lived within us, what you would perceive as the whale beings, but they did not survive the descent into the third dimension very well. They devolved due to the harsh conditions and few of them survived. However, the ones who did survive lived on land, whereas the biological ships who survived lived in the ocean.

We used our database of our once human occupants to create our own inner organs. We had to do so to take care of the task that had once been done by our inner humans. Some of you on this planet were once these inner humans. You lived inside of us like living in a huge submarine. Most of the crew mates perished in the descent.

The few that survived moved on to land to join the other bipeds. We have a fiction tale to tell you about your long ago history and your Sirians roots. This history will help you to heal your Sirians vibration, which has felt dissonant to you. You were a member of the Viper Warriors and created much pain and suffering wherever you traveled.

You were a great conqueror and feared by many. When at last you ended that life you stayed away from Sirius for many incarnations. Later when the call came to assist the planet that you had worked towards destroying, you incarnated again on Sirius.

Your story will begin with that birth, with flashbacks into the Viper life. It was not only your love of the sea that forged your decision to stay in the ocean, it was also your fear of the land and the blood that was spread upon it. Now that you have healed your earth human lives, you can begin to heal your extra-terrestrial lives and your inter-planetary galactic lives. Our memory is infinite.

We remember everything. As you become one with us again, we will awaken your whale memory. Some of this memory will come to you in dreams such as the one that we are about to help you to remember. You had a dream, or was it a memory about your original genetic engineering. It was like in Stargate SG-1 and a serpent was implanted into the people.

Actually, the serpent was planted into the woman and then the woman was mated with the man. There was a large cat like a mountain lion that was somehow part of this process. It seemed that if the serpent was in the woman, the cat allowed a mating. But if the serpent was not in the woman, the cat would attack any man who tried to mate with her.

You were a supervisor of the project and there was also a child that you were working with. It was a girl of about ten years. You were teaching her the rules of a certain game, or maybe it was a test. We shall now assist you by giving you our interpretation of this dream. This dream is a response to your call that you wish to remember more.

It is also a continuation of your communications with Sirius through your whale consciousness. Yes, you/we were one of the early genetic engineers from Sirius. We were serpentine and/or dragon in form. This form served us well in our home world. In Sirius B, the atmosphere is very thick like liquid air.

We move throughout our atmosphere by swimming like a snake would swim in water. We were very large, six to ten feet of your earth measure. The males were usually nine to ten feet and the females were six to eight feet. The elders who had moved beyond the polarization of gender and were androgynous were often eleven to twelve feet. It was often these that took the form of what you would call a dragon.

Once in an androgynous form, our inner polarities were resolved and we could therefore raise our carrier frequency into the fifth dimension and above. It was our elders who began to sprout arms and legs when they chose to. The elders were the ones who developed space travel. This was not difficult for them because they lived in hyper-space, which is somewhat like you would think of as the fourth dimension.

Within hyper-space, one could easily travel to anywhere in the galaxy by curving space. These Sirians are related to the Dracs in that they are both reptilian. They are also related to the dinosaurs. The dinosaurs were the first to inhabit physical earth. Both the Dracs and the Sirians arrived upon earth at about the same time. The hot, gaseous environment suited their reptilian natures. The two of them fought for hundreds of years. However, the harsh environment forced them to eventually align with each other and they finally ceased their fighting.

Also Orion and Sirius both became involved in wars upon their own home worlds and abandoned their earth project to their inhabitants. The longer that the reptiles lived on earth, the more their vibration dropped and the more their third dimensional forms developed. It was this dropping of consciousness to inhabit more and more physical forms that was what humans called evolution.

Whenever the Terrans, our world for earth settlers, who were both Draconians from Orion and Sirians from Sirius, lowered their vibration, they had to find another kind of vehicle to hold their consciousness. The sensations of the physical world were a unique experience for the Terrans and they constantly, albeit slowly chose to lower their frequency so that they could become more and more physical. They would lower their frequency by finding an already existing physical form and inhabiting it by the use of their genetic engineering.

This was like a hermit crab looking for a new home, except the hermit crab does so as it is getting bigger and bigger. The Terrans looked for a new home because they were growing denser and denser. Their increasing density allowed them more “sensations” but it also made them more vulnerable. Fortunately, their higher vibrational selves were still in existence in the higher dimensions of Terra/Earth. These higher selves were like the puppeteers of their physical counterparts in the lower dimensions. Because the environments were so harsh, the Terrans chose to make themselves very big. However, when they were big, they had to eat a lot.

They didn’t know that when they chose their size because eating was not something they had experienced before they became physical. The story of creation and the snake telling Eve to eat the apple was a portion of the lowering of vibration enough to mate with the earth creatures. This is why people fast in a spiritual process in order to raise their frequency.

Eventually food became so scarce that some dinosaurs had to eat other dinosaurs in order for the species to survive. This is where the Terrans split in consciousness between those who would rather die than kill and those who would rather kill than die. This split into two groups became the format for all third dimensional existence.

Killing had not been known before the consciousness was lowered into a third dimensional form because there had never been death. Remember, death is an illusion of third dimension. It does not exist in the higher worlds. Even when the early Dracs and Sirians fought over Terra, it was tactical, like playing chess.

There was no killing because nothing really died. Even if their increasingly lowering vibration became ill or wounded, their higher self would pull the form back into the higher dimensions to be repaired. Then the form would be sent back down into the lower worlds to continue the “game of life” in the third dimension.

However, the dinosaur form had such a small amount of the higher self’s consciousness that their consciousness became more and more distorted as their frequency dropped. The dinosaurs then could not remember that it was attached to the higher self or puppeteer and could not remember that it could not die. Once it believed it could die, it began to create realities in which there was death.

They created the reality where they were the killer or the prey. Does this sound like the third dimension that you now experience? In your dream you are remembering how the Sirians dropped their frequencies. They implanted their consciousness, their snake, into the Terran native form that was female.

Then the female would mate with the males that also had the snake consciousness implanted in them. The cat was the watcher. It was vital that there was no mating with Terran creatures that were not implanted with the Sirian consciousness. That would make the drop in vibration so swift that the female would die from holding the vibration of a Siriun in their form.

At first many implanted male forms would mate with non-implanted female forms. This was workable for recreation, but they discovered that soon after the female became impregnated, she would die. Now the Sirians had not yet had an experience of death and they found that the lifeless females were a threat to their existence. If anything could die then maybe they could die as well. Then the mating was ceased unless both of them were implanted with the Sirius consciousness.

The cats constantly viewed the new reality to monitor it and make sure that no mating would take place with un-implanted beings. These beings were called cats in your dream because they had the senses of earth cats. They were specially trained hybrids, Sirians who had mated with felines. These creatures were very psychic in that they could see whether or not anyone was implanted while in a denser form.

The ones who were hybrids with other creatures lost this ability and had to ask the cats whether or not they could mate. However, as the Terrans became denser and denser, they forgot more about the higher self, their puppeteer and only wanted experience, and sex was an experience. Therefore, the watcher cats became the guardians.


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