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Creating Reality YouTube and Creating Your Own Reality #2

Creating Your Own Reality #2
Dr. Suzanne Lie & Mary Perricone

Creating Reality YouTube

Hello everyone and welcome back to our continuing conversation with Dr. Suzanne Lie.  I’m Mary Perricone, and welcome.  We’ve begun a new series called Creating Your Own Reality and the last time we spoke we began with a message from the Arcturians who talked about a greater infusion of Light coming into the Planet at a higher frequency.

So, Sue how are you today and welcome back.

SL:      I am doing fine.  I woke up with an amazing message from Sanat Kumara which was interesting because I’ve just reunited with that energy field.  So I got up, grabbed a pencil and paper and wrote until I could get settled over to my computer.  I don’t think it’s done yet but I hope I can pick up where I left off.

MP:     That’s great, and by the way, Sue and I have been reading a book together called:  The Story of: Sanat Kumara:  The Training of The Planetary Logos.  It’s a phenomenal book – in case any of you who are listening are interested in reading the book it can be ordered online. (1)

So, Sue continuing with the conversation that we were having last time – the conversation focused on the physical body and listening to the needs of the physical body and nourishment to enhance our vibration.  When we talked about creating your own reality, we also touched upon our intent and our responsibility.  One of the things that keep coming to me with regards to creation and the Ascension process is the focus on what I would call – Abundant Life.

In our culture, I wonder if when we hear the word abundance, we don’t automatically zero into the abundance of money, the abundance of currency.  I also wonder if we are being called to expand that concept – to change our perception within that spiral of life.  What do you think about that Sue?

SL:      Well first off, the concept of money is particular to the third-dimension reality.  Now once in a while we’ll have dreams of money in our fourth-dimensional reality, but those are pretty oblique and they phase in and out.  So while we are attaching to money as being a means of success, abundance, or of the future – while we are tied into money being the cause and core, then we are also tied into that third-dimensional consciousness. 

And, that’s a lot of what I was getting this morning – that we have so many resources within our multi-dimensional mind that we cannot access while we are thinking on a third-dimensional level.  Now we of course have to pay our bills, we have to get a job; we have to do the things that we are doing.  But there is a way of having money be a means to an end as opposed to money being an end to our means.

MP:     That’s a wonderful concept Sue.  In one of our conversations we were talking about giving our self the gift – the gift of abundance - of life.  And I wonder if we could explore that further.  You used a wonderful phrase about being in thanksgiving for substance.  Can you expand on that?

SL:      Yes, this is a mantra that I have known for many years and I absolutely promise that it totally works.  What this mantra is:

Thanksgiving for the substance at hand will duplicate the substance indefinitely.

So, when you were talking about living in abundance – rather than saying I don’t, I don’t, and how will I get – you say:  I do, I do and I like this the best.  I’m going to be so grateful for this because I know if I am grateful for this I will expand its presence in my life. 

It doesn’t mean just money, it can mean a friendship, a love affair, a job, a creative project – but it’s making a note to ourselves that thanksgiving is a power unto itself.  Because thanksgiving – take a moment right now as you are listening to this and think of something that you are thankful for. 

Absolutely pull this gratitude into your heart, into your mind and feel how thankful you are.  So therefore you have engaged your feelings because a manifestation is a combination of our thoughts and emotions.  So if we begin with our emotion of thanksgiving, it is an open-ended, grateful and a reverent manner to live an Abundant Life. 

Then we have the thoughts of Thanksgiving for the substance at hand will duplicate the substance indefinitely.  Thanksgiving for the substance at hand will duplicate the substance indefinitely.

I’ve actually gone through times when I’ve chanted this and it always worked.

MP:     That’s a wonderful mantra Sue and thank you for sharing it with us.  I’d like to unwrap that further and look at it from a broader perspective.  We often hear the phrase – ask the Universe or put it out to the Universe.  But, what is the Universe?  What are we told about the Universe?

SL:      What we are told is that the Universe is physical, that it is huge, that it is beyond our conception, that it isn’t alive but it’s a bunch of physical phenomenon.  It takes a long time to travel a long way to ever begin to encompass it.  That’s what we have been told is the universe.

Now I’m going to ask the Arcturians.

Arcturians:    Beloved ones, we are very joyous to answer the questions of – what is the Universe?  The Universe is that to which you are a personal portal.  Each and every one of you is an expression of the Universe.  You are not just one expression.  You are a magnificent multi-dimensional being that travels the Universe through your consciousness, through your knowingness that you are one with all life.  The Universe to us is a way of mapping different areas of the One. 

Now in our map, it is not a flat map and it is not a geographical map.  It is a consciousness map, a multidimensional consciousness map.  It is a map in which you can read different components of this map by shifting the frequency of your consciousness and the higher the state of your consciousness, the higher dimension of the Universe you will perceive. In other words, your state of consciousness determines which frequency/dimension of the map you can read/live/explore.

As you look at this multidimensional map you know that even your physical conception that seems quite limiting is in fact correct.  Our conception that each of you, our beloved grounded ones, is an open portal to the Universe is also correct.  Therefore we ask you now to see before you this amazing multidimensional map.  You can use your physical understanding of it and have it be layer on top of layer on top of layer.

As you look at these myriad layers you find that the physical layer is very bright and dense to your third-dimensional perspective.  And, as you go into the fourth-dimensional layer you need to go into the alpha waves of your fourth-dimensional consciousness in order to really perceive this level of the universal map.

As you move into the higher levels all the way up to the twelfth-dimension, while you are choosing to calibrate your consciousness to that particular dimension, the particular frequency on which you have the ability to focus is the particular arena of perception/experience of the Universe. We say “perception/experience,” as on the higher dimensions perception and experience are the same.

You can also pan back and be the sum total of your multidimensional self and see the myriad multi-dimensional expressions of your Universe.  You can pan back even further and see that your Universe is a member of your local Universe.  Your local Universe is a member of your local Multiverse, which is member of your Local Multiverse, as there are countless Multiverses.

Higher is not meant in terms of better than the third-dimension. Higher means higher in frequency.  The higher the frequency of your consciousness, the more Universes and/or Multiverses you can gather within your conception and therefore perception. In other words, you cannot perceive that which you cannot conceive.

Since your third-dimensional concepts are limited to linear and time-bound concepts, you can only perceive other third-dimensional realities. If you cannot conceive that all planets are multidimensional, your perceptions will be bound to the physical expressions of planets. In the same manner, if you cannot conceive that all life is multidimensional, you will only perceive third-dimensional life.

If you are aware of your fourth-dimensional reality, you will be able to conceive. Thus if your calibrate your consciousness to the fourth dimension, your conceptions will expand and you will be able to perceive the fourth dimension of all life and of each planet.

MP:     Thank you for that explanation.  What comes to mind is that we have access to and, in fact, we function on all dimensions simultaneously.  As portals, we are in fact the Universe.  So depending upon our intent and our purpose, energy out is energy in and energy in is energy out, we create and then receive all gifts.  When we open our consciousness to receive the gifts, we also give them to ourselves. That inter-dimensional transformation occurs not only on an individual basis, but also on a planetary basis. 

I wonder if this analogy might also explain this concept.  Visualize a twelve story building that is all glass.  It can be circular, it can be square or it can be any shape you wish.  You have access to the first floor to the twelfth floor and travel through these floors all of the time.  But each floor has a different view and you have a different perception depending upon the floor you are on.

You used the word Zoom. (2) You can zoom out to the macro Universe and Zoom into the Micro-universe as a spiral within that Portal.  So naturally we’re seeing something different on the second floor than we are on the fifth floor or the eighth floor.  But each is unique and not better than or less than.  Would that be an accurate analogy?

Arcturians:  Yes that is an analogy that we have used many times when we are communicating with our grounded ones - our volunteers who have taken on an earth body during this marvelous era of transmutation.  It is always helpful to use something in the third-dimension to explain something that is beyond the third-dimension.  For the greatest challenge is to remember your multi-dimensional mind.

In your multi-dimensional mind you are free of all limitations and you carry your multi-dimensional mind along with you always – infinitely - and you always have for every incarnation you have ever taken.  However in many, many incarnations especially those in the Kali Yuga over the past two-thousand years of that era of the darkest dark – the fire wall between the third-dimension and even between the third and fourth-dimension and definitely between the fourth-dimension and beyond - has been too dense and too difficult to penetrate for several reasons.

There was so much fear within your reality during this era and that fear lowered your consciousness.  The only way to penetrate that firewall is to expand your consciousness beyond the firewall.  Then you can float right through and over and around.  It is no longer an obstacle.  The only obstacle to perceiving all of yourself is the frequency of your emotions and of your thoughts.

That is why creation is a process of calibrating your thoughts and emotions into a higher frequency and combining them together.  Now the reality is that most of your third-dimensional creations are actually multi-dimensional re-creations.  They are things that you have rehearsed creating in preparation for this particular embodiment.  As you become more and more aligned with your multi-dimensional self, you will begin to remember those innate tools within your multi-dimensional mind that will allow you to move through that firewall of the old third-dimensional habit of work.

It is not work that is the source of creation – it is Unconditional Love.

MP:     So the greater infusion of Light that we talked about in our last conversation that is coming in at a higher frequency allows us to clear, clear, clear the firewall to expand our vibration and bring about the realization.  Because we have been programmed with doubt, and programmed with a concept of lack of self-worth – that expansion enables us to realize that through our intent we do in fact and can in fact Create our Own Reality with Unconditional Love and Loving Intent and unconditional forgiveness, first to our-selves and within ourselves, expanded within that portal to everyone and to everything.

Arcturians:    Yes because we cannot release that which we cannot forgive.  If we are in a situation where we are holding any animosity towards any person, place, situation or thing – if you were to look just with your fourth-dimensional perception, you would be able to see that there is a connection there and a bond between that with which you hold animosity towards.

In order to move beyond, around where animosity is something that is even a reality, you must release all negative feelings towards every part of the lives and towards every life you have ever taken. 

This is what we are reading about in the Sanat Kumara book - about how Sanat Kumara comes in and splits himself into nine-hundred thousand aspects and is already a vastly advanced being and then he goes in and has all of these lessons.  He goes into a Planet and he wakes up and he forgets who he is and becomes victimized by that Planet.  Then through interacting he gradually begins to remember – wait, there’s something more here.  As he progresses through this process he learns, he remembers who he really is.  The thing that it is important for us to remember is that no one is too big to avoid this process.  No one is too evolved to avoid this process.

Every one, every being, the highest of the high of the Planetary Logos has gone through this very process.  They are not asking us to go through something that they have not gone through before.
Probably one of the things that will slow down Ascension more than anything is impatience, because that puts us in the place of being the victim.  Why isn’t this happening faster?  I’ve been awakened for two months now, when is Ascension coming?

Mary and I laugh because we’ve been awakened for decades and so the advantage to that is that we gave up asking – when – a long time ago.  Instead I choose that when I walk the path this is how I feel.  When I’m off the path, ouch – I don’t want to feel that way or that is not the person I want to feel or those are not the thoughts I want to have.  This is not the life I want to live.  We walk the path not because we want results right now.  We walk the path because there is no better choice.

How about you Mary, why do you walk the Path?

MP:  There isn’t any future in the past.  There isn’t really any past.  There isn’t anything I would rather do then to do what I am doing right Now in this millisecond of No Time.  It’s a process and it’s different for every one of the seven billion beings who are on Gaia right now – seven billion plus or minus a few million.

We know when we are in alignment with that process for ourselves – our individual Mission and Purpose and we know when we are out of alignment with that process.  So it is a rather straight and narrow path, but it is within the spiral – within that spiral of life and within that spiral of unconditional love.  And we tap into it, we integrate it and we share it. 

One of the ways that we share it is to go back to the beginning of this conversation today where Sue was talking about gratitude and appreciation for everything and everyone – which expands and expands within us – the thanksgiving, gratitude and appreciation.

SL:      Yes and that magnetizes within us.  What we have inside of us is what we see outside of us because there is not a separation.  That’s the illusion of the third-dimension that there’s this line and there’s the inside and the outside.  No, that line is the illusion – the third-dimensional illusion.  So our thoughts and emotions are always around us.

Now as I was saying with all of the Masters, we all, in our many, many incarnations have gathered darkness, fear, anger, sorrow and so has Gaia.  We have come down and taken on her body:  earth, air, fire, water, ether.  These are the same elements and the same fifth-dimensional elementals.  Every time we clear darkness within ourselves and we transmute it into Light, that transmutation goes into the body of Gaia.

So as we continually release that which is no longer helpful to our process of Ascension then we have created an Abundant Life.  Instead of focusing on – oh this is such a challenge, what will I do with it?  If we just say:  oh this is a challenge and I will release it.  I need to release it.  I will take the challenge and I will release the fear and the anger and any negative feelings or limiting thoughts and then I will accept the beautiful challenge that I signed up for to be within a planet that is in the process of Ascension.

Is this a privilege or what Mary?

MP:     Yes indeed it is Sue, the entire concept that our heritage and our inheritance is Abundant Life within everything – Abundant Life for everyone and for everything and the appreciation of that.

I’d like to ask our listeners to contemplate Abundant Life and meditate on it and let us hear from you – your thoughts and/or your questions in the next few weeks before we come back again.

This is probably a good place to end our conversation for today.  Thank you Sue and thank you to the Arcturians and to everyone who is listening.
SL:      Yes and if you’d like to share you can use my email:  

You can make comments to the YouTube and I will also place the YouTube on the blog so you can also make comments to the blog.  We would love to hear from all of you because a greater part of Mary’s and my purpose is to really gather together in Unity Consciousness.

Thank you all for joining in the Now and blessings be and allow us all together in this moment of the Now to create New Earth.  We are creating New Earth with our every thought and our every emotion.  It’s quite a privilege and we really need to pay attention.

See you next time.

(1)    Reference:  The Story of Sanat Kumara:  Training a Planetary Logos, Vywamus – Channeled and Edited by Janet McClure.
(2)    Zoom by Istvan Banyai.  This YouTube video – approx.. 3 minutes is an inspiring example of the micro/macro concept of expansion of perception.



  1. Lovely, thank you!

    Here is just one way of seeing the ascension:
    There were stones, there were plants, there were humans - then the higher dimensional beings - all here at the planet. It is the consciousness that expands/changes. We do not leave behind anyone, escape anything or especially go anywhere. We change. Into what? It is for all of us to build. We create it with our thoughts, with "the right kind" of use of our mind.
    Our language is so tied up into our illusions and duality, remember that when you read, the truth is easily twisted. Especially if we claim something to be right or wrong, as I just did...(inside or outside... etc.). This is something just to keep in mind because we are still using words to try to explain things to our present form of brains.

    Nothing is better than anything else, no opinion, no comment, no event. Things just are. If we can find that state of mind, we find peace, realize what illusion is, and when that happens we can change. What ever the change is. We are creating it.

    The power to create comes hand in hand with unconditional love, when there is no judgment left, with no illusion keeping us in prison, in the prison of the game, which is about to end.

    The abundance of life is a wonderful thing to contemplate! Love and light to all, Katariina

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    Stefania Gyan Salila